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Christmas Eve Open Thread: Is Everybody Drunk And/Or In Their Pajamas Yet?

It’s Christmas Eve! This is the first year in a decade I have been out of NYC for the holiday season, and although I miss it terribly, I have to say it’s pretty fantastic being in a place that basically shuts down today. The air just feels stiller when you walk outside. Everything is closed. Christmas in New York was getting busier and busier and beginning to feel like just another day – which is kind of a bummer if it’s a holiday you like to celebrate.

I’m not very religious so I can’t say I’m necessarily celebrating Jesus’ birthday today. I am celebrating being with my family on Christmas for the first time in years, having a steady job (thanks Mommyish!), and having a child who is finally going to be giddy on Christmas morning. The holidays are starting to feel magical again – after many years of them being just kind of a bummer.

We’ve had the tradition of opening our presents on Christmas Eve (which I love), but now that I have a child who actually believes in Santa – I think we are going to have to forego the late night present opening. Or maybe we’ll do a few among the adults and let the morning be for the kids. I haven’t totally decided. How do all handle the present-opening? Let’s swap ideas.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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  • pixie

    I’m hanging out with my boyfriend’s mom at their house while my boyfriend is out doing last minute supply shopping. I kinda wish I was drunk, though. I’m supposed to be going with my boyfriend and his parents out to one of his aunt’s houses in a little bit, so sadly no pjs either. But at least I’m getting attention from the dog. :)

    • pixie

      Now that the boyfriend is back, he’s made me a pretty lethal rum and coke, so there’s a pretty good chance I will be drunk before going to his aunt’s.

  • Bethany Ramos

    I’m drinking because me and my husband already had our first stress fight about me accidentally sitting on the dog and potentially breaking its leg… I’ll keep you posted! But fighting with my husband is kinda fun, like a ritual cleansing of the season. :) my toddler is also sick and loves/hates his Power Wheels gift. Ho ho ho…? I’m still having fun, dammit!!

    • EX

      My toddler is sick too. It’s a bummer.

    • Bethany Ramos


  • keelhaulrose

    My sister arrived yesterday with peppermint infused vodka and bacon infused vodka. The bacon one is perishable, so we have to make sure it’s gone soon. The peppermint is because I don’t eat bacon… It’s going, too.

    • Bethany Ramos

      I say all booze is “perishable” bahaha

    • keelhaulrose

      Plus I’ve been painting for the last two days to make the bed we made my daughter look nice. Now I know what JK Rowling means when she said “violently people”. The color my daughter picked hurts my eyes.

  • Cee

    Ive taken to using my healthy smoothie shaker to make margaritas. I will be doing that, but not getting too drunk cuz I’m taking care of my newly adopted doggie from a high kill shelter. He’s still quite shy and somewhat easily spooked. Doesn’t need a drunk caretaker on his second day at home.

  • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

    I never got OUT of my pajamas today. #champion

  • Kathryn

    6 months preggers, major back pain. In sweats all day. Home with kids and hubs today for Xmas eve -nice and relaxing, actually (though I’d love a glass of wine). Kids (ages 2 and 4) opened gifts to each other and they opened their gifts from us. Tomorrow am will be about Santa. Hubs and I would have opened gifts to each other tonight but he has yet to wrap! Lol. :) Merry Chirstmas to all!

  • jsing014

    husband is heating up some lil’ smokies, I’m drinking wine and watching bad Christmas movies, and we will be in pjs for the next 36 hours. Major planned events include a Lord of the Rings marathon and opening presents on behalf of our cats. After 5 years of family holidays from hell, we are staying home and making our own traditions!!!

  • AP

    No PJs yet- it’s only 3 pm here! But the Cookie Baking frenzy is about to start.

    I was out running some last minute errands in my t-shirt, no jacket. It’s 70 degrees out! My husband just joked about playing Skyrim so he could pretend it was winter for Christmas.

  • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

    I’ve skipped church with the family because I am an adult and I do what I want. This is going to be my mantra for 2014.
    Can’t wait to test out our cocktail list for our NYE party when everyone gets back though!

  • Karin

    I’m in pjs and I have downed one screwdriver and am working on a second. #winning

    • arrow2010


  • Hibbie

    Just did some last minute shopping, ate a McD’s double cheeseburger (which I promised myself I would never again do, but hot damn was it tasty), and am no w sitting in an empty house trying to decide what to do with my 12 hours of FREEDOM!

  • Ptownsteveschick

    I made turkey and potatoes and pie and we are going to go have dinner together at the hospital on my husband’s lunch break. Then I am going to come home and put on my jammies and drink hot buttered rums until I can’t wrap presents anymore.

  • Polyamorous Mom

    in my pjs and ready to wrap gifts. now if only we had some bailey’s for the hot cocoa…

  • arrow2010

    Just started on some Absolut Mandarin.

  • Ddaisy

    Merry Christmas from Korea! It’s already Christmas morning here, so I’m just chillin in my pjs (a onesie, no less!), waiting for my parents to come on Skype so I can open my presents :D

  • CrazyLogic

    I am more drunk than that time I called a dog a whore. Which doesn’t take ery many, I’m a fucking lightwight.

    • CrazyLogic

      …I don’t remember typing this. Also, in my defense, that dog lets everyone hump her and has had two litters of puppies with two different dogs…

  • Kay_Sue

    I am in my PJs, yes. I think. Also, there was a big bowl of sangria, and now it is gone. I am not sure if I am drunk, but there is a strong correlative possibility between the lack of sangria and my currently happy, satisfied and unusually relaxed self that would seem to indicate that if I am not drunk, I am probably on the way there.

    • Kay_Sue

      If you are wondering if I invented the term “correlative possibility”, I believe that I did, in fact, just pull that out of the vicinity of my ass.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Hahah I made my “roofie sangria” this year that already made me barf last night. I feel fine, but I think I may have become a huge lightweight. Thanks, pregnancy!

    • Kay_Sue

      It was my mother in law’s recipe. God bless that woman. It’s amazing. :)

  • EX

    I’m not drunk (pregnant) and my toddler has a nasty cold and ear infection. Trying to stay jolly. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

  • Andrea

    Fairly wasted, but not in jammies yet. I had to get through a massive Christmas Eve dinner. I’m recuperating.

  • Justme

    My husband and I started drinking the moment his mother, grandmother, sister and aunt all entered our home at 6:30. Now it is 9:45, he is reading The Night Before Christmas to our daughter while I continue binge-watching the second season of American Horror Story. And yes, as a Catholic…watching AHS on Christmas Eve DOES feel a little sacrosanct.

  • anon

    My family always did Christmas Eve when I was growing up. When I had kids, we decided on Christmas Eve for presents from family and friends and Christmas morning from Santa. Helped with holiday overload too :)

  • staferny

    I love coming here, it makes me feel better about having scotch for breakfast while watching the hound attempt to open his presents. Merry Christmas Mommyish.