TGI Friday Open Thread: UGH, What Do You Have Left To Do For Christmas?

I am so unorganized. I have cookies to bake, presents to wrap, stocking stuff to buy. Where has December gone? The only thing let to do now if for you guys to tell me how much shit you have left to do so I’ll feel better about myself.



So what’s new with you guys? I will be off next week – I hope, but I will check in. I will have a birthday. I am turning 44! SHIT. And I will hopefully drink and eat a lot.

So, I don’t know, I have watched NO Rankin Bass specials or Love, Actually yet and all anybody cares about at Mommyish HQ is this love stream of people being bitches about the holidays on twitter. 

Should I make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning or will no one eat it?

Also, can I start drinking yet?

Also, who wants to come over and bake some damn cookies with me? Tell me everything you are doing to get ready and what else you have to do and what you are most excited about. It also doesn’t help my spirits that we have no snow and we have lots of rain and I haven’t even had time to look at Christmas lights yet. I mean, I am so lucky! I have a job I love! The electric bill is paid! Everyone is healthy! I just feel a bit overwhelmed by the holiday season and I feel like it is all moving by very quickly.

So, let’s do this, let’s Christmas spirit each other up, and..drink.

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  • NicknamesAreDull

    i’m done! I have to help my mom finish her stuff.

  • Alexandra

    I finally sent Christmas cards yesterday. Otherwise I’ve done NOTHING, which leaves:
    1) gift purchase, wrap and shipping for 6 nieces, 6 nephews and 5 children belonging to best friends
    2) making rice balls for Christmas Day (which could be fun if it didn’t take 5 hours due to 20 ppl at dinner)
    3) we have no tree, no lights and no stockings. I do not know where the box containing lights, stockings or tree stand is, so therefore, that may have to wait until next year.
    4) Have told husband he is getting nothing. He likes to bbq so maybe coal. Otherwise, nothing.
    Also I am 6 mos preggo and CANNOT DRINK.
    Have one for me, girl, and happy bday!

    • Eve Vawter

      what are these rice balls you speak of?

    • Alexandra

      OOOh magical Italian goodness
      Actually got recipe from my ex’s Pilipino mother oddly enough.
      You mix:
      Rice, seasoned ground meat (Salt and pepper), tomato paste, minced garlic, minced onion, parsley, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, peas and pine nuts and a couple raw eggs and let it set overnight in fridge. (raw eggs are optional)
      Then next morning you make balls about golf ball size, dredge in “Italian style” bread crumbs, then egg, then breadcrumbs again and deep fry until golden brown.
      Just heaven.
      I usually also make red sauce from scratch for dipping because I’m a masochist. :)

    • Alexandra

      And don’t know why Filipino came out spelled that way damn spell check!!

    • Natasha B

      Um these sounds like heaven :)

  • allisonjayne

    I have a couple more things to pick up for my wife. Although my “mayor” provided some helpful advice this week when he said “women love money” and suggested a couple thousand bucks in a cheque would make her happy, I am thinking she might actually appreciate the gifts I’ve picked out more than what would undoubtedly be an NSF cheque.

    Otherwise I’m pretty much set. We’re having some friends over this weekend for our 4th annual pre-xmas tradition of eating food, drinking wine and watching a scary movie. Silence of the Lambs this year!

    • Eve Vawter

      I wanna come to this horror movie palooza!

  • Lena

    Go home! I’m traveling tonight and so happy about it. This week has been the longest week ever. Is work over yet?

    • Eve Vawter

      have an awesome safe trip home!

  • Véronique Houde

    I’ve been waiting for my boyfriend to buy the traditional annual ornament for me – so although the tree is up with its lights, we need to have our decorating night! Today I made my christmas cookies, and my shopping is done. I only have my niece’s gift to wrap and I’m done!!! This year, we’re not having anyone over so I get to do the lazy pregnant tired woman act and go over to my parents’ houses! YAY!

  • alice

    Drinking starts now. All my christmas stuff is done, except:

    I need to buy a shitload of candy and popcorn, and then create some kind of fake storefront/kiosk for my Christmas “Movie Store”

    As my present to my seven nieces and nephews, all pre-teens, I’m giving them the gift of “Good PG Family Movies” Because I’m a snobby bitch and want to force them to watch things that aren’t animated. And because I don’t listen to my brothers and sisters when they say things like: “so and so likes American Doll. so and so likes Superheros.” Pass.

    So I purchased 33 DVDs of various awesomeness (like Neverending Story, Cloak and Dagger, Short Circuit, Adventures in Babysitting, Flight of the Navigator, Splash, The Great Outdoors, The Secret of Roan Inish, Labyrinth, National Velvet, 20 others…)

    And I’m going to set them up on shelves, like a movie rental store, and let the kids pick what they want. It’s a Merry Christmas Snake Draft. Everybody gets to take home 5 movies and as much candy and popcorn as they can carry. You’re welcome parents.

    Worst/Best Most Selfish Auntie Ever.

    But babysitting sounds a lot better with Troop Beverly Hills.

    • candyvines

      National Velvet made me think of Blue Velvet and I was all, holy moly, Auntie Alice, that’s intense.

    • Lee

      Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

    • Alexandra

      National Velvet = Best movie ever!
      Also loved International Velvet :)
      Will have to purchase these for my friend’s 7 YO horse freak daughter :)

    • Maria Guido

      I love that movie idea!

    • TwentiSomething Mom

      The movie idea is awesome. Are you going to take pictures and put it on pinterest so I can look at it all year and tell myself I’m going to do it for next Christmas when I know I really won’t?

  • EX

    I keep thinking I’m done and then realize I have one more thing to do. It doesn’t help that we’re celebrating Christmas 3 times in the next week(ish). Not sure what I was thinking. We’ve got family coming tomorrow for the weekend and I still have to buy groceries, clean the house and prep food (and take care of my toddler and not drink because I’m pregnant – no worries, though, I’m on a semi-permanent chocolate and sugar cookies high).

  • JussyLee

    My husband works at a nursing home, and the staff are doing secret Santa for all of the residents. Hubby was assigned John, a cantankerous old codger whose primary joy left in life is munching M&Ms aallllllll daaaaaay (he doesn’t share either). So I’m making him a gift basket full of fun-size packets of various flavors of M&Ms, and candy cane shaped tubes full of M&Ms, and a few M&M ornaments and plastic novelties.

  • Kay_Sue

    Drinking started…well, started would imply that it stops (Kidding, kidding! ;))

    I am thinking of doing a crockpot oatmeal for Christmas morning. I don’t think the kids will notice, they will inhale because I make them stop with presents and eat…

    I still have to finish shopping. And wrap. I have to wrap…everything. And collect the girls tomorrow, which will be about 7 to 8 hours round trip. YAY!

    I would assist with cookies, but I baked 60 of the little effers on Monday for our Cub Scouts holiday party, and I am…I am cookied out.

  • LiteBrite

    Drinking is tonight. We’re going to my work Xmas party.

    Drinking is also tomorrow. We’re going out for Bloody Marys after derby practice.

    Drinking may be on Sunday because it’s supposed to snow all damn day. Of course it is.

    I still have to get my dad and stepmom a gift. My husband is also getting me new skate wheels for Xmas, so I have to buy those so he can reimburse me. (Not very romantic, but I know exactly what I need and it’s easier if I just buy them myself.) I was going to do these things today because I have the day off, but my son decided to be sick for the third day in a row, so I’m stuck in the house. If I whine enough perhaps my husband will drive me around on Sunday while I make my purchases.

  • Cee

    Get paid, get laid, buy my puppy!, buy gifts and get drunk.

    I also have to unfriend some idiot that ranted about Duck Dynasty and some ridiculous comparisson how if he doesnt like sourdough it doesnt make him breadphobic, so spewing stuff abou gays isnt homophobic. “Libtards” and “attack on first ammendment” ensued. Jesus take the wheel!

    • Maria Guido

      This is why facebook is the worst.

    • libraryofbird

      What kind of puppy?

    • Cee

      Mixed terrier, I’m adopting :)

    • libraryofbird

      How exciting!

  • Janok Place

    I am done the shopping. The house is upside down (my bad. I’m pregnant, what?). There are scary things in my fridge because my husband has been working serious over time and his jobs are as follows 1- Fuzzy Fridge Monsters, 2-Take the garbage out 3-Cat litter (I’m pregnant, what?) Half of baking is complete. All ingredients are present. Speaking of presents, I bet I get no present this year. Every year he never goes shopping, so I get myself something and stick his name on it. I have elected not to bail him out this year, in hopes that he will shop next year. Seriously. He’s never physically gone to get me a gift without being told. Ever.

    • Janok Place

      I might add, I’ve probably eaten half of the baking I’ve completed. So realistically it’s probably only 25% done. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE!

    • Aussiemum

      My hubby never gets me anything either. This year he has decided to buy me something. He hounded me for days… What do you want? What do you need? Blah blah. I said I’m happy with anything you chooses for me, while subtly leaving jewellery catalogues everywhere he could possibly go in the house. He came home the other day, super excited cause he bought me my present. Woohoo I was soooo excited, till I saw what it was. (This is gonna make me sound like a bitch, but I don’t give a shit) ITS A MOTHERFUCKING FISH TANK. For my Siamese fighter, Kevin. So basically Kevin gets a new house for Christmas and I get more shit to clean. Awesome!
      I bought him Eddie Vedder tickets and I’m seriously considering crossing out his name on the card and writing my own and acting super surprised, when I give them to myself. I just really wanted him to think a bit and buy me something sparkly and pretty, that only I can appreciate and don’t have to share with a bloody fish. **sigh*** maybe for my birthday next year. Ppffttt who am I kidding? I’ll probably get a new collar for the dog, cause he’ll need one by then.

    • Janok Place

      Ha! My husband’s name is Kevin. I kid you not. The lovely thing about my husband is I can say things like “Honey, I bought a cow” (literally) and he’s like “Right on! Do you love your cow?”… I can get things I want and he’d max the visa out letting me do it if that’s what I wanted… but sometimes you just want THEM to go out, think about YOU and pick something based on their own observations… it’s like a secret test to see if they’ve been studying…

    • Aussiemum

      I told hubby last year I was thinking of getting a cow, the whole free milk and lawn mowing services and manure for our vege patch. I even had a name picked out. Catherine the cow. Very classy indeed. To go with my chickens, BBQ and Snitzel. (We had Kiev too, but she went to the great hen house in the sky)
      Then I realised that we couldn’t have a cow in our suburb and then I remembered that we had fake grass and you couldn’t really walk a cow around the streets without any one noticing. And that’s how I ended up with Kevin!
      I’d love it if hubby bought me something I’d mentioned randomly. He remembers what the kids say and brings them home little things they’ve mentioned, and can’t understand why I get crabby when my birthday rolls around and I have to buy myself a present. I’ve even gone to the effort to circle things in magazines or leave catalogues open to the right page with a pen strategically pointing towards what I’d like. He fails this test of husbandship every year. For my birthday this year, he bought me the new pearl jam cd and put it on his iTunes before he gave it to me. Huh? So I just got a second hand cd, that he wanted, and all I really wanted was something small and ring shaped.

    • Janok Place

      Have you tried the good old stand by “Oh WOW, shiny in the window!” Or obsessively complimenting other women’s jewelry in his presence? That one’s a good one, compliment a married woman and ask her where she got it. 75% of the time you’ll hear “My husband!” and you can fawn over how awesome, stellar super amazing said husband is and what great taste he has ;)

    • Aussiemum

      Done it all. Casually walking thru the shops and suddenly veer off to the jewellery shops windows! I’m like a kid looking at puppies in the pet shop. Nose pressed up against the window and saying ooh I lure that one! I’ve pretty much given up on him ever getting me anything jewellery related. He’s the go to guy for second hand CDs and T-shirts, shoes, handbags or electrical items I already have in the electrical graveyard in the linen cupboard.
      He’s an amazing, attentive, hot guy with shitty wife gift giving ideas. Lucky I didn’t marry him for the presents!

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      I once walked by a bracelet in front of him and fake coughed “Mother’s Day” at it. It was completely transparent, but it worked. He needs help with this stuff! One of my coworkers takes pictures of what she wants when she’s shopping. Kind of sad, but it works….

    • Janok Place

      Sometimes the direct approach is necessary. Kind of ruin’s the magic but ONE conversation saying you’d appreciate jewelry on occasion might last a life time!

  • Lee

    I have a couple dozen cookies to do and a trip to see Santa. I can only hope the picture turns out as awesome of the one on the left of him with the Easter bunny. I love pictures of children trying to escape Santa and the Easter Bunny so much. My kid (and the other parents standing around) probably thought I was a huge asshole as I laughed my ass off taking that picture.

  • Jallun-Keatres

    I’m in charge of getting 3 of my relatives gifts because my mom put us (me, husband, baby) into the Christmas draw before I could opt out. Amazingly I got all of their gifts made well ahead of time but…. they were just mailed out yesterday.

    Had a baby during the holiday season and have to wrap gifts? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

  • Mystik Spiral

    I have a few more gifts to buy, then ALL THE WRAPPING. Ugh. Whoever invented the gift bag deserves a medal.

    Happy Birthday Eve!!!

  • Lackadaisical

    What have I left to do? Far more than the time left to do it in. I have many presents left to buy, but they are sort of under control (ish). I have family members done, with a few reserved things to pick up, I have friends to buy for (I give in, they are going to get a nice box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat), I have friends kids bought for. No wrapping has been done. The Christmas decorations and artificial tree are still in the loft, but my husband suffers from depression with Christmas being a big trigger for that, so I have been putting that off with the excuse of “it’s a nice way to mark the beginning of the holidays if you wait until the kids finish school before you put the decorations up”. I also need to tidy the house, especially as I have in-laws staying at some as of yet unknown date after Christmas.

  • LadyClodia

    Happy Birthday Eve!
    I’ve been trying to just ignore all of the stuff that I have to do, but besides having all of the presents bought and Christmas cards sent, I still have everything else to do. I have nothing wrapped, and some of it has to be wrapped before we leave for my dad’s house tomorrow to celebrate Christmas there this weekend. So I also have to pack for the trip. We won’t get back until Monday, and then I’ll have to get to the grocery store, wrap the rest of the presents, and then Tuesday my 5 year old will probably help me bake cookies. I’m sure that I have other stuff to do now, but I can’t remember what it is.
    I’m most excited about my boys’ excitement for Christmas. And it will be worth it if they enjoy themselves.
    My husband and I just watched Love, Actually last night, and we’ve been watching Christmas movies with the boys for the last few weeks.
    I am ready for the holidays to be over, though. I need some rest.

  • G.E. Phillips

    I have to wrap. I’d rather chew off my left arm than wrap presents. Actually, any presents I do wrap always come out looking like I already did chew off my left arm, so fuck it, what’s the difference?

  • FaintlyXMacabre

    Ugh. So much. And my husband’s company is HQ’d in germany and they totally forgot to pay the US guys today. FML.

  • libraryofbird

    Breakfast casserole is a must in my family. The only time I haven’t had breakfast casserole on Christmas was when I was stationed in Japan.

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    I have to buy more rum for my coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog) because I ran out of the two previous bottles of Bacardi I purchased over the past 2 weeks practicing the recipe. And when I say practicing I mean getting shitfaced.

  • Bethany Ramos

    I am drinking now at the first of two Christmas celebrations! We already opened some presents too – yessss. I’ll miss you, Eve. :(

  • Tea

    Buy spouse-guy a gift, buy a few gifts for random family, wrap all the gifts, and fit a week’s worth of luggage and 9 paintings into the trunk and luggage rack of a Miata. I regret letting my partner get a tiny adorable car as soon as we have to drive more than 6 hours or need to go on a trip that requires more than one pair of pants and a toothbrush.

  • Jessica

    I am room mom for my middle child’s kindergarten class and I had to bring a craft. I brought some pre-fab craft kit from Target so all of the kids could make penguins. It wasn’t until pretty late last night that I noticed part of the penguin clearly resembles a penis. I brought the class penis penguins. So if Chris Hanson comes to find me over the weekend, someone tell my husband the gifts are hidden in the crawl space.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy


    • Eve Vawter

      There is NOTHING more festive than penis penguins

  • Snarktopus

    I still need to get drunk.
    Oh, and pick up some little stuff for hubband’s stocking, and pressies for his folks. Also have yet to pen a note to Santa: All I want for Christmas is for someone else to potty train the toddler. Yes.

    It’s never too early to start drinking. I figure I’ll start for next Christmas on New Years.

  • Rachelxoxo

    Christmas is exhausting once you have kids! This is my second one and I’m about eight months preggo this time around. I just sent out photo cards ( that are fuzzy and pixelated bc I did them last min on my phone, awesome!) Bought candy for stockings and ate all the candy for stockings already. Don’t have a tree yet, haven’t bought any gifts (and if anymore bills keep rolling in before Xmas my gifts for under tree are either going to be pretty sparse or a bunch of pretty wrapped IOU’s to be redeemed next month lol,) haven’t done any baking yet, and shopping for all this stuff with a 30lb toddler riding on my massive belly is too much especially when he grabs everything we pass, of the shelves and throws it on the ground while I try to awkwardly balance/pick up/hold everything together. I’m ready to collapse! I think I’m giving up…Christmas, you’ve finally beat me this year. Maybe I’ll get everything done next time around…here’s hoping

  • JAN

    I am pregnant and due on Christmas Day and I can’t decide whether I’d rather go ahead and have this baby now or after Christmas…like I have any say in the matter! The good news is my family and my spouse’s have been understanding. We are only having my Mom and one of my brothers up (this is for my extra labor support and child care for my 1 and 4 year olds. My other brother got married to a widow with five children last month and they’re working on their own family celebration this year so it works out for all of us and my in laws said we’d just have a big Easter this year and haven’t tried to crowd us. My immediate family also tends to do “alternate” dinners, a tradition started after multiple dinners with extended family, last year it was lasagna, this year it’s steaks. The tree is trimmed and the presents aren’t wrapped, I’m afraid to put them under the tree anyway b/c I’m afraid my 22 month old will wrap them all, speaking of which, most of our tree decs are on the top 2/3 to keep aforementioned toddler from removing them.

    • Eve Vawter

      OMG BABY BABY BABY. This is very exciting congratulations! PLEASE tell us when you do have the baby I love hearing about this

    • JAN

      Well I started contractions this morning (the 23rd) but my other two I had 20+ hour labors so it looks like tonight or tomorrow!

    • Eve Vawter

      !!!!!!!!!! Good luck and yay! Xmas baby!

    • JAN

      I had an 8lb baby boy today (Christmas Eve)! They said if all is well I can go home in 24 hours so hopefully we can have Christmas evening at home w/my other two kids. Still didn’t get all of their gifts wrapped!

  • Momma425

    I have baked no cookies. Solution: I’m going to mom’s house and taking home a Tupperware of my favorites.
    We haven’t looked at Christmas lights. Sunday night maybe?
    I need to buy wrapping paper!! For some reason, it is always forgotten on the shopping list. I suppose I can’t put a huge pile of unwrapped presents under the tree and just say Santa was stoned- but god, I would LOVE to have a “sorry kids, Santa was baked this year” Christmas.

    I’m blaming Thanksgiving. It was so late this year…with that extra week, this shit would have been done!

  • Natasha B

    OOOOH happy birthday!
    Nearly almost done maybe? Wishfully pinning delicious cocktails that I can enjoy next year, when I should be rolling our gingerbread. Also have to make last minute grocery trip/stocking stuffers/replacement prezzies cuz FUCKING USPS KEEPS LOSING SHIT. and I’m going to do it all Sunday night, sans kids or hubby, cuz Monday our high is 3. F that noise.