It’s A Christmas Miracle – Two Sisters Adopted Because Of A Holiday Prayer Balloon

Stories like this make me want to believe in miracles. Two Tennessee sisters, both foster kids, got their Christmas wish early this year after writing it on a notecard and releasing it in a prayer balloon over the summer. Their wish? For their foster parents, Lynne and Dennis to adopt them.

According to news reports from WTVR, the girls, Eve, age six, and Jasmine, age 8, had a rough early life, bouncing around from one foster home to another, until they came to live with Dennis and Lynne, where they felt at home. Over the summer the girls, along with a group of 30, released the prayer cards. The girl’s card read:

“Eva 6, Jasmine 8, we want to be adopted by our new mother and father this Christmas.”

According to Lynne, the only balloon to come back was the girl’s balloon. The holiday prayer balloon made it all the way from Eastern Tennessee to an RV park in the state of Maryland. The people who found it decided to mail it back, which Lynne says she believe is “divine intervention”:

“I can just see God taking this balloon and blowing it in the right direction,’ she said. ‘To be found and be sent back to us to tell us he approves for us to be able to adopt these girls.”

This is such a sweet story. Personally, I don’t believe in miracles per se. It certainly is a beautiful coincidence that the balloon traveled as far as it did and came back (I always assumed that balloons went straight up and popped when I was a kid, I never considered the wind). I think I’m going to go write an “I want a million bucks” balloon.

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  • Cee

    And now I want to cry

    • Frances Locke

      Me too, but they’re happy tears. :)

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Frances, check s in headline and s missing in the word believes. (You can totally delete this comment if you want.) :)

    • Frances Locke

      Fixed! I actually noticed this earlier and I thought I fixed it, but I didn’t hit save because I am a spaz today, lol. Thank you for the heads up!

  • CrazyLogic

    Disney! Get on this stuff and then TAKE MY MONEY!

  • EmmaFromÉire

    This is so sweet. It makes me sad that kids have to go to such desperate measures to have a family. It reminds me of the boy that asked a church congregation to please adopt him- that absolutely broke my heart.

  • Kay_Sue

    Awwww. This is very sweet.

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