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Pope Francis Skillfully Handles Toddler’s Hat Stealing Adorableness

Pope Francis

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I am endlessly fasciated with the new Catholic Church’s new pontiff, Pope Francis, who not too long ago took the position (and his name is pretty awesome too, if I might add). As Pope Francis held a young worshiper on Friday, while visiting a medical center, the adorable boy playfully pulled off his white zucchetto, or skullcap, an act that would most definitely be a huge no-no if it wasn’t done by a baby.

For a split second the child seem to marvel at his coop new souvenir, but with all the grace and dignity you would expect from the leader of one ofthe largest religions in the world, Pope Francis quickly retrieved his head piece and placed it back on his head. Earlier this same day, Pope Francis was also given a birthday cake (three days early, but who’s counting?) for his 77th birthday. Awww!

Now, I have written in the past about being an atheist on Mommyish, but I was raised (for part of my childhood, which is a story for another day) Catholic, and I’ve always been torn between my affection for parts of the religion and my worries over the more problematic parts of it. But if anyone can bring to fruition the ideal Catholic church that I’ve imagined, it’s this man, and I not only wish him well, but I admire and respect him.

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  • DeanaCal

    Frances I totally agree with you. I’m not Catholic but I still always saw the pope as someone who is supposed to embody all the good qualities, like compassion and selflessness. Kind of like Mother Theresa. Pope Francis actually makes me smile, and seems like he radiates “goodness.”

  • That_Darn_Kat

    I, too, am an atheist, but I seriously like what I’ve seen thus far with this Pope.

  • Andrea

    Agreed 100%. I am somewhat of a lapsed Catholic, but I have a HUGE respect and admiration for this Pope. I think he’s exactly what the Catholic Church needs.

  • Mel

    I like his words and behaviors so far, but he hasn’t actually changed anything. I’m gonna reserve my respect for when he actually improves the church’s practices rather than simply it’s image.

    But the hat thing was really cute :)

    • Kheldarson

      He may not be able to actually change anything though. The fact that he’s willing to open the dialogue, however, is a great step. The Church takes ages to make any major dogmatic decisions, and even small changes take time. For example, Catholics in the US are supposed to kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer, unlike the rest of the world. It took 50 years for the American bishops to get permission for the change. But I am looking forward to more of his bulls. They’re good reads.

    • Mel

      He probably won’t be able to change much. Dialog is definitely better than nothing. I’m just reserving my praise for actions, that’s all. If he doesn’t achieve anything more than words, then for me that doesn’t earn praise. Praise, like worship, is a very personal thing to give. I’m choosing to withhold mine for now.

    • ElleJai

      There was one Pope in the 70s who died very shortly after taking office. He wanted to seriously shake things up and (many of us suspect) got assassinated for his trouble. The Church doesn’t like different, it threatens the many conservative little old men in power.

      I’d rather let Pope Francis take it slow and steady and stay alive to keep the momentum going. Change IS happening. But with a behemoth like the Catholic Church it takes years to come to a full stop, let alone a reverse.

      Let’s just say the brakes have been applied.

  • kay

    I joined a protestant (ELCA) church after being a cradle catholic shortly before Pope Francis was elected… He almost makes me second-guess my choice.

  • Cee

    Though I have a few issues with him…abortion, gay rights… I gotta say this pope is pretty “Christ-like” in other ways. He is extremely humble and looking to revamp the church to reach out to this generation.

    Having a very conservative Catholic family, it is funny to see them lose their shit over the things he is doing. They just aren’t used to this type of pope. Like, they were excited when a Latin American pope was chosen, but they are used to stuffiness, untouchable respect and someone who does things as they’ve always been done.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      Honestly given that the man is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, I think his stances on abortion and gay rights are about as good as we’re gonna get

    • Cee

      Oh for sure. He is giving an inch and I just want to take a mile. :)

    • EmmaFromÉire


  • CrazyLogic

    He also let a little boy sit on the Holy See. Say what you will, but there is no denying he’s a nice guy.

  • Kay_Sue

    I truly am excited to see what kind of direction he takes the Catholic church in. As someone raised a ultra-conservative Independent Baptist, it’s weird to say this, but this pope has thus far seemed to embody some very basic Christian ideals that seem to have been lost.

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    Also raised Catholic and happy in my agnosticism. But I do like this new pope. He is a massive improvement over the last one.

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