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Epic Comments Of The Week – Animal Meme Edition

You all really out-did yourselves this week. I’m really mad that I ever thought of this at all to be honest, because every Friday I spend way too much time agonizing over this. So if you all could do me a favor this week and STOP BEING SO DAMN FUNNY – that would be great. Just kidding. Don’t ever stop.
Here’s a round-up of what I think are some of the best comments we had all week. 
- FF4life Facebook Page ‘BAN Breastfeeding NOW’ Is The Most Epic Trolling Of Parents Ever 
I love the image of a crazy, violent Sanctimommy – what can I say? I have a sick sense of humor. 
ef82551c3311fc3f6a4eedf8f1fea4342aeccbb03e613ff934096a5d1d887450- candyvines 10 Crafts You Should Never Make Out Of Pinecones This Holiday Season 
Those are three words I never thought I would hear strung together.


- Rachel Sea High School Teacher With Zero Judgment Fired For Pulling Out Penis In Class
If I’m not mistaken, I think Rachel is becoming an all-star. I’m pretty sure she’s shown up on this collection every week.



- Cat on screen with weatherman High School Teacher With Zero Judgment Fired For Pulling Out Penis In Class

My instincts tell me this is the reader I nicknamed “awesome boobs” last week. We shall see.



- Ashley Feit Stop Shoving Babies In Skinny Jeans: A Manifesto

I hear you, Ashley. I hear you.



 - NickNamesAreDull Gwyneth Paltrow Making Her Kids Speak Spanish Reminds Me They’re Probably Smarter Than Me


- G.E. Phillips Cheatsgivng: Because Thanksgiving Food Is Super Gross

Oh, god please let me know how that goes. I’m thinking it’s a great response to breastfeeding pushback.


- Simone If Your Toddler Isn’t A Total Jerk, Consider Yourself Lucky

I write words on the Internet everyday, and people don’t always understand my humor. I love it when a reader breaks it down for another reader who is taking things way too seriously. I love you, Simone.


 - Tea Tell Us Your Best Recipes/ Getting Stuffed Stories

Well, this is a hell of a lot more exciting than our tradition of getting drunk and bringing up all the things we hated about my father.

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  • Awesome Boobs/COSWW/etc.

    You are correct. :)

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      I KNEW IT!

  • candyvines

    Raccoons are my favorite, thanks!

    • Rachel Sea

      I totally believe that raccoon crafts dildos from locally sourced, eco-friendly wood in his spare time.

    • candyvines

      I can just see his little arms sticking straight out, furiously crafting in the middle of the night, frequently pausing to wash them. Also “locally sourced” = pilfered in raccoon-speak.

  • NicknamesAreDull

    You know that feeling you get when you drink whiskey, or brandy? That warm, lovey feeling. Those are my insides right now.. sans the booze.

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      Those are my insides too. Plus booze.

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    I knew the manatee comment would be in here. I laughed for five minutes.

  • G.E. Phillips


    Although my favorite was Rachel Sea’s about differential equations/Boom! Penis. I giggled about that so many times, it was the gift that kept on giving!

  • Tea

    I wiiiiiin!

  • EX

    Love all of these but I’m a little disappointed that nothing from the body-reveal-party-with-m&m-filled-cake discussion made the cut. Although I would’ve had trouble picking out one comment. But that whole thread cracked me up.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      AWW. Damn. It’s really hard to keep up – I have roughly 40-50 stories to go through! You can always email me your faves – maria.guido@gmail.com

  • Kay_Sue

    I wholeheartedly second the pants comment. And am still laughing at the woodsy dildos–I think there is a market for those somewhere! :)

    • candyvines

      You could buy one as a housewarming gift for friends that just bought a vacation home in VT.

    • Kay_Sue

      It would match their decor! ;)

    • candyvines

      Also I think it would be more suitable for occasional use, as it would probably be difficult to clean thoroughly. Oh dear, I need to stop thinking about this.

  • Rachel Sea

    I love when people think I’m funny.