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Kind-Hearted Stranger Answers A Little Girl’s Message To Heaven

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I love writing about stories like these, they restore my faith in humanity. An 8-year-old girl named Bella Hosford, from Chapel Hill, Tennessee lost her great grandmother, Minnie Sue Watts back in 2012. Much like another balloon story we wrote about not too long ago, this tale includes a cheap balloon, a message and some super nice people who obviously care about a little girl’s feelings. According to Bella:

“I really do miss her, because she was my favoritest grandmother ever. The last day I got to see her, it was a really special day to me, because I knew that she was going to go to Heaven. When I hugged her, the last thing she ever said to me was, ”I love you, Bella”.

I just about lost it as “favoritest grandmother ever,” because that is SO something my middle daughter would say. This summer Bella got the idea in her head to send a balloon message up to heaven for her great-grandmother. She didn’t expect a response, but that is exactly what she got, according to news reports.

According to Bella’s mother, Tricia Hosford, the balloon Bella sent out contained a simple message:”Tell Mawmaw I love her and to come visit soon. Love Bella.” Months passed, but then out of nowhere a package arrived with both the broken balloon and a pink note saying “Dearest Bella. Mawmaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her. Love, your guardian angel.” The package also contained a silver locket.

Tricia has no clue who sent the package, except that it must have been a kind-hearted person who found the balloon. Considering that their town has less than 1000 residents, it really is a mystery how anyone found it at all. Regardless, this is such a nice story to see right before the holidays.

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  • keelhaulrose

    Sometimes I love people.
    My daughter was very close to my grandfather. Best buds (his last word was her name). During his last few months his health was horrible, and we weren’t sure if his mind was there. It was bad for all of us, but especially bad for my daughter, who didn’t know why he wasn’t the same.
    After he passed an aunt took one of his shirts (he wrote the same six or seven) and made it into a teddy bear for my daughter. She cuddled with it every night, and it’s our reminder he’s always with us.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      That’s so sweet.

  • http://anniedeezy.tumblr.com/ Annie

    Damn dust in my eyes. IT’S DUST, SHUT UP, IT’S DUST.

    • Kay_Sue

      I am having that same problem. How weird.

  • Kay_Sue

    And there’s my faith in humanity again.

  • Michelle Pittman

    omg Frances…you’re KILLING me!!!! my office is either very dusty or the damn ninjas are at it again…you HAVE to post a cat gif…or maybe a giraffe gif…