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Disturbing Accusations Of Abuse By Female Teacher Remind Us That Women Predators Do Exist

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Some disturbing allegations are coming out about a Chicago middle school teacher. According to two alleged victims, teacher Cherie Carlson who was then working as a camp director at Camp Awana, sexually abused the women when they were teens, between 1996 and 1997.

Camp Awana, located in Fredonia, Wisconsin, is owned by Chicago’s North Side Gospel Center, and the victims also claim that the church did nothing to stop the abuse. One victim, who prefers to be known under the pseudonym “Jane Doe” has filed a lawsuit against Carlson, accusing the teacher of forced oral sex and penetration.

Now, so far this is only a lawsuit, so I want to stress that nothing has been proven. But the accusations are gut-wrenching. According to Jane Doe:

“It started with holding hands while praying and her hand would touch my leg and move from there. We met at her parent’s house for a movie and she put her hand down the top of my shirt and fondled me.”

Carlson also allegedly wrote the teen love notes and diary entries, saying things like “holding you. Hugging you. Stroking your hair…I long to be with you as much as I can.” This was to a teenaged girl from a grown woman. The victims says that she was afraid to go to the police or her parents because Carlson threatened to kill herself.

Jane Doe isn’t the only person to come forward. Now that the accusations are out, numerous women have stated that they were witness to the abuse. According to Monika Ebly, who was 16 at the time, Carlson would come into the cabin late at night and visit Jane Doe’s bunk:

“Cherie had her hand under the blanket and was fondling Jane’s genitalia. It was under the blanket, the hand was at the exact location of where [the genitalia] would be. It was very clear that’s what was happening.”

Now here’s the most sickening part, if proven true. While this was going on, Carlson was apparently reciting a biblical lesson:

“She was still giving devotions which were nightly bible parables or a recap of the bible lesson we had earlier in the day. So she was giving a bible lesson ironically enough.”

Ugh. According to reports, Camp Awana officials, including Carlson’s parents, ignored earlier reports from other victims, so they must have at least been aware of the situation (is proven true). It’s not every day that you hear these types of accusations made against a woman in this type of setting.

We hear all the time about statutory rape charges (which are absolutely still rape in ever sense of the word in my opinion) but whether from denial, fear of reporting or both, it’s rare to hear stories of this type of abuse from women. It just goes to show, that regardless of how much some people pretend it doesn’t happen, it does and we should pay attention.

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  • keelhaulrose

    Absolutely disgusting.
    I remember, on the Paul Walker thread, the pronoun “he” was used most often when talking about abusers. I’ll admit I did it myself, just to make it easier, but when we pigeon hole offenders into a certain type we leave our kids vulnerable.

  • DeanaCal

    Frances, thank you for being responsible in reminding everyone that nothing has been proven yet. It really bothers me when cases are tried in the media without all the evidence available. With that being said, I think it is very important to remember that indeed, predators come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. if this turns out to be true, then I agree, it’s really disturbing. My daughter goes to summer camp every year, and this story makes me ill.

  • Alex

    I’m disturbed that anyone would actually need any such reminder. Female predators absolutely exist, whether the media chooses to ignore them or not.

  • duh

    Bizarrely Sexist Headline Reminds Us That Some People Hold a “Women are Inherently More Noble” Fallacy

  • mel

    The truly sad part is that if this woman targeted teen boys instead, there would be hundreds saying “I wish I had a teacher like that!” It is NEVER okay, no matter what. The teen may feel lucky, but the woman is still a predator only looking to satisfy her own selfish desires. It can be just as damaging to boys once they realize they were used. There should be no double standards when it comes to abusing a position of authority and taking advantage of children.

    • Katherine Handcock

      Absolutely this! It’s like when people wave off the professional misconduct that can happen when someone “falls in love” with their doctor/therapist/minister. The person in the professional role has a responsibility to be professional, which means not taking advantage of the fact that their authority and position automatically gives them an unethical amount of influence. Add in the age difference (which is sometimes enough that the student is not legally able to consent to sexual contact with an adult) and we should NEVER be treating it like it’s appropriate.

    • CrazyLogic

      Agreed. It’s utterly disgusting.

    • dsfjdslfjsdkfndsklfjsdklfj

      Look at a site that has this article with pictures to accompany it. No teen boy would with that about her.

  • Stephen

    How about the Ian Watkins case last week? Where the mothers offered up heir less than year old babies to be raped? And took part in the sexual abuse themselves by giving oral sex and mastubating their babies + more? It’s not a rare occurance at all.

  • Cheechee

    Why does every Mommyish post involving teachers paint them in such a bad light? So many teachers are parents, and many more have to do a lot of parenting to make up for shitty moms. This is not a defense of teachers who abuse children, or teachers who make racist comments, but a general observation that Mommyish tends to post overwhelmingly negative stories about teachers.