Mommyish Gift Guide: 6 Big Gift Ideas For The Stressed Out Working Mom

Everyone’s time is limited (still only 24 hours in a day, right?  Damn, I keep lobbying to change that), but working moms feel the demands of their families, their kids and their bosses all year long.  That makes us hella stressed out during the most wonderful time of the year.  The truth is we need help, even when we say we don’t need it or don’t have time for it.  And no matter what we say, we don’t want anything that has to do with helping us organize our time, or for the kids, or help us plan meals (unless cooking is a passion and not a necessity).  So I’m here to give you some gift ideas for that burned out working mom you know.

1.  Weekend Yoga Retreat

Kiefer pix/Shutterstock

Kiefer pix/Shutterstock

Of course she’ll say she doesn’t have time for something so extravagant, but a weekend to stretch, twist and de-stress on a beach or at a spa?  She might go kicking and screaming but she’ll come back glowing and om-ing.

2.  To-Do List Completion


Andrei Shumskiy/Shutterstock

If your stressed out working mom friend is anything like me, she’s a multi-tasker and a control freak that loves a to-do list.  But then having to actually do them is a different story. Get her to write up a list of five things she’s been putting off or dreading and do them for her.  Oh my lord, just the thought of this makes my shoulders relax.

3.   Nespresso Machine

If you know she actually doesn’t want any help relaxing or delegating, you might as well enable her with as much caffeine as possible.  Since they don’t yet make a coffee maker with an IV attachment, splurge on this Nespresso machine with a milk frother.  She’ll have endless energy to get through the holidays.

4.  Lean-In

Now that the hoopla has died down, this might be the right book for your over-stressed working mom friend/wife/child.  It might just give her the inspiration to keep pressing on and remind her why she works so hard every day.

5.  The Anti-Lean In

Or maybe she just wants some empathy that she’s trying to do too much, fight too many battles.  Even if she’s not on the verge of a complete breakdown, there’s a ton of insight to be found from cover to cover.

6.  A Dead Horrible Boss

kevin spacey (110) Animated Gif on Giphy

We’ve all had a boss like Kevin Spacey of Horrible Bosses — who expects you to work harder even though you’re already giving 110%, who takes credit for your work product, and rubs his perks in your face while you toil away.  It’s no wonder Jason Bateman wanted him dead.  If your working mom has one of those, consider hiring the men of the movie to do her dirty work.

* Editorial note: Mommyish does not recommend you hire anyone to kill anyone’s boss.  But my boss made me write that.

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  • Eve Vawter

    I did not ask you to kill me! hahaha

    • Carinn Jade

      I meant that you asked me to say Mommyish doesn’t endorse killing anyone’s boss :) Besides you are SO far off from being a horrible boss!

  • Lilly

    babysitting services — that is all I need

  • allisonjayne

    “Get her to write up a list of five things she’s been putting off or dreading and do them for her.”
    OMG if someone did this for me…wow. They can:
    1. Paint my bathroom (it just needs one coat! The same colour! Just needs to cover up 4 foot high splash from when I spilled hairdye all over the place and thought the best solution would be to throw a jug of bleach all over it!)
    2. Paint my radiators.
    3. Paint the trim in the kitchen.
    4. Hang up the new curtain rod I got over a year ago for the bedroom
    5. Sort through the pile of art/posters/photos and pile of empty frames that’s sitting in the corner of my living room, figure out which things still need frames and which frames still need things, and then hang all of it nicely. Maybe in a cluster because I’m a fucking hipster like that.

    • Alicia Kiner

      The pictures thing! I have so many pictures with no frames, frames with no pictures, and they don’t match up!! Super frustrating. On top of that, I have other pictures and mirrors leaning against the floor because I’ve been waiting for my husband to either hang them, or to help ME hang them. For 6 years now.

    • Rachel Sea

      Ugh painting. I need one week in the spring, when it is neither too hot nor too cold for the paint to dry nicely, when I can banish everyone under 4′ tall, or with more than two legs, for 72 hours, so that I can prep, and paint a bedroom, and two bathrooms. I have been putting it off for so long I’m starting to pretend that those rooms are just artfully distressed, or shabby chic, but it’s a LIE, they’re just disasters.

  • AugustW

    My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. It’s a really hard question, because I have significantly more money than her, so anything I have on my personal list of things I’m planning on getting, wouldn’t be in her price range.
    I came up with something though. I need a hair dryer, but I missed the lesson in Girl School that told me what kind to get. Whenever I go to the store I just stare at this aisle of hair dryers and I just gape. I don’t understand the differences, I don’t get any of it.
    So, she’s going to come with me and help me pick one out. She isn’t paying for it, just offering me the advice of a woman with very similar hair to me.
    It’s perfect. :)

  • Lee

    A pedicure from a man at the nail salon I go to 3 times a year. Always pick the man ifyou have a choice. They massage much better and don’t talk as much. The ladies are just to soft. I’m not paying for someone to paint my toes, I am paying for massaging chairs, a nice calf and foot rub, and 40 minutes away from my family. If I didn’t have to pay it would be even better.