Kim Kardashian Mommyshamed On Twitter – Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us!

Kim Kardashian mommyshamed


Even Kimmy Kakes can’t seem to catch a break from the mommyshame patrol. Everyone’s favorite divorcée, Kim Kardashian, has taken some heat lately for being seen out and about sans baby North West. Because even if you’re rich and famous, you still better be attached at the hip with your spawn, or risk getting the BAD MOM label.

Not one to sit and take this type of BS, Kim lashed out at critics on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian mommyshamed

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The tweet she was replying to has since been taken down and the user’s account made private, probably because the Kardashians attract some rabid fans, but apparently it was something to the effect of “you’re never with your baby, so you must be a bad mom.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had similar shit said about me.

I keep my life with my kids fairly private on social media. The vast majority of the pictures of my kids are private and only seen by friends and family, and I don’t make a habit of detailing each and every activity we do, so I’ve had plenty of sanctimommy so-called friends talk smack about how I must be a terrible mom. All because I don’t shove my kids down the throats of my Facebook friends list. I’m just a regular person, I’m sure celebrities hear this crap every day.

Not only that, but parents ARE allowed to have a life. We don’t always have to be up our kid’s ass to be good parents. I hate the type of sanctimommies and daddies who get all self-righteous when another parent goes out on a Friday night, or god forbid has a few drinks. Even worse are the assholes who snark on women who work outside the home. GRRR.

It’s sad and also kind of comforting that no matter how rich and successful you are, there will be people for whom you can do nothing right.

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    • Justme

      Hell hath frozen over…I agree wholeheartedly with Kim on this issue.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      She may be a bit of a numpty and engaged to a walking bag of dicks, but I do feel a bit sorry for Kim Kardashian. Every little thing she does is picked apart mercilessly, I actually quite admire her for keeping her child out of the spotlight. I just hope it’s not part of some stunt they’ll pull farther down the line.

      • Frances Locke

        “walking bag of dicks” ROFL! Love it.

      • Alicia Kiner

        It does describe him well, doesn’t it.

      • Mel

        Mind if I borrow the “walking bag of dicks” descriptive? It totally fits a few people in my life….

      • EmmaFromÉire

        Go for it!!

    • Alicia Kiner

      I had a little issue with this when I posted a pic on my Facebook page last week with the caption “I got to see my babies today! I haven’t seen them in a week.” People went BANANAS. See, most of my Facebook friends aren’t close friends and didn’t know that I had major surgery and that my husband’s family was taking care of my kids while I recovered. Needless to say, my friends list has gotten much shorter. I feel for Kim and other moms when dealing with people who feel they have the right to judge how you parent based solely on your social media, or in their cases, public, presence. If the child isn’t in danger, leave other parents alone unless they ask for advice.

      • Mel

        I hope you recovered nicely, and your friends should have thought twice before judging you and/or your parenting! Sorry they were hurtful.

      • Frances Locke

        That’s terrible. I’m glad you’re recovering, and it’s probably a good thing that you got to thin out your FB page. I hate stuff like that.

      • EmmaFromÉire

        I would STFU, Parents that shit.

    • Jess

      You know I get the same thing about my husband.
      We’re not joined at the hip- and I rarely post about him on Facebook (good or bad) – and one of my so-called friends gave me a marriage counselling book for an early Xmas present!

      What’s with that? So I don’t show off every move my husband makes- doesn’t mean I love him any less than the ones who do parade their partners around like monkeys on a chain!

      • Frances Locke

        I’ve had this happen to me too! A friend of mine once asked me if my marriage was in trouble because my husband and I don’t interact on Facebook. I was like WTF?

      • Tinyfaeri

        Post a picture of him with Santa as your next status! Bonus points if you can get him to wear reindeer antlers.

      • jessica

        I believe it. I keep my birthday secret on Facebook and I actually had people say to me “Wait, is it really your birthday? Because Facebook didn’t say it was your birthday…” because, you know, if it isn’t on Facebook then it didn’t happen. Lordy.

      • Hana Graham

        That happens to me as well because, god forbid, my husband and I have different circles of friends! And sometimes, I hang out with my friends without my husband! And put it on Facebook! Clutch all the pearls!!!

    • Mel

      I’m completely in agreement that mommyshaming is awful and people should look more closely at themselves before they start attacking others. My problem with giving a full-throated defense of Kimye is that they live their lives in front of a camera by choice. That’s how they make a living. So, when you choose “celebrity” as your profession, you’re choosing to open yourself up for critique, even when that critique is mean and ill-informed. I guess my point is, if you are a responsible steward of your own online presence, you’re less likely to be a target. We can all think of celebrities who don’t post pic of their bare asses and whatnot on tv, and we’re less likely to attack them.

      This is NOT a “she’s asking for it” defense. People are often mean and gross and out of line, like in this case with attacking her parenting simply for having a life in addition to a baby. It’s just a wish that this couple, like many others, would value their privacy more so that we would value it ourselves.

      • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

        I was thinking it, but you’ve said it much more eloquently than I would have :)

      • Mel

        Awwww, thanks. I was worried that it was not going to be taken in the spirit in which it was intended.

        Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

      • Justme

        I get what you’re saying and normally, I would totally agree with you…but I also think (like Emma above stated) that Kim seems to have made a somewhat conscious decision NOT to parade her daughter in front of the press like some sort of new purse and pair of sunglasses.

      • Mel

        You’re right. She does seem to be making a responsible choice about showing her daughter online. It was a generalization about her own online presence. She’s set an unpleasant (in my opinion) precedent. That absolutely does not mean that every part of her is fair game. It’s just difficult sometimes to tell when it comes to people who make their living by being in front of a camera.

      • Justme

        But it does seem that the press (and apparently, people on Twitter) believe that since she has lived SO much of her life in purposefully in front of the camera, that now EVERYTHING is fair game. It’s far harder to shut the flood gates after the dam has already burst.

      • Mel

        She’s definitely got a hard row to hoe if she wants privacy for her daughter. But I hope she continues to make the effort and I hope that the people online (although it’s unlikely, to be sure) will respect her choices.

      • Justme

        Yeah, there’s going to be a point in time where she WILL have to choose. Be on camera filming while her daughter is with a nanny, or stay off camera and spend time with her daughter.

      • Blueathena623

        Since I’m cynical, and the fact that some pictures have been shared, I kinda think they are holding back on the pics to get a higher price for a magazine cover/photo spread. But that’s just me.

      • Justme

        There is a very good chance that you are right, but the eternal optimist in me is hoping that having a baby might have knocked a little common sense (and modesty) into Kim’s life.

      • AP

        Kim’s probably hoping to hold out until the baby’s old enough to have a career-launching sex tape leaked by her mom, just like Grandma did for Mom.

      • Frances Locke

        I see what you’re saying, and you have a point, but I agree with JustMe, it seems as if Kim Kardashian has made a point not to have her kid out in the spotlight. It’s like she’s damned if she does, and damned if she didn’t. I think an argument could be made that her publicity is what pays the bills (though she’s already super rich) but that doesn’t have to bleed into her parenthood or marriage.

      • Mel

        I agree with you Frances. Her parenting should be entirely her and her husband’s business. People online can be nasty for sport. I think that having a child will probably make her more aware of the issues that can result from the type of hyper-active online presence she has enjoyed in the past. Having a kid surely makes you grow up, and I imagine that will be the case for Kim as well.

      • Justme

        I also get the sense that Kanye isn’t too keen on the whole reality television thing, either. Say what you will about his ego…the man is pretty serious about his image representing the level of talent that he has. Perhaps he has also put his foot down at the idea of exploiting his daughter.

      • Mel

        Perhaps, but he’s so wishy-washy about his image (what he’s for and what he’s against) it’s hard to imagine that he’s not of the belief that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. He married a Kardashian. I’m sure it was for love, but there’s no way he entered the marriage without eyes wide open.

      • Justme

        But to his credit…he hasn’t appeared on an episode of KUWTK. Granted, he did say it was because he doesn’t like the method of filming…but that’s at least saying something.

        Perhaps I’m biased…but I sure do love me some Kanye. :) Especially when I’m cruising through the ‘burbs in my Acadia crossover. SUV on the outside, minivan on the inside. It’s my cool mom camo. :)

      • lena247

        I’ve definitely seen him on KUWTK. He’s not on there regularly like Scott Disick, but he definitely features.

      • d.y.

        If I had a nickel for every time the phrase “full-throated” was mentioned with Kim Kardashian….

    • Muggle

      Why is it so hard to believe that while Kim and Kanye have chosen to live their lives out in front of cameras 24/7, they may not wish to make that choice for their daughter while she’s totally unable to comprehend the very concept of choice? A lot of celebrities keep their kids away from the cameras and don’t even talk about them on social media.

    • Kay_Sue

      This obsession we have with “owning” celebrities is kind of crazy. I know they are kind of famous for being famous in the Kardashian case, but it doesn’t make them a public commodity.

      I feel dirty for defending them somehow…

    • Kelby Johnson

      I post more pics of my dog on my Facebook than I do my kids… seriously, I do. Mainly because my kids won’t hold still long enough to get a picture and my dog is very cute =) I catch shit for that all the time…

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