Dad Of The Year Laughs As Son Flies Face First Into A Tree (And You Will Too)

dad of the year


I know I’m totally going to get flamed for this, but I can’t help but share. This New Zealand father is definitely not going to be nominated for Dad Of The Year, but I think his reaction is pretty priceless.

The clip, which has been watched over 400,000 times on YouTube, shows a boy of maybe three or four-years-old riding a wee little bike down a sloping hill, eventually crashing head first into a small tree.

Of course, the Internet being what it is, commenters have gone apeshit on the guy, even though the kid wasn’t going very fast, and was clearly not hurt at the end of the 22 second video. And to be fair, dad did warn him.

Obviously, you don’t want your first reaction to be uproarious laughter when your kid falls face-first into a tree. But come on, I think we’ve all been there.

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  • pixie

    I’m sorry, I can’t help it, but my first reaction was to laugh at this as well. Maybe it’s because I’ve had very similar experiences with bikes as a kid (and my dad also warned me in advance, but in the moment those warnings went right out of my mind) so I can relate with the little guy. I’m sure the dad comforted his son after the fact, and from what I saw, the little guy shouldn’t be too badly hurt (though it can be difficult to tell sometimes). I’m actually more impressed that he managed to stay on the bike for so long despite some of those wobbles and the unevenness of grass.

  • Melissa Burris

    people actually went crazy over this? I was expecting him to fly off the bike and plant his face in the tree…maybe even some crying!
    I agree that this is funny, and the kid will survive.

  • EX

    I don’t really have a problem with him laughing. Not so OK with him not putting a helmet on the kid. I know, I know, that’s all sanctimommyish of me but I just have a real bug up my ass about helmets. Kids running into things (if they don’t get hurt) is funny. Kids getting head injuries… Not so much. But, it looks like he was OK so I’ll just go find some kids in the neighborhood to yell at about wearing helmets instead…

  • Mel

    Laughing – totally fine. The kid wasn’t harmed and people doing faceplants is always hilarious!

    The problem for me is posting it on the interweb. I’m pretty sick of all of these parents thinking it’s okay to post their children’s lives for everyone to see forever. I’m an adult, so I get to decide what, if anything, goes online. I’m so glad the internet wasn’t around to document every embarrassing and private moment of my childhood. Think of the children! No, but seriously, not cool to post your kid on the web for all to view.

    • canaduck

      You can’t even see the kid’s face, though. I can see your point in some circumstances, but this is pretty anonymous.

    • Mel

      Unfortunately, the term “anonymous” on the internet doesn’t really apply anymore, but I do take you point in this particular video. It’s really more of a general rant. I just think it’s good policy to respect you family by not posting their every embarrassing moment for all the world to mock.

  • Broobs

    The kid is fine and still riding his bike down the hills in case you are wondering. They did a follow up lol. I lold