Someone Figured Out How To Get That Annoying Cork Out Of A Wine Bottle And That Annoying Baby Out Of Your Vagina

shutterstock_154527917__1384535707_142.196.156.251Has anyone ever accidentally shoved the wine cork back into the bottle of wine when they were uncorking it? If so – have you ever managed to extract the cork without sweating or crying? I usually just say, “eff it” and end up leaving it floating in the bottle. Thank god a mechanic in Argentina is nothing like me – or this incredible, possibly life-saving tool for delivering babies would have never been invented.

From The New York Times:

The idea came to Jorge Odón as he slept. Somehow, he said, his unconscious made the leap from a YouTube video he had just seen on extracting a lost cork from a wine bottle to the realization that the same parlor trick could save a baby stuck in the birth canal.

Mr. Odón, 59, an Argentine car mechanic, built his first prototype in his kitchen, using a glass jar for a womb, his daughter’s doll for the trapped baby, and a fabric bag and sleeve sewn by his wife as his lifesaving device.

So, Odon goes from watching a YouTube video about wine-cork extraction, to realizing this method may be able to help babies emerge from the womb, to winning an endorsement from the World Health Organization and major donors. According to the Times story, an  American medical technology company has just licensed it for production.

With the Odón Device, an attendant slips a plastic bag inside a lubricated plastic sleeve around the head, inflates it to grip the head and pulls the bag until the baby emerges.

Doctors say it has enormous potential to save babies in poor countries, and perhaps to reduce cesarean section births in rich ones.

Who would ever think slipping a plastic bag around a baby’s head would be the lightbulb idea that would possibly reduce ever-increasing caesarean rates in richer countries and infant mortality rates in poorer ones?

This is truly amazing. It turns out I was right; wine does fix everything.

(photo: Micha Klootwijk/ Shutterstock)

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  • Carrie Murphy

    This is truly, truly awesome.

    • Maria Guido

      Isn’t it amazing???

  • Alicia Kiner

    first thought, cool. second thought, wonder how much it hurts. Cause the way I remember it, anything inserted there during labor was awful. I mean, better than surgery, but still. ouch. cool, but ouch.

    • Carrie Murphy

      Probably true. But hopefully this is less ouch than forceps or a vacuum extractor, and less expensive, too!

  • historychick79

    My only concern is this definitely safer than forceps? Because I have neck issues and congenital hearing loss that some of my drs have attributed to my forceps delivery (always debated). Certainly better than death in urgent situations, but on my mind anyway.

  • pineapplegrasss

    I don’t like this idea with plastic bags and plastic sleeves and babies all in the vagcanal and such but! I think that’s AMAZING! how they got the cork out of the wine bottle and was wondering if I could do that and not spill the wine.

  • FF4life

    Twist tops… Because I always get those pieces of cork floating in the wine after.

    • AmazingE

      Yep, either that or I end up accidentally breaking the neck of the bottle and winding up with glass bits in it.

  • Edify

    That’s amazing! Though I can’t stop laughing at the image of an OB or a midwife kneeling between the mothers legs blowing up a plastic bag.

    Side note – are there many wine bottles stilled corked over there? Here in Oz, it’s been mostly twist tops for 10 years. I’m out of practice.

  • boots

    The last time I had a difficult cork, I used a power drill to get it our. This is where my mind went when I read the title. So glad it wasn’t a drill based device!

    • ronaldo

      Probably true. But hopefully this is less ouch than forceps or a vacuum extractor, and less expensive, too!

    • CrazyFor Kate

      Sarah Palin did say “drill baby drill”.

  • AmazingE

    I love hearing about stuff like new medical technologies, especially stuff like this that could potentially be used for saving lives in a variety of situations.

    YAY SCIENCE!!!!!