Another Elderly Person Is Attacked In Ridiculous Knockout Game


Another person most likely fell victim to this awful “knockout game” trend. This time it was a 76-year old woman in my city, NYC. According to the New York Daily News the victim, Yvonne Smalls was attacked yesterday morning around 11:30am, when some punk punched her in the back of the head and ran away. Authorities are fairly certain that this is connected to this ridiculous game.It’s become a common thing here (and in other cities and towns) and frankly, I’m almost afraid to walk the streets with my kids.

Surveillance footage of the attack was released today and police are asking anyone with any information to come forward. Unfortunately, since it seems to be a bunch of teens with nothing better to do, I doubt much will come from it. Smalls is the tenth victim to be attacked in NYC, and there will probably be more, and honestly, I don’t want to be the next. What the eff is wrong with people?

The worst part about this shiz is that these teens seem to be targeting the elderly, smaller women and other teens. Smalls was the second oldest victim in NYC. The oldest was 78. These attacks are also said to sometimes be occasionally racially motivated, one victim being an Orthodox Jew, though from the reports I read I don’t think they’re entirely sure is that’s the case.

I hope they start catching these brats before someone is killed (and no, a 76-year-old woman did not shoot a kid who tried to do this, that story has been debunked).

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  • Paul White
    • Frances Locke

      “Teens fails at ‘knockout’ game, is shot in buttocks” Is the greatest headline of all time.

  • AP

    Years ago, I was on a talk board of another website where people were talking about commuting in the cold on a rough subway line. One girl said she started wearing a ski mask, because it kept her warm and had the bonus effect of making people think SHE was the crazy person to avoid, so she didn’t get bothered.

    Wearing a ski mask might help you feel better when you’re worried, in the short term.

    • Frances Locke

      This is brilliant, thank you!

  • SusannahJoy

    what is this knockout game? I’ve never heard anything about it…

    • Kay_Sue

      Teens select a target and attempt to knock them unconscious with a single blow, usually to the back of the head so the victim never sees it coming.

  • Mikster

    It’s not going to stop until they attack people who are CCW and blow their thug-heads right off of their bodies. Only language that is effective with punks that have no respect or brains.

  • FF4life

    There’s already been a death in upstate NY near Syracuse. The man was knocked out and impaled by a fence.

    • Paul White

      There’s been more than one.
      If anyone tries this on me and they *don’t* knock me out, my response is going to be to draw and fire. Seriously, KO’ing people can do *massive* damage; these idiots are willing to inflict death or life altering injuries on people for laughs. Frigging sociopaths.

  • jendra_berri

    God, this game creeps me out. It’s not been reported in Canada yet, but stupid fads have a way of making their rounds up here too. I don’t want to feel suspicious of every group of young males that walk past me. I already find it uncomfortable, wondering if they will say offensive things to me, which has happened on a few occasions in life. I’ve never considered this sort of violence a possibility.
    I often have my baby with me. If they’re attacking elderly women, they’d attack a young mother too, and I don’t want to lose control of my stroller.
    There is something fundamentally wrong with anyone who’d want to do this. Clearly they have no empathy.

  • brebay

    By calling it “knockout game,” you’re making it bigger, legitimizing it as a real “thing.” Just call it battery, that’s what it is. That’s why they stopped nicknaming serial killers. The publicity makes more morons want to be a part of it.

    • Muggle

      Apparently NYC police were calling it a hate crime when all of the victims were Orthodox Jews. It did slow down the “game”, at least a bit.

  • Sara610

    I wonder why these children (and that’s what I’m going to call them, because clearly they don’t have the maturity to be referred to as adults) are targeting women and the elderly?

    Why aren’t they going after big, burly guys? Is it because they’re afraid to pick on someone their own size?

    • Kay_Sue

      That, and the “goal” is to knock someone out with one punch, with the perception being that smaller targets are easier to knock out in a single blow.

  • Kay_Sue

    I have no idea what happened to “respect your elders”, but can we make that a thing again? Pretty please?