San Francisco’s Batkid Will Make Your Heart Melt



Just when I start feeling down on humanity, something like this next story comes along and makes me believe in the overall goodness in people. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, I’m sure you’ve heard of 5-year-old Miles Scott, aka Batkid, and the wonderful day that the Make A Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area made happen for him in San Francisco.

Along with thousands of volunteers, the Make A Wish Foundation transformed San Francisco into Gotham City for the day. Miles was able to “train” with his hero Batman, save a “damsel in distress” and apprehend the Riddler, dressed in a pint sized Batman costume. Miles was even able to receive a key from the mayor of San Francisco!

Miles has has traveled a rough road for such a small boy. He was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago, and has undergone numerous chemotherapy treatment, but is now thankfully in remission. People in San Francisco took to the street in the thousands to support Miles, something you typically only see happen for marathons and sporting events. Even the president got in on the action, saying “Way to go Miles! Way to save Gotham,” in a recorded video.

The best part of it all, for me, was Miles’ reaction to everything. At first he seemed almost overwhelmed by it all. I felt almost bad for him, because he seemed nervous. But by the end, at city hall, he was all smiles as he got his key. The entire thing was incredibly moving and wonderful, and exactly what I needed to get my weekend started.

Darn those onion cutting ninjas, at it again!

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  • keelhaulrose

    The onion ninjas… chopping under my nose…
    Okay, I’m crying. The sheer awesomeness of people astounds me at times.

  • meteor_echo

    I wish they treated adult oncology patients like this as well.

  • Cee

    I read it at midnight and cried alone

  • CrazyLogic

    One of the best parts of the story is that he’s in remission. Meaning his chances of being a father or grandpa telling the kids about the time he was Batman for a day have gone way up.

  • CMJ

    I was pretty much crying all day. Way to be SF, way to be….

  • Stacey

    Faith in humanity restored.

  • DatNanny

    I’ve been following and posting about this since it was announced. I’m so fucking proud to be in this city. I couldn’t go down to city hall to join in, but watching the coverage has had me in tears. Miles deserves his recognition as a superhero so much. And what a happy memory for him and his parents after three years of hell.

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  • Momma425

    I love this kind of stuff!
    In Seattle a few years back, we had a disaster and a brave boy known as Electron Boy saved all of us!
    I think the Make a Wish foundation is so amazing to do this for kids. :)