Epic D-Bag Leaves Fiance For Mistress And Then Calls Marriage Prostitution

Gird your loins, because you’re about to hear about an epic d-bag. According to Courthouse News Service a Georgia man has been ordered to pay his former fiance and live in partner $50,000 for “breach of promise” and fraud after leaving her for another woman and forcing her to move out of their home with the child they have together…and his child from a previous relationship. I usually hate stories like this, but I think she was right.

Melissa Cooper, the fiance, allegedly quit her job to move in with her fianceĀ Christopher Kelley and raise their child, and the child he had with another woman previously. In her lawsuit she contends that she made the sacrifice (her words, not mine) to become a housewife, and therefore he breached a contract by leaving her for another woman. And agree.

Typically, I hate the idea of anyone coming into a relationship and just giving up everything. But I think in this case it was necessary. Child care is expensive as hell, and for many families it’s cheaper to have a stay at home parent. Both myself and my husband have taken on that role over the years, and it’s not an easy choice.

According to CNS, Cooper testified that she was completely devastated by what she calls fraud. Kelley allegedly cheated on her multiple times, despite giving her an insanely expensive $10,00 engagement ring, and in 2011 she discovered his shenanigans and instead of being contrite, he threw her out with BOTH kids. What kind of douche blanket abandons his kids? Not only his kid with the woman he left them with, but a kid who isn’t related to her. As a woman with a kick ass step mom, I think Melissa Cooper is a damn saint.

Now here’s the kicker. To contest the lawsuit, Kelley tried to use the old “marriage is prostitution” argument. YUP, you read that right. Us old married biddies are WHORES. You salty whores, you! Obviously the courts laughed this d-bag out of court, but not only that, they used this argument to prove that he never intended to marry her to begin with. Or in other words, FRAUD.

I am so glad that for once the courts got it right.

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  • Vicki Lewis

    $50 000 is not even enough if you ask me. I hope he also has to pay some decent monthly child support.

    • Blueathena623

      According to the court article, this 50k is in addition to child support, etc.

  • brebay

    So, who has custody of his kid who’s not hers? Does that one have a mother? He’ll snatch that kid back just to hurt her.

  • Blueathena623

    According to the court article, they moved in together in I believe 2000, got engaged in 2004, and then he kicked her out in 2011. I don’t know when she stopped working to stay home, but that is a long time to be out of the work place. If they were married and divorced she might be entitled to some sort of alimony, right? To help her get back on her feet as she finds a job. But by breaking up instead of getting married, she’s SOL.
    Don’t blame her for wanting some more money.

    • Andrea

      I tell you this: it has surprised me how rare alimony has become recently. My parents are friends with a couple that was married for ever and a day. They have 4 children together and she never could work because he was an international corporate exec who moved countries (countries mind you, not states) every few years to advance his career. She followed every time and took care of hearth and home for over like 30 years.

      When he filed for divorce, the child support wasn’t really an issue, since in my state there is a standard formula for it. But as far as alimony went, the judge awarded her alimony for only a few years. After that she’s on her own. So supposedly a woman that is over 50 years old, hasn’t been in the workplace in decades is given something like 5 years (around there) to get it together before alimony stops.
      I am a pretty staunch feminist, but that is bullshit right there.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      A woman I was related to was married for 40 years and had been the homemaker for her 3 kids. She only had a few odd jobs before they had kids. So, at nearly 60, her husband went and moved in with another woman. And expected her to just be okay with it. Shockingly, she wasn’t. She looked into divorce, but was told she’d have no health insurance until she was 65, and she was not well. So she had to stay married to him. Sadly, she died without being able to afford to kick his cheating ass to the curb. I too, believe in working women (and am one), but I also feel if she never “worked” because she took care of your family, it’s crap to just screw her over on a whim.

    • Andrea

      Yeah that doesn’t sit right with me.

    • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

      The hell…? So, in exchange for her domestic contributions to the marriage for 30s years, which were necessary in light of his constant moving, she gets a few years to get a job capable of sustaining her? I hope her kids provide for her. God almighty…

      He wouldn’t have been able to do his job had his wife not taken care of business at home! Childcare for four and housework is a lot of labour he didn’t have to do, stuff he could put aside and focus on his career. Awful.

    • Andrea

      Yeah it is.

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      From the Daily Mail article I read, I take it she moved in right after the engagement and that is when she quit her job, but it isn’t clear from the court website.

    • Stacey

      They got engaged in 2004 and still weren’t married in 2011? I’m assuming they skipped save the date cards.

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      I thought that was a little odd too, but long engagements aren’t unheard of. One of my close friends has been engaged for five years and they have every intention of marrying as soon as they save enough for the wedding.

    • Blueathena623

      My sister is getting married this June to the guy she’s been engaged to since 2006. She’s the type of person who will sit on a bare floor for 4 years to save up for THE absolute perfect chair that costs $2000, except she will bargain it down to 1k and a pair of lamps. Soooo, that’s why her wedding has taken so long

    • Ptownsteveschick

      There are a lot of reasons not to get officially married. We have waited due to insurance reasons and also so I can file bankruptcy this year without it being on my “husband’s” credit report, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get married. For me, it is more about the relationship than the wedding, so it isn’t important. I’m not saying that this was the case here because they obviously had a lot of issues, I just hate seeing people badmouth people who choose not to get married right away.

    • Stacey

      I don’t have an issue with people who choose not to get married right away. I know plenty of people who are engaged for 2-4 years before they actually get married. I know some people who never got engaged or married but have been together forever and we just consider them married. Seven years just seemed like a hell of a long time to be engaged, especially to a huge d-bag. Didn’t mean to offend.

    • Ennis Demeter

      It’s true- divorce is really, really unfair for non-working or lesser earning spouses. That goes double for non married couples. At least if you are married you can have some of the marital assets. If you aren’t, only the kids are entitled to support and all your free labor counts for nothing.

    • Emily

      Additional weird thing: when buying life insurance, it is sometimes recommended that the stay-at-home spouse purchase MORE, to cover things like housekeeping and childcare in the unlikely event of his/her demise. So, the folks who run actual numbers on things see real value in that stay-at-home work!

  • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido


  • BananaInPyjamas

    Aside from the kids, as I have none, this just happened to me. Except I made all the money and he took advantage of me and threw me out to live with his mistress. Horrible mess. So painful.

  • Kay_Sue

    This kind of takes “epic douchebag” to a level I hadn’t previously seen it at, to be honest. Wow.

    • Andrea

      I’m surprised the douchebros haven’t shown up yet.
      I guess they are out prowling on a Saturday night.

    • Kay_Sue

      Oh the small, unexpected things we can find to be thankful for.

      I’ve spent the past two days ignoring their replies to my comment on the “Normal Men Don’t Date 16 Year Olds” post.

  • Alex

    There are additional details I’ve read from other sources. Namely that they were raising a child together and another child from HER previous relationship, not his. She also admitted to having relationships with other men after he “proposed”.

    However, I’m on her side that she should receive something, and in states where common-law exists, for these exact scenarios, she WOULD receive something.