Adorable Video Of Twins In A ‘Baby Spa’ Will Give You Baby Fever

baby spa


It’s official. I’ve found the cutest thing on the internet. Sorry LOL cats, you’ve been de-throned. The video below shows a set of newborn twins holding on to each other for dear life as they’re being bathed in a specially designed “baby spa.” This video is so cute it makes puppies look like three day old bologna.

Of course the video went viral, as videos of ridiculously cute babies are wont to do. Since it was uploaded on November 8th it’s been viewed over six million times. The video was released by midwife Sonia Rochel, to showcase her invention, the “Thalasso Baby Spa” which is said to replicate the feeling of the womb for newborns.

This baby spa thing sounds amazing. I wish I had an adult-sized one in my house. According to Rochel, she came up with the idea after taking a shower and realizing how great it felt to have water on her face. Um, I have the realization every single morning. Where is my million dollar idea?

Rochel went on to say, in an interview on Today, that “The babies’ amazing response to the water is always beautiful to see,” which I think is obvious, but oh so true. Now please excuse me while I go deal with my impending baby-fever.

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  • Emil

    I am now forcing myself to remember all the annoying things kids do on a daily basis. This is soooo making me want another baby.

  • Aimee Beff

    If this was a TV show, I would watch it. I know when my twins arrive there will be a lot more screaming/pooping/vomiting than there is a two minute ovary-exploding Cute Baby Video but things like this make me want them NOW. MY BABIES, GIVE THEM TO ME.

  • Skipper

    Ah, fresh baby.

  • Kate B

    How long before the ‘baby spa’ ends up on some internet list called ’10 bits of tat that you don’t really need for your baby’?

  • Edify

    What goes in must come out. Baby fever be gone!

    • AP

      The adoptable kitties in the pet supply store near me cuddle like this all the time. And with kitties, you don’t have to pay for daycare or diapers.

    • Edify

      I’m all for cuddle and return. I’m overall too responsible for too many living things right now. Too many living things that need bums wiped, litters cleaned, poop scooped.

  • m

    Nope, still think animals are cuter. I have just never found babies cute, even though I do plan to have my own some day.

    • sasareta

      I’m childfree and I never found babies to be cute either. Some are, but not all.

  • cesp

    I think I got pregnant just watching this.

  • Justme

    Cute, but the idea of twins makes me want to poke pencils into my eyeballs…so, no baby fever here.

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    I realize this was invented by a midwife who knows what she’s doing, but I thought you weren’t supposed to get newborns in the bath until their little nasty umbilical cord stumps fall off. Is that rule different now? Am I old and out of it?

    • Harriet Meadow

      I just had a baby six months ago and this was still the case, so I don’t think you’re “old and out of it.”

  • sasareta

    Don’t worry. I am immune to “baby fever.” haha

  • allisonjayne

    Oh man….my kid was almost a twin (we transferred two embryos, lost one very early) and this makes me so sad. I don’t even really like newborn babies but this is beautiful.

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