Top 10 Parenting Memes

There are few things in the world I love more than Internet memes. I know, they’re often lame, and quickly get played out, but I am a cheesy mofo and I love them. While my absolute favorite memes are generally cat-related, I also love a good parenting meme. And as always, the Internet delivers.

Here are my top favorite memes about parenting from the world of Internet. You’re welcome.

10. Those darn teens and their Reddit

Because nothing says “I HATE YOU” more than passive aggresive posts on Reddit.

9. You’re doing it wrong…

parenting memes

Don’t lie, this looks fun as hell.

8. Mom Guilt

parenting memes

Like c-section scars, guilt is forever.

7. Reading? What’s reading?

parenting memes


6. Seems legit

parenting memes

It was worth a shot.

5. Tell me about your fur babies

parenting memes


Because caring for a cat or dog is TOTALLY the same thing.

4. Patented scary parent whisper

Don’t lie. Whispering ominously is scary as hell.*Update: I’ve seen this on various meme sites but apparently it comes from the brilliant site Toothpaste for Dinner, aka my new favorite webcomic!*

3. Time Lord: Baby Edition

parenting memes

That’s it, I’m sending my kids to be raised by these parents, because I will never be this awesome.

2. Aren’t parents just the WORST?

parenting memes

1. No, not MY kid!

parenting memes

Denial. It’s not a river in Egypt.

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  • Bree Vante

    #4 is actually from the comic Toothpaste for Dinner:

    • Frances Locke

      Thank you, I will update the information!

  • Tea

    Ahh! I actually know Dr. Baby’s mom, she’s awesome and a complete sweetheart.

  • Shelly Lloyd

    #8–the mom guilt. My daughter has a special mug that is Tardis Blue, it is her favorite mug. And it is a fairly good size mug. Well I got up and made coffee, but all the mugs were in the dishwasher, and I did not want a tea-cup of coffee, I wanted a big ol’ mug. The only one left in the cabinet was her Tardis mug. So I grab it. My daughter comes out while I’m pouring coffee and says “You’re using my Tardis coffee mug, mom. You could of asked me instead of just grabbing it.”
    I looked her straight in the eye and very calmly replied, “Honey, you borrowed my uterus for 9 months. I think I can borrow your coffee cup for one morning.”

    • AugustW

      On one hand, I totally agree with you. On the other hand, my mom washed my TARDID mug in the dishwasher when she was staying over at my house, and the outside decorations came off. It even said on the bottom not to wash in the dishwasher. :(

    • Shelly Lloyd

      It isn’t even a Dr. Who mug, it is just a 160z mug that is dark blue like the Tardis. And I always hand wash a lot of my dishes.

  • Erin

    I know that babies and puppies are technically very different, but as the owner of one of each, they can be pretty similar: You have to puppy/babyproof things, you have to train them to sleep in certain areas, you have to give them appropriate things to chew on, you have to give them cuddles & exercise. They both have chewed on my shoes, and I have to deal with poop of all sorts.

    That said, the biggest adjustment from dogs to babies is not being able to leave the house as much. Unfortunately, society looks down on you for crating a baby.

    • Natasha

      Just don’t TELL people you crate the baby ;)
      I kid! My kids love to play in the dogs crate though. And he is large and patient and he just lays there and rolls his eyes at them.

    • Evelyn

      But as they get older it works for you the other way. My eldest nips out to the shops for me when I forgot to get important stuff and am too lazy to leave the house … I mean when I don’t want to drag his tired younger siblings out in the cold. He is way better at reading shopping lists than my Labrador and can be bribed not to eat the rest of the shopping with a small pack of sweets, even when the bag contains sausages.

    • AugustW

      Babies are pretty much just puppies that eventually learn how to talk.

    • footnotegirl

      Yeah, but you can take babies pretty much everywhere, and you nave to leave the puppy at home when you’re going to the mall.

    • Hana Graham

      I’ve eliminated this problem by getting a cat pram for my cats. Now they can come everywhere!

  • Natasha

    #1- my mom haha. When my brother was in HS, she called me in a panic and so upset cuz there was porn in the browser history (I texted my brother, like duh, clear your history. Idiot) I told her just to be happy it was only women’s boobs. She wasn’t amused. #growingupcatholic

  • Hana Graham

    My best friend has a two year old and I have two kittens under 1, and we really love cracking up over the uncanny parallels over coffees, but I’d never try to offer her parenting advice. I can’t believe anyone would do that, but they must, because I keep finding statements like the above and cringing.

    She did come to me for kitten advice when her older daughter came to stay with a new kitten for 3 weeks, and I’m pretty sure I might actually drive her crazy asking for parenting advice (cause she is an amazing mom) when I do have babies of my own. We laugh because it does seem like raising the kittens is giving me a small TASTE of parenting – like a teaspoon sample of what parenting a child is like.

    I call them my furbabies, I have a pram for them, I am the first to admit I’m maternal (and broody) as hell and mother the crap out of them, but I still recognize they are not human babies and what helps them sleep at night or get over a cold is in no way useful advice for a parent.

  • Some goober

    I don’t think you know what the word “meme” actually means.

    Just because you take a picture and add words to it doesn’t make it a meme.

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