How To Talk To Your Kids About The New Kanye West Video

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 6.19.05 AMKids are curious creatures, as such was the case with my 17-year-old who busted into my bedroom after choir practice last night to ask me if I had seen the new Kanye West video for his song Bound 2. I told him that yes, yes I had. I spammed my boss Meghan Keane with the video who told me “My computer is trolling me with this video” – whatever that means, and a lot of us at work pretty much discussed it on and off all day.

It’s basically a Whitesnake video. A heavily cheesy Whitesnake video that reeks of Lisa Frank and (props to Jezebel for this because I also thought the same thing) the wolf howling at the moon t-shirt. The video, directed by Nick Knight, either proves one of two things:

1: that Kanye is either super duper smart and hysterically ironic and that he may indeed be trolling all of us with his rants about beauty, truth and awesomeness


2: He just thinks Nick Knight is cool and agreed with whatever he said his vision for the video is.


And yeah, sure, I can agree that part is cool but the Brenda Lee “Uh Huh honey” Sweet Nothings sample is annoying as hell.

We both agreed Kim Kardashian‘s hair looks really pretty.

I like Kanye in a lot of ways. The College Dropout and Late Registration are both really fantastic albums. My family has always been fans of Takashi Murakami, well before Kanye co-opted him so I can endorse that, but so much of his public persona (and that of the Kardashian Klan) are wrapped up in who he is now, or who he wants us to think he is now, that it sort of ruins any critical analysis of his music. I wish he would stop calling women bitches.


I’m not sure I’m buying that. But then my kid showed me the new Dylan video for Like A Rolling Stone (which, trust me on this, you need to watch, it’s interactive and being able to watch The Property Brothers lip synch the song is worth the price of admission, which is FREE) but he was more excited about the fact Detroit rapper Danny Brown also cameos in the video.

Which is sort of a perfect juxtaposition when compared to the video for Bound 2. Bob Dylan takes a song that is older than I am, and over 30 years older than my kid is, and still to this day it is effortlessly cool, and just makes Kanye look like he is trying way too hard. Even my kid can agree with that.

(Image: You Tube)


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  • CMJ

    That Dylan video is obsessively good.

    • Eve Vawter

      I wasn’t THAT impressed with it last night because I was TIRED but I have been playing with it all morning and it’s the jam

    • alice

      i’m going to watch the Zoey and Socks segment at my desk for 8 hours.

      it should be a productive day.

  • Portia Mount

    LOVE the White Snake comparison, Eve. Though it makes me feel old that I totally got the reference. I have two words for this video: *hella corny*. I watched (because it’s like all over the place) and it was just so incredibly ridiculous that I was laughing out loud. There are so many *side-eye* moments that I lost track. Erm, writhing on a motorcycle, really? But then again, maybe Kanye (excuse me Kimye) is the real winner. He made us look.

    • Eve Vawter

      But is it corny on PURPOSE? kanye is confusing me.

    • TngldBlue

      I too am totally confused. Because he appears to take himself seriously enough to think this video is just soooo artistic and edgy but can a person truly be that deluded? It is so bad, just so so bad.

    • phoenix81

      If he’s the one responsible for leather jogging pants, yeah, he’s that deluded.

    • Mikster

      Nuh uh- I beat Kanye- he can’t make me look, LOL.

  • candyvines

    That is not a safe way to ride a motorcycle. Where are their helmets?!?

    • scooby23

      Obviously the power of the tie-dye shirt and the positioning of the green-screen sun made helmets un-needed.

  • Ashley Feit

    All I could think of watching the Kanye video was that Tina Belcher would totally love this.

  • Mikster

    Meh- never was a fan of either one.

    • Eve Vawter

      You need to watch the Dylan video, it’s beyond cool and fun

    • Mikster

      It’s a deal! Just PLEEEEASE- don’t make me watch Kimye!

    • Eve Vawter

      You will like it I promise. It’s pretty amazingly revolutionary

  • scooby23

    Man. that background music sounds like it was made by a tenth grader on GarageBand.

  • PiperPixieDesigns

    Why the F do I need to know how to talk to my kids about this crap??? They don’t friggin’ care about the ignorant BS blasting the tv waves. They know better, I taught them better.

    • Eve Vawter

      well, you technically don’t… It was more of an excuse to talk about how cool the Bob Dylan video is + I like making fun of “How to talk to your kids about ____” headlines

  • rrlo

    Bob Dylan video is AMAZING. I can’t stop watching it!!!