#WalmartFights Is Trending On Twitter – Here Are Some Awful Videos

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.32.35 AMI turned on MSNBC this morning as I often do when I am finishing my first cup of coffee. There were newscasters stationed at various retail outlets and malls across the country. Some had spent the night in the stores, ready to report on the spending habits of those who pull an overnighter on Thanksgiving. I felt like I was watching some kind of post-apocalyptic shopping nightmare. I wanted to climb back into bed, pull my covers over my head, and transport myself and my family back to the time before Black Friday took over the start of the holiday season. Then I opened my computer, went to Twitter and saw that #WalmartFights was trending.

We’re doomed.

Black Friday is ruining us and I’m not kidding. How is it even possible that every year there is an infinite amount of stuff still in demand? How much electronic crap can we possibly shove into all of our homes? How many crappy, expensive toys can we really fit into our kid’s rooms? Endless amounts, apparently. And nobody is going to stop us.

Here’s a round-up of some of the most disturbing images from the Black Friday front lines. Happy Holidays! Try not to get punched in the face while you’re reaching for that unbelievably low-priced flat screen.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Yay, humanity.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.39.45 AM

Are those pots and pans made out of liquid gold?

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.46.12 AM

These people are going crazy over TOWELS, so you can go cry into your coffee now.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.36.38 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.25.36 AM

Seen enough yet? There’s an endless amount of these kinds of videos online today. Oh, and someone was stabbed over a parking space at a Walmart in Virginia.

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  • Andrea

    WHY?? WHY do people DO this!!!
    It’s bad enough that they are there supporting that fucktabulous greedy ass company, but to get into a physical fight over a stupid TV? Seriously????
    Gawd, this is getting worse and worse every year. Sickening.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      I have absolutely no idea. It is fucking crazy.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Am I the only one who watched the video because I thought the screen shot at the beginning might be Channing Tatum in a cop uniform…and just maybe it was worth a watch (in case it was some kind of parody wherein Channing tackled someone)? It was not, but I’m still not disappointed. Maybe I’m crazy? :)

  • Emily

    I work at walmart, and thank god i got off right before the sales. People were complaining about the lines because we made them actually stand in line vs. a giant huddle around their damn tvs. Ridiculous.

    • http://www.benwhoski.com/ Benwhoski

      The whole “let’s just drop a pallet of electronics in the middle of this crowd” tactic of these stores is kind of mind-boggling…

  • anon87

    They all look so proud of themselves…

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    For some bizarre reason (well, I know why….money) Canadian retailers have decided that we’re like, totally missing out on these super fun awesome times. This year especially I’ve noticed every frickin’ store has a Black Friday event on today.

    • 21foothouse

      I hope it never gets this bad though. I don’t know how it is where you are but here we had only about 40 people lining up before the stores opened and one friend just commented that it’s kind of hard to find parking at the mall today.
      Even Boxing Day manages to not become violent, except perhaps in isolated cases. (2005 TO gang violence, that angry guy in Winnipeg who pepper sprayed people in 2011). But the news around here is all “hey! Look at the line! There are people standing in line at the mall! It’s like the line for Elton John tickets, but shorter! Look!” And then they interview some guy about why he’s in line and laugh at him a little.
      In fact, I’m sitting right smack on a retail strip right now typing this, and no one has even raised their voice. I hope it stays that way for years to come.

    • keelhaulrose

      I sincerely apologize. Maybe if you stay sane enough the “tradition” will never take hold.

    • pixie

      I never remember really hearing about Black Friday when I was growing up, other than the odd tv commercial coming out of the states. A couple years ago, I was working 4-9am shift friday mornings at a Superstore in North-Western Ontario. I had seen the flyers around the store for a couple of weeks, but thought nothing of it. I didn’t know whether to dive for cover or just what when the managers unlocked the doors at 6am and a stampede of people, some pushing shopping carts, ran in a mob towards the back of the store where the electronics section was.

  • 21foothouse

    Besides the violence, the other thing I’ve never understood about this American Black Friday thing is how, after they’ve knocked over and trampled the display into the ground, then used it to break noses on their way to the checkout, these people expect to get anything out of it but cracked screens and non-functional devices.
    I mean, on the rare occassion that I go shopping I make sure I don’t have to come back by being the slowest pickiest shopper when it comes to examining the boxes for any sign of crushing, dropping, or rough handling, because the only thing I hate more than shopping is having to exchange things.

  • keelhaulrose

    I’ve seen enough of these sorts of pictures, every year, to think it would be any different. I worked retail one year during this time of the year. Never again. I only needed to be berated by one father who put off his Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve afternoon (I was 16) to know that this season gives way to some of the ugliest of human behavior.
    Where are those pictures of Batkid. I need something to restore a bit of faith in humanity.

  • Barbara McMeel

    I went to get one device, patiently waited like everyone else in the line. I expected the chaos. The store I shopped at (Slidell, LA-Natchez Rd) was pretty good, there were police officers at all the big deal things and the employee’s kept to the time limits. I would go again only for one or two things as to not need a buggy. It was next to impossible to move!

  • Justme

    A lady on my FB feed the other day went off on people who were complaining about people working retail on Thanksgiving She mentioned how there are plenty of people (doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.) that have to work on all holidays so we shouldn’t think that retail is any different.

    My counter point to her argument was the fact that these stores are open on Thanksgiving because of our obsession with mass consumerism. Yes, a doctor must work because heart attacks don’t take holidays. But a person working on a holiday so that some other schmuck can save 40% on his brand new tv? Nope. THAT’S what the outrage is about.

    • Jallun-Keatres

      They’re [ER docs mostly really] working to treat all the injuries caused by the fights… heh heh :s

    • Random Thoughts

      I don’t care for Black Friday (hubby works in retail) but I read an article that quoted Walmart’s CEO. He states that they are a ‘Service Industry’ so they provide the service people wants. That made me think ( and think, ‘Good point, Satan CEO) that I don’t dislike people’s posts when they are at Disneyland, the movies, or Skiing on Thanksgiving, as those places are also a service industry. Of course, I think I’d rather see Mickey than Walmart shopper if I had a choice ;).

    • Sara610

      I would even be fine with a system where people can CHOOSE to work on Thanksgiving/Black Friday or not. Not everyone is with their families, and if I had a choice between spending a holiday alone and sad, or going to work and earning my biggest paycheck of the year, who’s to say I wouldn’t choose to work–especially if I needed the money?

      The problem I have is with employees being told they HAVE to work on holidays.

      Also, my dad is a doctor, and you know what another big difference is between Wal-Mart employees and doctors who have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Doctors aren’t getting paid minimum wage and having to go without health insurance.

    • Andrea

      A doctor is a NEED.
      A cheap ass TV is no need.

    • The Great Queen Spider

      Exactly. EMTs, nurses, doctors, firefighters, and police are necessary occupations. Retail is not.

  • Megan Zander

    my family has a tradition of Black Friday shopping for as long as I can remember. Since this is the first year I’m a parent for the holidays. I thought for sure this would be my biggest Black Friday haul ever, the kids wake me early anyway, money is tight and babies need lots of stuff. But I was so turned off by the whole “Thanksgiving is now Black Friday” that we didn’t go out until mid morning today, and that was just because I needed razors. Because when someone offers to let you take a shower while they watch your kids, you take it!

    • Andrea

      Ah uninterrupted long showers…who knew they would become such a luxury!??
      Good on you!

  • C.J.

    I go Black Friday shopping every year and I have never seen anything that crazy. I have went every year for the past 10 years. We got to Target at 10pm, got front row parking and were in and out in less than 2 hours. Didn’t even have to wait in line at the checkout. Same thing at Walmart. Front row parking and didn’t have to wait in line. We went to eat after shopping and were still back in Canada by 3:30am. We go to Michigan. I’ve seen crazy line-ups some years but for the most part it has always been fairly orderly. Worst thing I have ever seen was a shouting match one year because someone cut in line. Manager threatened cops and calmed them down and that was it. One of the Walmart employees was even being funny singing a little Christmas song and doing a little dance this year. It was pretty laid back. I wouldn’t go if it was like that where I shop.

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Irish stores are starting to do black friday deals. I don’t understand why though, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we certainly have no reason to have black friday. It reeks of greed. I mean at the end of the day if you buy a TV marked down to $600 from $1000, you didn’t save $400- you just spent $600.

    • Courtney Lynn

      Exactly! You didn’t save shit. You spend either way. To me, it’s not worth it. As an American, it’s fucking embarrassing!

    • EmmaFromÉire

      I’d be horrified if this were happening near me, it reminds me of all the london looting riots.

    • Courtney Lynn

      I won’t. I worked 8 years for a big name coffee company and we got the big retailers leftovers on Black Friday. After 8 years in retail, I’m finally a SAHM. So today, this being the first time in 8 years I’m not working, I planted my ass at home and played with my kids. Screw Black Friday!

    • Tsitika

      They’re trying to introduce it in Canada too, even though our Thanksgiving was over back in October. It’s not really catching on though (to which I say THANK GOODNESS). I hope it never does!

    • The Great Queen Spider

      And its not like that marked down tv is going to be good quality.

  • Mel

    I’m firmly anti-corporate greed. I think many greed-machines, like Walmart, are pure evil. That said, no wonder they think they can treat us common folk like animals and hoards – we do it to ourselves. These videos are proof that we’re not helping our demands to be taken seriously and respected as humans when we volunteer to be part of a stampeding herd of greed and consumption! ‘Muricah!!

    I did Black Friday one year when I was young and had the energy and disposable income. It wasn’t at Walmart (I don’t go there on a regular day) but just an outlet mall. There were hundreds, maybe more, of us but we were in lines, we waited until the doors opened at 2am, and we went in and shopped. I don’t remember anyone getting hurt or arrested. It was about 8 or 10 years ago. Ahhh, the good old days.

    • EX

      Apparently you’ve offended someone who is pro-corporate greed. Haha.

    • Mel

      Shocking! hehehe

  • Emmali Lucia

    I am so bad at Black Friday that I went to the mall at midnight and the only thing I bought on sale was three ounces of tea for 50% off. They also gave me a free lb tin because I bought a whole pound of tea. I spent $100 on tea in total. I think I’m in deep with my addiction, guys.

  • Natasha

    I mean, WalMart. It’s a combo of the store and the attitudes of the people that shop at WalMart. That’s why I stick to Target haha. But not even there on Black Friday. Hubs and I took the kids to the zoo and out to lunch. We can cyber shop, thank you very much.

    • Courtney Lynn

      I LOVE internet shopping, especially as an introvert. And Target. There’s one about 5 minutes from me and I prefer that over any WalMart. I know Walmart is slightly cheaper BUT Target is very reasonable, too and it never feels too crowded in there.

    • Andrea

      It’s actually not cheaper.
      Here’s what Wal-mart does to ensure that whole “lowest price anywhere thing”: that blanket/jacket/kitchen pot/doodah that you bought at Target for 19.99? It’s 19.96 at Walmart.

      As far as I am concerned, they can shove those 3 pennies up their greedy asses.

    • Sara610

      Also, it’s not really cheaper because along with the lower price comes lower quality. Wal-Mart subcontracts with the electronics companies and cuts deals with them to produce goods that are ONLY sold at WM. And the reason they’re so cheap at WM is because they’re often lower in quality and made of cheaper materials–they have to be in order for the manufacturers to still be able to make any money. But they do it because they know that WM will sell a shit-ton of them. But the Sony TV that you buy at WM is NOT the same thing as what you’d get at, say, Best Buy–it’s a Sony, yes, but it’s usually made of cheaper materials and lower quality. My husband used to work for WM, which is how he found out about this.

      Another friend of mine’s husband works for a tire manufacturer, and he says that tires are the same story–the ones that are made for WM are made of a different (and cheaper) rubber.

    • Andrea

      I did not know that, but it makes total sense.

    • Sara610

      Another thing about Wal-Mart that most people don’t know–it actually used to be a really kick-ass, admirable company. Under the leadership of Sam Walton, the founder, there were a lot of opportunities for upward mobility, employees were treated pretty well (and many worked their way up to major leadership positions), and EVERYTHING they sold was made in America. Which meant–you guessed it–even more stable jobs on which it was actually possible to start a family. (Full disclosure: both my husband and an ex-boyfriend of mine worked at WM in the “good old days”).

      After Sam Walton’s son took over, they switched to their current business model. That’s what’s so sad about all this–he worked so hard to build this company, and in a matter of a few years, what he created has been reduced to what Wal-Mart is today.

    • Courtney Lynn

      That makes a hell of a lot of sense! I’m learning here today!

    • jmuns79

      There’s actually a horrifying video making the rounds of people running over fallen people at the entrance to a Target. You can hear those being trampled screaming. Fortunately, security intervenes. This was this black Friday.

  • Greta

    I love to shop, I love Walmart, I’m plenty guilty of buying crap I don’t need….but this….this, I don’t understand. There is not one thing I need, or want, enough to EVER go shopping on Black Friday. How is that fun for anyone????

  • Alicia Kiner

    I’ve been a Black Friday shopper for the past 5or 6 years, and every year, the people get worse. I’m not one of the people buying tv’s and the fact that stores are opening earlier and earlier each year is frustrating. This year, I stayed home. The one deal I wanted was also available online with free shipping, so absolutely no reason to go out into this craziness. Besides, I had surgery last week, the last thing I needed was morons lol.

  • Human Target

    My favorite part of Black Friday is sitting home and watching videos like this pour in. You might save a few bucks fighting with the crowds but this is priceless.

  • GeorgiaWood

    I do not know that what is happen in the walmart fight as a treding in the Twitter .


    • Muggle

      If you’re going to spam your testosterone-booster blog, at least TRY to use proper English, okay?

  • EX

    I watched the coverage in the news. It makes me sad for us as a country. For some reason I had this idea (hope) that everyone would be as outraged as I am about the deals starting on Thursday that they’d boycott. Hahaha.

  • Savannah61

    I went to Home Depot this year. All I wanted was a Christmas tree. I’ve gone to Best Buy, Macy’s & Target in previous years & never had a bad experience. This year I was pushed, shoved, and hit with a cart. It was awful. Never again.

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