Man Reportedly Jumps To His Death With Son In Arms And My Heart Is Broken For Their Family

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I live in NYC, so I’ve been following this case all day. Around noon today a 35-year-old man jumped from one of the higher floors of a 52 floor building, reportedly holding his three or 4-year-old son in his arms. I can’t stop thinking about it, and crying about it. My son is around that age, and I’m sure he’s pretty annoyed and flabbergasted as to why I keep scooping him up in my arms. The boy reportedly survived the fall, but was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. He was wearing Christmas pajamas. I just can’t.

This whole holiday has been falling apart this weekend, mostly due to some scheduling conflicts, a missed paycheck from one of my husband’s clients, and some other drama. I was actually feeling pretty damn down on everything this morning, and feeling sorry for myself to boot. Not any more.

As bad as things get, I have my kids and my husband and my health. My heart is breaking for this kid’s family. I don’t know what would cause a man to jump to his death, and I certainly don’t know what would cause someone to do so with a child in their arms.

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  • Kheldarson

    You keep sharing things that make me want to cry. Why do you keep sharing things that make me want to cry?

    • Frances Locke

      Usually I try to share things that cause happy tears. but this just affected me too much not to write about it. It was all I could think of after reading the news stories.

    • Véronique Houde


    • Véronique Houde

      preferably kittens in santa and elf suits. please post a blog about kittens in santa suits. my sanity depends on it.

    • Cee

      Well, not everything in the world is happy. I think Mommyish is pretty well balanced. There are serious stories, there are happy stories. For the most part, the stories are here to spark a discussion about children and or families, and unfortunately, not all children or families live happy lives.

  • Alicia Kiner

    I’m with you. I don’t understand feeling bad enough that suicide seems like a good idea. I understand that people get there, and it breaks my heart. But I just can’t fathom feeling so bad that you feel that not only do you have to end your life, but your child’s too. As bad as it sounds, I hope this child was terminally ill, so at least this man didn’t senselessly kill his own child. At least THAT I could wrap my head around. I don’t like it, but I could understand it.

    • keelhaulrose

      I’ve battled depression most of my life. I remember hitting rock bottom a few times, thinking that I was going to end it all. A couple of these times happened right after my first daughter was born. I will admit at one point I left her crying in her crib for an hour because I was thinking of overdosing on some of the pain meds they gave me. Not my finest hour, but I never once thought of taking her with me. In fact, she stopped me once, there was a bridge I could have easily gone over with enough speed to go through a temporary barrier, but she was in the car, and I didn’t want to deprive my husband of her.
      And I’ll add here that mental health services in this country are a joke, especially for the poor. Even if you want to get help, finding it is damn near impossible.

    • Alicia Kiner

      I’m so incredibly sorry that you went through this, and I’m glad that you got through it. You are right. The mental health services in this country are awful. I think that stems from a general lack of understanding most mental illnesses. There was way too much locking people away, and not enough trying to help for far too long. I have a very close, young family member who has had lots of issues and it’s disgusting what he’s gone through.

    • MonicaVurginia

      Very very glad you are here :)

  • tili

    This needs more warning for the subject matter on the twitter link. I thought it was a happy story about a burning building and kids saved. Now I am sad.

    • KarenMS

      You thought “Jumps to his death” and “my heart breaks for the family” were leading into a happy story?

  • SusannahJoy

    I knew not to click on that link. I knew it would make me too sad. And yet, I did it anyway. :( Those poor people. My heart breaks.

  • Givemeabreak

    My brother in law attempted suicide last night. I can tell you first hand that situations like this and why the holidays have this affect on people, we will never know.

    • Givemeabreak

      and yes, the Christmas celebration is over at my house this year.

    • Annie

      Times of stress weigh heavily on people with mental illness, and the holidays are very stressful. They can also be lonely, poignant, and so very heavy.

      Aside from being a student of clinical psychology, I also have treatment resistant major depression. The holidays are always very triggering because something about them brings an unbearable depth to our problems, no matter who we are. As an example, I’ve been very fixated on suicide for the past two days because this is my first holiday since the death of a loved one who died months and months ago. Last year, it was loneliness, and the year before that, an unshakable feeling of uselessness and burden.

      I’m so sorry for what your family is going through, and the pain that drove your brother-in-law to do that. I know it won’t be the same and might even feel farcical, but canceling the holiday celebrations might make things worse– might, I’m not trying to tell you what to do. Just, from a clinical point of view and more importantly, from a personal point of view, I think that knowing he didn’t ruin Christmas is something that he needs to cling to right now.

      Even if he did something selfish, he’s probably going to still be feeling everything magnified, and the guilt of Christmas being cancelled on his account might be too much for him. Even if he’s in a hospital setting or otherwise can’t be there, including him by way of sending him a photo of the family doing holiday stuff in front of the tree with an honest but gentle note reminding him of how very much he’s cherished. I realize that this can come off as patronizing, but I hope that you’re not reading it this way; think of it as a ‘get well soon, we love you, you were here in spirit’ kind of communication. Don’t pass it off as business as usual but don’t cancel the holiday celebrations either.

      Sorry that was rambly, and again I’m so sorry for what’s happened to your family. Handle it however you can, emotionally; was just offering my personal thoughts.

    • Cee

      The holidays are insanely hard. I have a lot of those thoughts during this time myself. This is the second or third year I have felt this way.
      Its funny, I love the holidays, but it brings this terrifying feeling; yet, my self imposed pressure to want to get the happy and festive feels, makes it worse.
      I don’t know what your brother is going through personally, but I can tell you, to get there is such an exhausting, anxious, sad, and painful journey.
      Don’t blame yourself or others, it will add to the guilt and other feelings even more..just, listen to what he has to say. It may seem irrational at times, but understand it is coming from a deeply wounded mind.

  • Kay_Sue


  • Polyamorous Mom

    oh god I hadn’t heard the boy died…im going to sit and cry at my desk. then go home and hug the kids ALOT

  • LiteBrite

    I’m not clicking that link. Your story alone is heartbreaking enough.

  • woot

    I read another article that stated he threw his son off then jumped…they landed on 2 different buildings. This is so heartbreaking and scary.