TGI Friday Open Thread: New Year’s Eve Is Upon Us… What’s The Plan?

I have such a love/hate relationship with New Year’s Eve.

It’s my sister’s birthday and she’s my favorite person in the world – so for that reason I love it. On the flip side, I spent the last decade living in New York and serving people on the holiday, which is not great.

I lived in Brooklyn, and when I worked in Manhattan – New Year’s Eve was a nightmare. Specifically, getting home at 4am when everyone else in the city was also trying to catch a cab. You may wonder why I didn’t just jump on the subway. Well, after working 10 or 12 hours, it was a mixture of pure exhaustion and the apprehension that comes with holding several hundred dollars in cash on your person when you are walking home from a subway alone at a ungodly, dark hour. Waiting for a cab always seemed like the right thing to do. Even if the waiting inevitably ended with bursting into tears on a Manhattan curb.

This year, I will be walking across the street to my sister’s house as we all live in the same state. Woo hoo. I also have a built in babysitter in my mother, so I will be indulging in several adult beverages. There’s and extensive cocktail list I’m working on that I will be sharing with all of you next week – and possibly a playlist or two. I’m thinking the night will end with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity – my new favorite party game.

So – what’s your plan?

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  • CMJ

    We’re driving down to Southern Calfornia from Northern California on NYE. I am terrified of the traffic but we at least get to go to the Rose Bowl.

    • Cee

      Football game?
      Pasadena is pretty neat, the driving there suuucks! Lots of one way streets and honking!

    • CMJ

      We were also in Southern California before Christmas and I wanted to die because of the traffic. It was horrible.

      And normally, the thought of a super crowded, crazy football game makes me so anxious but I figured this once a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    • Cee

      Yea. Traffic makes me want to cry and I don’t even drive! The way people drive here is insane!
      Yea, a situation like that would probably drive me nuts, but you’ll see something new and there are lots of lil nice places to eat in Pasadena, if you haven’t been around there.

    • Katie L.

      I’m so envious of you! Someday I will be in Pasadena on New Years…my football team just needs to get their shizz together.

      I assume you’re a Stanford fan based on the Northern California location?

    • CMJ

      Actually, Michigan State fan. Bay Area transplant :)

      I’m super excited! Once in a lifetime opportunity…it’s going to be nuts.

    • Katie L.

      My dad’s side of the family is all Michigan State alums, so that’s who we’re cheering for this year! I’m an Oregon State fan and while I usually pull for the PAC-12 I can’t this time. Have a great time!

    • Rachel Sea

      Wanna carpool?

  • Bethany Ramos

    I’m technically doing my awesome NYE tomorrow for a friend’s b day party with OVERNIGHT babysitting!!! On actual NYE, we will do a spaghetti dinner and watch a 90s comedy, as we’ve done the last 2 years I was pregnant. Wayne’s World 2!

    • alice

      is it always Waynes World 2?

    • Bethany Ramos

      Years past it was Dumb and Dumber and Joe Dirt. So freaking awesome.

  • alice

    just the two of us. dressing up to stay in. chinese food. movies. naked dance party. aaaand scene.

  • phoenix81

    NYE is my birthday too! We’ll be getting together with neighbours who also have two young kids. Food, drinks, and then home in bed by 12:05. The thought of going to a party/club or downtown for the countdown makes me shudder.

  • Alexandra

    Pregnant and staying home :)
    may or may not have a glass of champagne :)

    • Natasha B

      Me, too. Santa brought a bottle of the bubbly, so I plan on having a glass.

  • Katie L.

    My husband’s friend just invited us to his NYE birthday party, which doesn’t sound so bad except it’s 1. at a restaurant I can’t eat at (thanks, Celiac disease!) and 2. right when the kiddo goes to bed. Husband will go and enjoy the delicious Japanese buffet and I will put the kid to bed.

    After that I plan on having bubbly wine, cupcakes and watch Kathy and Anderson on CNN. And I’m 100% okay with that.

  • SA

    My husband is cooking a phatty dinner and we will be drinking a good bottle of bubbly and I will most likely fall asleep getting the kid down. After Christmas hell week a quiet, sleepy night in makes me hear angels sing.

  • Rachel Sea

    Driving down to LA (where I just flew in from last night) spending NYE with friends, spending New Years day with my siblings-in-law, which includes going to the Rose parade in the morning, having Dim Sum for lunch, and then playing Cards Against Humanity, and drinking Death in the Afternoons until we fall asleep/pass out.

    • Ddaisy

      Cards Against Humanity is the best. I thoroughly approve :)

  • G.E. Phillips

    Annual tradition–Chuck’s Steakhouse with two of my besties for steak and wine and girl talk. Then home and in bed before the ball drops. I don’t do midnight. But I can’t wait!!

  • Eden

    I’m pregnant so my husband and I are just going out for an early dinner. It’s at a French resteraunt so I am just hoping that I can eat it all without heartburn or feeling full. Then home for early bed.

  • pixie

    I think I’m supposed to go to a party at my boyfriend’s friend’s house in a nearby town, but I’m not totally sure I want to go. I like the guy and all, but as of right now I kind of want a quiet night in. I’ll see what the boyfriend is up for, if he really wants to go, I’ll go along and have fun.

  • Pumplestilskin

    We get together with the same group of friends every Friday night for a potluck party. Our kids are all similar ages. It’s loud, there’s tons of food, wine and cocktails. We’ll get together with them on NYE too. The only difference is we’ll stupidly buy noisemakers for the kids and there will be fancy apps and desserts brought instead of potluck food. I love my friends. We will all be in our pajamas all night and there will be so much laughter. About 12:15 we will be in our car for the 15 min drive home. And yes, one half of each couple always stays sober

  • LadyClodia

    We have no plans, but I’m OK with that.

  • Cee marathon

  • LiteBrite

    If you know what the plan is, clue me in. My circle of friends and I will probably figure it out at 6:00 p.m. the night of. That’s how we roll.

    This year my husband is going out with us. I really want to go dancing. He HATES dancing. It should be an, uh, *interesting* evening.

  • Ddaisy

    New Year’s is actually my least favourite holiday, by far. It features lots of drinking, partying past my bedtime, and a countdown to a group cheer, which is miserably reminiscent of high school pep rallies.

    I always volunteered to work graveyard shift on NYE because I’d rather baby-sit drunk hotel guests than drunk friends. I get paid to deal with the guests and I’m not expected to hug or kiss any of them. But this year, I’m not at the hotel anymore; I’m working in Korea and I think I’ll be expected to go out with my co-workers here. I can’t even use the excuse “oh, I promised my family I’d spend it with them” or “I have other plans” because my co-workers are literally my only friends in Korea. I know zero other people here.

    Haha I may have to suck it up and stop being a Grinch this year :P

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    Falling asleep on the couch to a movie, most likely before any balls drop and generally not giving a fuck. I’m 33. I’m old, and I’m tired. :)

  • Kay_Sue

    Staying in and watching Willow. It’s a tradition. I think we are going to get some rum and I am going to make daiquiris with my new BLENDER! YES!!!:)

    • Bethany Ramos

      haha Willow is just… awesome.

  • coffeeandshoes

    Quick road trip from VA to NC for the Avett Brothers in Charlotte!! Hound goes to boarding, husband and I hit the road :)

  • CrazyFor Kate

    I hop on a plane and arrive in Israel at noon their time. Ringing in the New Year in Jerusalem!

    • Kay_Sue

      That is pretty awesome.

  • tSubh Dearg

    I mentioned elsewhere that our New Year’s plan is to have a pajama party in our sitting room. This means sitting in comfy clothes (goodbye horrible bra!), drinking quality booze, eating easy to prepare food, watching tv and playing games (probably Apples to Apples and the new Discworld game I got). We did it last year and it was amazing and we are all looking forward to a repeat performance this year.

  • JussyLee

    Wake up to alarm at 11:59 pm. Mass text “HAPPY NEW YEAR, BITCHES!” Go back to sleep.