Why I Hate Braggy Christmas Haul Photos On Social Media

Ah, the Christmas haul photo. Nothing says “I love consumerism” like posting 175 pictures of your 16-month-old baby with 25 high-end toys they will promptly forget as they demolish the wrapping paper and boxes (and rightfully so, because boxes rock). As a rule, I hate the Christmas haul photo phenomenon. It’s often shameless bragging and it’s damn annoying when it is. A very brief Twitter search shows me that I’m not alone.

Christmas haul

I know, I know. Some of you will furiously comment (perhaps before even reading the post in its entirety) about how you don’t post these shots to brag. You use Facebook as a means to stay in touch with family and friends, and nothing more. But I’m not talking about the people with less than 100 Facey-Space friends who use it to stay in touch with grandma. No, I’m talking about the people with 1000 friends or followers (If you’re on Twitter, because who isn’t? Even my grandma is, and she has more followers than I do.) who post a ton of haul pics. These folks are bragging like eff, and they know it.

I’m talking about the folks with one or two kids, who post Where’s Waldo-esque photos of their kids in a room full of consumeristic trash goodies. Christmas haul photos come in two forms – photos of cool stuff that you (or your kids) are grateful to have and shopping porn. And shopping porn is what I’m talking about here. Yuck.

The whole point of posting this Christmas haul, shopping porn bullshiz is to A.) Brag about how much you LOVE your kids, so therefore you spoil the ever loving hell out of them or B.) make other people feel inadequate or jealous. Both of these things are less than admirable in my eyes. If you do this, mark my words; you suck.

Every year, in spite of myself I am so surprised at how insidious this trend it. It seems that every single year it becomes even more of a thing. Just take a look at the pictures you find under one of the most popular holiday hashtags on Instagram, #PresentsGalore

christmas haul christmas haul christmas haul christmas haul christmas haul

Don’t get me wrong. For all I know, these families all have ten kids. The point isn’t even the amount of gifts (though that certainly doesn’t help) it’s the sharing of it all together. Considering the income disparity that is ever growing, and the inexcusable number of children in poverty, what good comes of shoving your good fortune in other people’s faces, even if it is well-earned? When did photo taking stop being about creating lasting memories for your family and future generations, and start being a tool for oversharing and bragging? Hell, the insanely talented B from STFU Parents has made an entire, successful blog about it. What the eff?

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  • G.E. Phillips

    I posted one Facebook photo of my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and the seven wrapped presents underneath it (plus an adorable teddy bear and a full stocking) because I am proud of the fact that I was able to give Face a nice Christmas thanks to the fact that I got a great new job this year. I saw a few pics of my friends trees and was like, Holy Fuck, because both the trees and the stacks of presents underneath them were humungus. I was somewhat impressed, I suppose, but I didn’t feel bad or inadequate for one second, because I know those people don’t love their children any more than I love Face, and there’s nothing on earth that anyone could do to make me think that, period. Their kids are happy. My kid is happy. Everyone wins.

    Although, I will say that anyone who spends more than like 20 bucks on toys for an under 1year old is just plain silly (ie, that pic above.) Just wrap up all the stuff they already have, duh.

    • MellyG

      When my cousin was about 2 his favorite movie was Free Willy. So that Christmas my mom and dad got him Free Willy 2. He actually might have been 3, i don’t know – super young but old enough to have a “Favorite movie”. He unwrapped it and saw “willy” and just started yelling “Free Willy AGAIN” over and over. I wish we had it on video. We do have a pic of his face, it was priceless. He didn’t even know it was a different movie. It was then his mom realized she could have wrapped up his old toys, saving money, and he would have been JUST as happy, lol

  • Kay_Sue

    I know this isn’t the point of your post, but can one of the families pictured please adopt me?

  • Snarktopus

    I just…am I the only one with like, three or four photos of my kid on Christmas day? Am I a bad documenter?

    • Alicia Kiner

      No, I tried so hard to get pictures as mine were opening gifts, but it all quickly went out the window. They were moving too fast to get a clear shot, even with my good camera. And of course, they were on opposite sides of the living room, so I was missing presents. I finally gave up.I have about 10 pictures where something is unrecognizable in it, and hey, at least I have that.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Living in the moment is way better than 1000 pics :)

    • Emme

      No, you’re actually my hero. Facebook keeps trying to get me to post my “2013 Year In Review” or whatever it’s called. I have posted 19 things this year.

      When my child is born, I a, thinking of setting up a Shutterfly album for friends and family to see a few pictures and keep it off social media as much as possible.

    • Kay_Sue

      You can also use lists on Facebook if you don’t feel like starting a new site. We do that, because it’s easier to update my in laws and my extended family who are all out of state without spamming my other friends with posts or pictures.

    • Katherine Handcock

      Nope! In fact, we opened Christmas presents by flashlight this year (power outage after a major ice storm) and I was actually kind of relieved that it removed ANY obligation to take pictures :-)

  • Givemeabreak

    We had one of “those” years where you are hit with one hardship after another, starting with a mom diagnosed with breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy and then my husband having a heart attack the week before Thanksgiving (he’s only 37). If it hadn’t been for the suprise generosity and kindness of 3 anonymous strangers, there would have been a limit of 20$ per kid spent this year. These haul pictures, are tacky, yes. Among other things. I took pictures of my kids opening gifts bought with money given anonymously that showed up in our mailbox. I plan on keeping these pictures for ever and ever and reminding my children when they are older that EVERYONE falls on hard times and they need to do for others whenever they can.
    The only thing I find worse than the pictures is listening to other people (cough coworkers cough) discuss all day long for weeks before the holidays how much money they had spent and were yet to spend on their children, yet they gasp and refuse to pitch into the office fund for something on the giving tree for the homeless shelter.

    • Natasha B

      I’m sorry to hear you had a hard year-but I’m sure your children understand, and know that you love them, even if they didn’t have eleventy million packages to open. I hope 2014 is better!

    • Laura

      Oh wow. I hope your mom and husband are both doing okay! I’m glad you were still able to give your kids a nice Christmas – I’m sure they’ll never forget it.

  • Rachel Sea

    When I started reading, I was thinking, “Hang on, I take pictures of all presents under the tree, because I think it looks cheerful, and cozy…” and then I actually looked at the pictures, and NOPE. There is nothing charming about those.

    Even when me and 45 of my closest friends get together for gift exchanging, there isn’t such a mass of gifts under the tree.

    • Blooming_Babies

      My thoughts exactly, I love a picture of our tree all surrounded by gifts… But this consumerist “porn” is not the picture I take.

  • C.J.

    When my kids were smaller I used to video tape them opening their gifts and take pictures. I still take the photos but video taping has went out the window. I always take a picture of the tree after Santa comes. I never post them, they are just for me. It always amazes me how much people share of their lives on the internet.

  • EX

    I guess I have posted some pictures that could be considered “haul” photos, though never with that intention. Like – my daughter’s first christmas I posted a picture of her propped up under the tree by presents (she was barely sitting up yet). The presents weren’t all hers and it was a close up of her with a few presents so I don’t think it compares to these. I posted it because it was a cute picture of her. And this year I posted a picture of my daughter playing with one of her gifts under the tree and there were still some unwrapped gifts in the shot. Anyway, my pictures are nothing like these and most of these are clearly “braggy” but I get a little insecure when people start judging everything people post.

    • CMJ

      I think if you leave out the hashtags you’ll be fine :)

    • brebay

      You can never have too few hashtags!

    • Bethany Ramos


  • Alexandra

    My mom wanted about 10 kids, but she was only able to have one, so I think I got a lot of gifts as a result? But I never felt spoiled or acted like a brat (I don’t think) or made others feel bad because I got something they didn’t.
    Still, my kids won’t be having any of that because we are NOT financially able to do that for them, I hope they don’t feel unloved as a result.

    • Bic

      My mum and dad only wanted one, but other than that same here. I loved it, christmas was awesome. To this day I can still remember a lot of the presents I got and playing with them through the years. I always knew though that I got the things I did while we could afford it and if that changed then it wouldn’t happen.
      That said the majority of toys I had were christmas presents, we didnt do big birthdays and while I got the occasional thing throughout the year the majority of photos of me as a child have christmas presents in them no matter when the photo was taken.

      I think the biggest difference between then and now is that then you had to go to a toy store to get toys and you couldn’t get things online like now. So we just didn’t get as much throughout the year.

      I’m sure your children will feel loved no matter how much they get at Christmas, gifts are fun but not an indicator of how much someone cares.

    • MellyG

      Me too – thought i think my parents only wanted 2-3, not 10! But still, being an only child, and an only grandchild for a long time on both sides – Christmas and Birthdays i had TONS of gifts when i was little. I was the only child – the whole point of christmas for most people is the joy of watching little kids open gifts and getting super excited. I don’t remember ever getting toys or gifts the rest of the year though (it was sort of a thing where you get what you want on christmas and birthday and why would i need more toys on random other days? And as i got older, if i wanted something in March, i bought it! with my money from a job!) The only pictures my parents have of me in front of the “haul” is a couple years of me under the piano in my pjs playing with them all. It’s more of a “isn’t she cute and look she’s being quiet and she’s so happy” kind of pic. And like Alexandra, i don’t think i grew up spoiled or made others feel bad, in fact, it was required that before Christmas the family would “Adopt” other families through the chruch to buy for, and i got to pick the presents, and at some point in November i had to pick toys to donate, if i had stopped playing with them. There was always an idea that i didn’t need EVERYTHING -if i was getting “new” on christmas, i could certainly donate some of what i had to others who needed it more than i did

  • GPMeg

    Frances, I want to thank you and Maria both for making me feel like LESS of a b this Christmas! First, I thought I was acting a little spoiled because I got frustrated with UPS for hanging up on me several times (I was trying to reroute a package) and THEN I felt a little showy for putting up a picture of the baby smoker (as in little, though I suppose you could also use it ON babies) I got my husband. I have nothing on these people, nothing.

    We have had a very financially hard year, especially the last few weeks, and even as an adult I find my Christmas haul being shamed by these pictures. I have pictures for EVERYONE under my tree and it doesn’t look like this! If I am feeling inadequate as an adult, I don’t think it’s beyond comprehension for us to think that our tweens and teens will, too.

    • Paul White

      FWIW I don’t think UPS was hanging up on you; during my own shipping snafus I got disconnected from both UPS and Fedex several times. I think the phone systems they have (Probably based around CISCO software) couldn’t handle the call volume.

    • GPMeg

      I don’t disagree — my problem was getting someone on the phone who would hear me for three seconds and then go, “Oh no… I can’t hear you anymore… [click]” so I’m stuck between phone malfunctions and people who were tired of getting screamed at by irate people who don’t understand that the weather is not something mere mortals can control!

    • candyvines

      The words “baby smoker” horrified me for a second until I realized what they meant.

  • Andrea

    I don’t get annoyed at anything (as long as it is non political) that people share on social media. Social media is, after all, to share your life with your chosen friends/family that you have added/followed. If it annoys you so much, fuck it man, delete them, unfriend them, block them, unfollow them. Whatever.

    I don’t give a fuck how many presents are under anyone’s tree. If they bough 100 gifts, goodie for them. If they bought 1 or 2 or 3, goodie for them too. I find little point in getting pissy about what my friends choose to share in a social site that I AM ALSO ON!!!! Smacks of pot judging kettle.

    • thefluter

      I’m with ya. The pictures of just the tree with the wrapped presents strike me as cute and festive, since I love wrapped presents. The ones with the kids might make me hurrumph for a second, but there are much worse things to actually be outraged about. Scroll past, people.

  • Justme

    To be honest, I COULD post one of those kinds of photos because the amount of presents my in-laws give my daughter is completely OBSENE. But as much as I appreciate their (obnoxious) generosity, I would be totally embarrassed to post any sort of picture on social media because I don’t want people to think I’m *that* type of person.

  • Alanna Jorgensen

    I will admit to posting a picture of the ten foot long multi-colored stuffed caterpillar and awesome Adventure Time shirt my mom got me. Best presents ever. I’m a 32 year old woman and reacted like a ten year old when I saw the caterpillar coiled contentedly under the tree. :)

    • GPMeg

      I bet that looked SUPER awesome coiled around the tree! Now I want to do that…

    • Alanna Jorgensen

      He was actually coiled on top of himself near the tree, but coiled around it would have been awesome. He takes up so much of my bed that he hangs off the end. My fiance was less than thrilled, lol.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      This totally just reminded me I dreamt that there were anacondas curled up under our Christmas trees…….. Stuffed caterpillar, cute; nightmare huge anacondas….not so much.

  • Paul White

    So…is it bad that I posted a picture of Samuel nomming his wrapping paper?

    • anon

      no, that is flat out adorable. my one year old just screamed and rolled in packing peanut and it was awesome.

  • Paul White

    I can see that many gifts if you’ve got a large gathering with extended family–grandparents to grown grandkids say. Once you get 3-4 generations with multiple siblings together it can add up. My wifes family has had trees that looked like that at their git togethers and I know they don’t buy a lot for any one person…but you get families that have 4-6 kids and it gets huge quick.

    • Alicia Kiner

      It does. We had 17 people at our house for Christmas Eve/Day. You couldn’t step into my living room around the tree and pile, but again, it was present for EVERYONE, not 1 or 2 kids. And I didn’t even think to take a picture of THAT! ;)

    • Jallun-Keatres

      My husband is the oldest of 9 and every year MIL has the kids get a present for every sibling at the dollar store, plus some extras from mom and dad. Even 100-ish presents at their house doesn’t look like those pics!

  • Natasha B

    What’s worse is just the pile of unwrapped gifts, stacked up, no kid in sight and captioned ‘look what my adorable 2 week old for from Santa’. So tacky. Piles of neon plastic junk. I am totally with you on this rant. My SIL is totally like this-she even went so far as to ask how much WE spent per kid, and per niece/nephew. I went all sorts of snarky at this. Asking people how much they spent on your kid, and judging them for it???? No class.
    Granted, I did take a pic of all 3 kids Christmas morning in their matching pjs in front of the tree. But you could see the tree! And the kids! They were all smiling! And there wasn’t a crapton of presents as the sheer focus. And I posted a pic of the older two HAPPILY building their Legos TOGETHER, because that was an f-ing Christmas miracle.
    My parents never went crazy at Christmas, but we got good gifts. And we understood that presents don’t equal love. You can’t buy someone love, sorry.

  • Kheldarson

    I took a few haul type pictures, but my boy is the first grand/great-grandbaby so I had to share. Particularly since most of his gifts were paid for by family. I also admit to spending over $20 on him but we got a bunch of grow with me toys for him. Like the Step and Play Piano. I don’t think I could have a happier kiddo in there! And yes, I posted a video of him in it :D

  • TngldBlue

    For me it’s less the volume-if they can afford it who am I to say they shouldn’t do it (even though I personally can’t look at such a display without feeling sad about the too many children I know that would be beyond grateful for just one of those gifts), it’s the sharing of it. You know that the parents that share these photos (especially the ones where the presents are artfully arranged for maximum impact) are trying to show others just how much they love their children through monetary gifts or they are competing with their “friends” for best parent ever award because you know parenting is all about how much you spend…but either way these are the people that eventually unleash spoiled assholes on the world.

    • Andrea

      Look, I can get down to judging like the best of bitches, but I think you are making a serious assumption. I don’t think you “just know” that those kids are gonna be “spoiled assholes”. You just don’t know.

    • Véronique Houde

      Well, for sure, I know that these kids are going to be the ones complaining by the month of march that they have nothing to play with and are totally bored ;)

  • Jallun-Keatres

    Ugh I DESPISE the word “haul” in ANY context (usually on a mom vlog- gifts, food, shopping, etc). It just sounds irksome and braggy to me.

  • Ceedee

    I had two presents under the tree for my toddler this year. A stuffed toy and a pack of play doh pots. She loved both. The only photos I took were of the delight on her face when she unwrapped them.

  • Sadie

    I guess maybe I am in the minority here but I do like to take one pic every year of the tree with the gifts displayed just after “Santa” finishes wrapping on Christmas Eve. For me, it is more to document the excitement of the season for the kids, as I am sure my 2 and 4 year old won’t remember what it looked like when they came down on Christmas morning. Granted, our tree isn’t packed with TONS of presents (or a “haul”), but there are 8-10 for each kid. I am not on Facebook or Twitter or anything, but we do have a little blog we keep for the grandparents and some friends sort of as an online baby book kinda thing. I never thought that those pics as obnoxious. But now…..am second guessing. Sad to think that others may view them this way. :(

    • Andrea

      Don’t second guess. Who cares what anyone thinks. Share what you like with whomever you like!!! I’m sure your pictures are lovely.
      I found this article sanctimonious to the nth degree.

    • ElleJai

      For family and friends that’s perfectly normal and acceptable.

      It seems to be when you’re sticking it on twitter to show everyone who couldn’t care less about your kids it’s not socially acceptable…

    • Andrea

      Unless you are following that person or searching for that particular hashtag, then how do you it even know it exists????

    • ElleJai

      I was assuming you’d be following the person. It really depends on context; if you were following them explicitly to perve on their life (including kids) then suck it up princess, however if they normally post more inspiring items and just randomly went nuts for the holiday season then less ok.

      Personally I just blocked obnoxious items from Facebook and while I seem to recall that I made a Twitter account I’d be hard pressed to find it without hunting through my email folders lol.
      But while I don’t personally relate I can see where the judgement of “bragging” is coming from, just as I can see a dozen legitimate reasons to share “haul” photos.

      Crap tag though… (which I think is part of the problem).

  • HypocriteMuch

    Why is it not possible to be annoyed at this trend without it turning into a combination of a) people worrying that their perfectly well-intentioned desire to share an exciting moment with family and friends (hell, even strangers) will be interpreted at showy and make them fodder for sanctimonious ridicule, or b) people going out of their way to convince themselves (and everybody else) that omg, no, they are not pathetic like THESE people who post their Christmas “haul” pictures on social media. I get that the very act of posting something on social media leaves you open to being judged, but shit – we’re really going to critique other people’s gift-giving and social media sharing habits and then claim that doesn’t make us bigger assholes than they are for spending more money than we think they should on their kids?

  • Ginny

    My cousin posted one of these pictures. The haul included a 24″ television for his son. His son is 9 months old.

    • ElleJai

      What, no ipad yet?! Or is he saving something for the first birthday?

    • Lauren

      Wife/gf: “Why are you buying a 24″ television we need to be saving money for our son!”.
      Hubby/bf: “But this is for our son!”.

  • LiteBrite

    All I could think of when I looked at these pictures was “Holy shit! Present-opening on Xmas day must have taken FOREVER.” Did they have to break it up in shifts?

    Then again, I start getting a little pissy if present-opening takes more than an hour. I want to watch “A Christmas Carol” and drink my coffee!

  • rrlo

    We celebrate Christmas as a big family (in-laws, kids etc.) so the tree has presents for 8 -10 people. And it frequently looks like the photos. So this behavior does not really bother me.
    I can’t begrudge people buying presents for their families and then being excited by it to “show off” in their own personal social media site.

  • brebay

    The cover photo family should spend some of that dough on a decent tree, it’s like Charlie Brown meets Richie Rich.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      HAHA! I thought that too about one of those pics, though you worded it way more cleverly than I did in my head.

  • brebay

    I think it depends on the age of the kids too. My tree looked like that when the kids were little because the stuff they wanted was cheap, a lot of it was dollar store stuff, but they’d get so excited to think Santa had brought them a ton. Then they grow up and want electronics and name brand shoes, so it’s just a few each now, but they’re grateful and as happy as when they were little. They know I TOTALLY would cancel Christmas in a heartbeat if they acted snotty about anything the got or didn’t get. Most of the presents in these pics are wrapped, so it could be all cheapie stuff, or clothes, a lot of people buy stuff the kid needs anyway; school supplies, socks, etc. and just wrap it up and call it from Santa, so I don’t think the pictures alone are proof of spoiling.

  • whiteroses

    If you take pictures of your Christmas tree with presents beneath it to “share it with friends and family”, then fine, though I’m not sure why you’d do it unless your kids were the main focal point. But if you’re taking a picture of your tree to share it on Instagram with the hashtag “Presents Galore”, then you’ve got a problem, imho. That’s not about sharing the joy of the season. That’s about showing off loot.

    Nobody needs to know how many gifts my family exchanged or what my son got from Santa. It’s nobody’s business. All anyone needs to know is that he loved the presents he got.

    • AP

      Agreed. I take an artful picture of our tree with presents every year, because presents are part of the decoration. I don’t brag about the presents, though, because I know what’s inside the packages and it’s very rarely something to brag about. Dish towels, boxer shorts, $2 catnip mouse. It makes a pretty display, but not much else.

  • Erin Murphy

    My baby was 2 months old for Christmas. I bought him a book and puzzle and threw in a Sophie chew toy and white noise machine that I hadn’t gotten around to setting up. It all fit on a tv tray. The haul from my mom however was pretty large.

  • AmazingAsh

    I get annoyed when the same girl posts these photos every year, but I know her life is far from the perfection she plays it out to be on Facebook. If anything, I feel sorry for her (and her mounting debt).

  • koolchicken

    I’m one of the “Pintrest Tree” photo takers. I will spend days creating a highly stylized tree, going completely overboard- even wrapping random items because I need something of a specific size and shape for “balance” under the tree. I have about 30 friends on Facebook and I share DNA with about 75% of them. So I never feel bad about posting photos (especially since I’m sure some of them know there are empty boxes under there!). But what I do is akin to art, this is just pure greed.

    This year I skipped the big tree because I have a 1 year old and I’m moving in a few days. I did share a photo of my son enjoying his birthday gifts last month (an iPad and a pacifier that he loves equally). That photo was only shared with those close friends and relatives. I don’t think we posted anything from Christmas and I don’t plan to.

    When my son looks back on these early photos I want him to enjoy the look on his face when he saw Daniel Tiger was in that iPad. Or how he took a bit to warm up to his Wubbanub. I do not want him to see himself drowning in gifts and start to think they’re all that matters. I think the people who post these photos do so not because they’re bragging, but because a pile of crap is what’s important to them. A picture of the kid, a picture of the dog, a picture of their presents. It’s all the same to them and I feel bad for them.

    • Kicki

      Your one year old son has his own ipad? Holy shit you are crazy woman!!!!!!!!!!!

    • koolchicken

      You know what, you don’t actually know why that’s a practical gift in this instance so I’m going to let that comment slide.

      But the whole point of my previous comment is that some people seem to value the present over the person receiving it. Even if I do give an expensive gift, it’s never about the gift itself. And if I have a photo of the recipient with it it’s so I can capture that look of happiness on their face as they open it. Carefully arranging unwrapped gifts then plonking a kid in the middle tells me you’re the opposite. And yeah, I feel sorry for people who think “stuff” is the most important thing in their lives. I also feel sorry for their prop children.

    • arrow2010

      Congratulations, you’ve bought the Apple kool-aid.

  • http://anniedeezy.tumblr.com/ Annie

    You have to have a reason to hate them?

  • Not again

    I am sick of this malcontent writer and her persecution complex that dominates this site on weekends. Frances: no one cares about you enough to think whether or not what they are doing is sure to offend you. You read too much into what other people do, and I suspect that most of your “X ways I get (fill in the blank) shamed” articles are filled with paranoid speculation. Nowhere in the history of ever has someone been so “targeted” as you, it would seem based on the fact you post 2 or 3 of these on a weekly basis.
    Please, find somewhere else to be tacky and hypocritical.

    • Not again

      Also, simply adding a -y to a verb does not make an adjective. It makes you sound like you have the vocabulary and communication skills of a 14 year old with a 4th grade reading level,

    • EmmaFromÉire

      Your comment in and of itself is tacky and hypocrital. You are complaining about somebody complaining, and that is tacky.

    • arrow2010

      Such bile. I guess you weren’t hit with the Christmas spirit this year. Bahumbug!

  • Emily

    I feel like I have to speak on behalf of children who were given mountains of presents that didn’t grow up to become assh*les… I was one of those kids who received a ginormous pile of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents on Christmas morning. In fact, walking into our formal living room and seeing it in all of it’s splendor is one of my few happy childhood memories. I grew up in an incredibly dysfunctional home raised by wealthy parents who took time out from our tumultuous lifestyle to teach me that Christmas is a wonderful time to do charitable things. We always adopted a few families, who received equal gift showering from our family, while my father’s company donated flatbed truckloads of things to local homeless and battered women’s shelters. I can vividly remember awful schoolmarmy people seeing our Christmas photos and saying how spoiled I no doubt was which was incredibly insulting, doubly so when I remember that the highlight of my month was charity and the excitement of knowing I was going to receive amazing gifts I would go on to treasure for years. I’ve grown up to learn that money walks with a huge shadow, posting photos like this on Facebook creates tension (so don’t do it) and people often wrongly assume that if a kid gets more than three gifts he doesn’t appreciate it at all, which infuriates me because some of the greatest children I know spent hours opening gifts and some of the most spoiled rotten children I know only got a few things. Perhaps, if piles of presents vex you ever so much you could just scroll past them and focus your time elsewhere… But, perhaps that would be too easy and then there would be no way to somehow feel smugly superior. *flings self into mountain of wrapping paper*

  • val97

    The pre-Christmas morning haul pics that get posted late at night makes (cynical) me wonder if the parents are hoping to get burglarized while they sleep.