High School Teacher With Zero Judgment Fired For Pulling Out Penis In Class

shutterstock_59578786__1384967245_142.196.156.251A Florida math teacher was fired for pulling out a carving of a wooden penis and testicles that was left on campus as part of a senior prank in 2009. For some reason she acquired the thing and stashed it in a drawer in her classroom.

Jeanne Michaud told a school district investigator she thought the prank was “humorous” and out of “pure stupidity on my part” took one of the carvings and stashed it in a closet in her classroom. Taking it was totally immature, but I can see how it may be funny to show some friends or something. Nothing like a carved dick and balls to liven up a dinner party! Bringing it out in front her students was pure stupidity and really creepy.

Some parents are really upset at the district’s decision to terminate Michaud. From The Orlando Sentinel:

Jeanne Michaud was a talented math teacher who made advanced courses understandable — and even fun — and was available to Lyman High students who needed extra help, parents say.

But she also was sarcastic, condescending and profane with students, Seminole County school administrators say. Records show she has a nearly 30-year history of disciplinary problems, including a one-year suspension.

Although beloved by some parents, Michaud has a history of discipline problems:

Regardless, Michaud’s personnel file shows she has a very lengthy track record of disciplinary problems, including allegations of providing alcohol to minors, calling students names like “moron,” “retarded,” and “rude heifer,” and routinely using foul language in the classroom, the Sentinel reports.

Some parents liked her unorthodox approach to teaching her students. One was quoted as saying, “”I learned to appreciate her and I allowed her to rattle my child sometimes … and hold his feet to the fire.” I understand that sometimes charismatic personalities attract kids – and may be able to get through to them. But name calling and furnishing alcohol to kids? Why did this woman still have a job?

I can appreciate low-brow humor as much as anyone else – but pulling out a makeshift penis in front of a classroom full of teenagers in math class? No. If your judgment is that bad, you should not be molding young minds – no matter how great you are at getting students interested in algebra.

(photo: Lasse Kristensen/ Shutterstock)

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  • Kay_Sue

    I asked the same question when I got to the “providing alcohol to minors” charge. She should not have had a job teaching at that point. Period. Even a genuinely gifted teacher should have a standard of professionalism…

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      To be fair it did say allegations of, not proven.

    • Kay_Sue

      Fair point, but I still think in the totality of this teacher’s disciplinary history, somebody should have said, “Um…maybe keeping this person on is not a good idea.”

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Oh, totally.

  • Florida is nuts

    Is anyone else not at all surprised that this went down in Florida?

    • Proud floridian

      Excuse me? This could have happened in any other state. And why must you pick on Florida?

    • Cat on screen with weatherman

      Yes. It could have happened anywhere, but like almost every other unbelievably bizarre story, it happened in Florida. And it isn’t just me who thinks your state’s water is spiked with crazy-juice; go to google, type in “America’s weirdest state,” and hit search. You’ll get pages of links about Florida. If it isn’t a face-eating zombie, or a wife literally pooping on the floor because she caught her husband in bed with another woman and “didn’t know what else to do,” its going to be people “unblessing” a “blessed stretch of road”, or fat woman riding a manatee.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      hahahaahahahahahahaha. Oh my. I’m dying.

    • Also a proud Floridian

      Read the books by Tim Dorsey – classic Florida!

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      I’m actually seriously crying right now. Oh – I needed this today.

    • NeuroNerd

      Have you seen the twitter feed “Florida man”?

    • Jallun-Keatres

      There’s a running joke on MSNNow (I read it at work for the comments) about Florida crazy stories… lol

    • whiteroses

      All of this. There’s also the fact that Dave Barry dedicated his first adult novel as follows: “To the people of South Florida, for being so consistently weird.”

    • CrazyLogic

      Strange things happen in Florida all the time, there is a page on TVTropes called “Only In Florida”


      Go to it, read the Real Life section. Some states are the bigoted states, Florida is mostly just plain weird.

    • JLH1986

      Unfortunately for you Proud Floridian…the media disagrees. http://www.policymic.com/articles/10199/10-reasons-florida-is-the-weirdest-state-in-america

    • Melanie Rose

      Are you new? Have you not seen the crazy stuff that comes out of Florida?? Yeah, strange things happen everywhere, but disproportionately more in Florida.



    • Melanie Rose

      One of our radio shows features a segment called Ohio, Texas or Florida? They tell some true but insane news story, and callers have to guess which state it’s from. So at least Florida’s not alone. =)

  • G.E. Phillips

    I am not shocked. At all. In 8th grade, my math teacher intercepted a note I had written to a friend in class and proceeded to read it out loud. It was not of any importance, but I did write something about the fact that “my pen is running out of ink.” Well, he read it as “my penis running out of ink” (as if that made any kind of grammatical sense! Maybe that’s why he wasn’t an English teacher.) For the rest of the year, he asked me nearly every day if my “penis was running out.” Classy.
    Like many 12 year olds, probably, I never thought to say anything about it, because, you know, he was a teacher and I would probably be the one to get in trouble. Also, all of the above pales in comparison to the creepy shit my 10th grade biology teacher used to say and do. *shudders.*

    • Jallun-Keatres

      Now I’m curious. I didn’t have creepy teachers till college and I am loaded with stories.

  • keelhaulrose

    At first I was ready to defend the teacher- if your high schooler doesn’t know what the bits and pieces look like and can’t stand seeing a fake for a couple seconds they need a little more education.
    But this sounds like it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There’s “unorthodox” teaching methods, and there’s semi-unhinged teaching methods (not to mention her other bad behavior outside the classroom). She’s the second.

    • pixie

      I was also ready to defend the teacher, but after reading the story I was like nope. Not about to defend a teacher who resorts to name calling and other things.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      I know. She sounds pretty awful.

    • whiteroses

      Unorthodox is having kids stand on desks and recite Whitman.
      This? This is not that.

  • Emily

    Well if you can’t call someone a rude heifer, then what’s the point of even getting out of bed?

  • Jallun-Keatres

    I thought the title said “fired for pulling out pen in class” and I was like wut?? Then I thought the teacher actually whipped out his dong. Then I read the story and… wut…

    • scooby23

      I thought the second thing you said too. I’m like “Wait, what?”

    • CrazyLogic

      Yeah, I thought it was the second one and needed to know what the hell. I was corrected but I still need to know what the hell.

  • scooby23

    “OK class, before we get to our calculus lesson, let me show you this wooden penis for no reason at all.”

  • My2bits

    I don’t know why I went into this story assuming the teacher was a man, but I was really surprised when I found out it was a female teacher.

    • courtneth

      Well, it’s because the title says “for pulling out penis in class” which implies an actual penis.

  • Fabel

    Okay wow, the wooden penis thing pales in comparison to the other shit she’s done.

  • http://www.CarmenSakurai.com/ Carmen Sakurai

    ”I learned to appreciate her and I allowed her to rattle my child sometimes and hold his feet to the fire.” … right. and appreciate her whipping out a wooden peen and call him nasty names… but at least his child can laugh about it over hard liquor!

    … seriously, how are these teachers actually allowed to keep their jobs (30-year history of disciplinary problems?!???)? especially since children are involved? #boohiss

  • courtneth

    Maybe this was done on purpose, but the title of this article is very misleading. It sounds like a male teacher pulled out his own penis in class.

  • Rachel Sea

    I’m curious about the context. I can’t imagine that it was all differential equations and then BOOM: Penis.

    • G.E. Phillips

      I am dyyyyyying. Nominating for Comment of The Week. And I can’t wait to see what kind of GIF might go with it.

    • AP

      It was a parabola with two spheres!

    • Kay_Sue

      What a coincidence. That’s how penises show up in our bedroom here too.

  • Shelly Lloyd

    I’m sad to say that this is my children’s school. But thankfully she was not their teacher.

    • CrazyLogic

      Really? Wow. Not a fun thing for your school to be on the news for…

    • Shelly Lloyd

      My husband graduated from Lyman, and my daughter went to pre-school there. They have one of the best programs for Autistic children as well. My son is autistic. So when it was time for my children to go to high school they both wanted to go to Lyman.
      We are not zoned for Lyman–we are in Sanford (yep home of the Zimmerman trial) and Lyman is in Longwood. But our school district has a choices program and magnet program that pretty much lets you decide which High School and/or Middle School you want to go too. So we were able to switch to Lyman.
      What sucks about it is that my kids have to catch the school bus at 5:30 am in order to go to Lyman. UGh. Sucks.

    • CrazyLogic

      All the sympathy about the 5:30 bus…

  • Lauren

    I would have forgiven the wooden penis thing, but calling students retards and heifers is not cool. There’s a difference between a teacher who might tell the occasional off-colour joke and one who is just plain mean and unprofessional.

  • VINERI_13


  • AP

    When I was in high school, the “cool teacher” joke was to say: “OK class, today we’re going to have a little quiz. It’s a quizicle. Not a little test, which would be a…”

    Oddly, no one complained.

  • cabecb

    This reminded me when a sex educator came to the school where I teach and had a faked penis with him. He showed how to put a condom on it. He offered the kids a chance to put a condom on it but no one would do it. He made the mistake of handing out condoms. The kids blew them up and popped them. That sucked because I had to take a way quite a few of them. Then some of the kids started to give them to me to make sure I had safe sex.

  • CrazyLogic

    Only time a fake penis should be brought out in school is during sex education when the students are taught how to put a condom on properly.

    Incidentally, we need more fake penises in schools (for that)

    • Albert Giesbrecht

      Why not use a real penis? Most fake penises are over 3 inches long.

    • CrazyLogic

      How else is the back of the room supposed to see the demonstration?


    We got to see a wooden dick in class, but that was for sex ed so they could show us how to put a condom on. I can’t think of any possible reason to show a wooden dick off during math class. “If we have one dick and two balls, what is the total number?”

  • Jessi

    Nope. Not surprised in the least. As a native Floridian, I think I knew deep down when I clicked on this article that the first words I’d read would be, “A Florida teacher…” I’m beginning to realize that I subconsciously expect any news story that involves wooden penis teaching, manatee-riding, duck-stalking, Kuran-burning, bath salts-taking, face-eating, weirdos, perverts, humans married to Ferris wheels, or child-cannibalizing puppeteers, to be from the state I call home.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    “But name calling and furnishing alcohol to kids?”

    Excuse me, but if you’re going to make claims like this, you need to back them up with more than rumours and innuendoes. Evidence of such activity, please, or don’t make the claim.

  • Maddi

    As a recent high school graduate (this year yay me), I can tell you that when a teacher uses profanity in class it is one of the best moments of your entire school life. I also have absolutely no issue with her showing the class a wooden penis. I imagine it probably happened within a conversation about previous senior pranks and she remembered that she actually HAD a previous senior prank!

    What I do have an issue with is the name calling. I can handle sarcasm and being condescending (actually my favourite teacher had a beautiful elegant way of being so incredibly sarcastic that the less “on point” students in class didn’t understand her jokes), but calling a student retarded? That’s just not on. Providing alcohol to students is pretty sketchy also.

    I do want to consider the legitimacy of the allegations mind you. When I was in year 8 (I have no idea what that is in America, but I think it’s middle school), my friend accused one of the staff of sexual assault simply because she really didn’t like him. Students can be little shitty liars sometimes.

  • Tree

    Sounds like she should have been fired YEARS ago!!!

  • Txtruthteller

    The author of this article should be fired for a misleading headline.