Despicable ‘Pastor’ Charged With Child Rape And Predictably Blames Victims For Having ‘The Mind Of An Adult’

pastor charged with rape


A shady “pastor” from Minnesota has been charged with the rape of two young girls, and predictably he blamed his victims for what occurred. Because of course he did. According to the 61-year-old “One Accord Ministries” pastor Jacoby Kindred “These are not really kids, they have the mind of the adult.” Yeah, he seriously said that.

According to various news reports Kindred is the father of the victim’s mother’s former boyfriend, and was a sort of grandfather figure to them, which is especially sickening. Kindred was charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct for raping the to girls from the time they were approximately six and seven. The girls are now 14 and 16. Kindred claims that the girl’s mother is making the entire thing up and has coached the girls into making false statements:

“I never did anything like that. Anyone can make up anything when you sit there long enough and you rehearse it. All a woman has to do (in Minnesota) is make an accusation, true or false, and the man’s going to be in trouble.”

Doesn’t this guy sound like a peach? Kindred also claims that the girl’s mom’s new boyfriend has it out for him, which is why the allegations are being made. The charges were filed after the mother of the victims found a letter in which the younger of the two described certain sex acts that occurred with the pastor. The older sister also told a nurse some of the details in a separate interview, claiming that Kindred forced them to perform sexual acts including oral sex and penetration. Kindred allegedly told the girls that the “devil was inside them” and that the sexual acts would make him go away. Ugh. Just…ugh.

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  • Alicia Kiner

    Oh come up with something original you sick fuck.

  • Janok Place


  • Kay_Sue

    Is there some kind of sick “Pedophilia for Dummies” book that these folks pull this shit from?

  • Blueathena623

    If he liked them because they had the mind of an adult, why not try connecting with a consenting adult with the mind and body of an adult?

  • DeanaCal

    Please don’t flame me on this but we need to remember that or justice system is based on “innocent until proven guilty. ” Based on the guy’s own words, he is at the very least a total douchebag but the mother getting the kids to lie is not totally out of the realm of possibility. I’ve known people who were accused of this crime who didn’t do it and lives were ruined even though they were found innocent. With all that being said, if it ends up that this guy actually did what he is accused of, I hope he gets the harshest sentence possible. Plus I totally want to punch him in the nads really really hard.

    • Muggle

      I don’t think someone who’s all “yeah, well, they have the minds of adults anyway!” is all that innocent. He’s basically blaming them for any abuse that occurred, which is not something an innocent man would say about an alleged victim.

  • FaintlyXMacabre

    This mostly makes me want to hork because it is a popular defense–anyone remember the teacher who got off because the judge paraded this little gem out?

  • alexandra

    Why don’t we have the death penalty for pedophiles again? Reading this article makes me forget…