Teacher In Houston Gets An ‘F’ From Me For His Unconventional Way Of ‘Grading’ Students

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.54.56 AMSome people shouldn’t be teachers. Teaching is an amazingly difficult, stressful job and I think if you come to the point where you are damaging the students you teach it may be a good idea to look into another career, such as one that doesn’t have you working with young kids. A teacher in Houston, Texas has been accused of sending home one of his students with a big “B” written on his forehead for not turning in his homework assignment. In marker. Yes, it’s not the very worst thing we have heard of a teacher doing to a student as a form of discipline and yes, kids should turn in their homework assignments but this is amazingly inappropriate and I’m sure it was humiliating for the poor kid, who is only in second grade.
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I don’t even know what ‘B’ stands for, because wouldn’t he get an ‘F’ or a ‘U’ for not turning in homework? This teacher doesn’t even know how to grade! And why doesn’t he have any paper? Sheesh.

There are so many other ways of handling kids who don’t turn in homework, you know, other than graffiti-ing on their little bodies. It’s hard enough getting some kids to enjoy going to school and I’m sure this situation isn’t helping this kid feel like school is a safe place for him to get an education at.

I can’t imagine any of my kid’s teachers ever pulling something like this, maybe because they all seem to like their jobs and care a lot about the students they teach. I have no idea what made this guy think that this was an appropriate way to grade a student.

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  • thisshortenough

    That looks more like a brand, what the hell did he write it with? His nails?

  • G.E. Phillips


  • FF4life

    Don’t write on my kids. Seriously. I bet that sucked for the parents to scrub off that poor kids head.

  • pineapplegrasss

    oh my god I would be so fucking livid if this happened to one of mine. so belittling and shaming to the poor guy. I’m sure part was a punishment for mom/dad too, as that’s who’s ultimately responsible for making a 2nd grader do their homework. OMG I HATE homework anyway. And its ineffective as a learning tool for a child that age.

  • Lindsey Sweet

    Yeah, that’s NOT okay. He’s in 2nd grade for Pete’s sake! What a jerky teacher!

  • A-nony-mous

    A friend of mine went all the way through and got his Masters in education but ultimately decided not to teach because of incidents like this. The education system is just too messed up and he did not want to be working beside douchebags like this teacher and I don’t blame him. I would have a hard time not punching that teacher if I worked in the school and found out he did that to a child. I would sure be screaming down the Administrator and demanding that teacher be fired, not simply “directed to cease the practice”.

    If you need to be told not to write on small children’s bodies then you don’t deserve to hold a teaching license, but that’s what teaching lobbies and unions have created.

    • Andrea

      There are no teaching unions in Texas, only professional organizations that can provide legal advice or defense for teachers who pay to join. I have seen incompetent teachers get fired; it IS possible to fire a teacher mid-year, and it happens here, despite what rumors people like to spread on the internet. (Not saying you are spreading them :) ) The problem is finding a quality replacement mid-year: if you don’t find someone right away, the classroom will be manned by a string of substitutes, and the result is likely to be much worse. Even finding a quality long-term substitute is very difficult in some districts. I don’t know Houston’s specific situation.

      It makes me wonder if the principal is just biding his time until he can find someone to replace this person. Depending where exactly this school is, the principal may actually not have any applicants that would be better. I just hope the parents will keep speaking up and that something will be done soon.

  • Budhamissesyou

    Maybe it’s a whole lot of different issues. It is never simple. Actually there is never a simple answer to a complex question. Or any of life’s questions really. Occam s razor only works when all other things are equal. Well whenever have you seen outside of a laboratory all other things equal?

  • Organicpoppy

    Did the marker cause a whelp? The way it looks made me think about my teaching. I teach 1st grade and a big hurdle in math is getting students to envision the numbers in their head instead of relying on fingers or manipulatives to count. I tell the students to “put the number in your brain” then they write the number on their forehead with their finger. I’ve done it this way for years. I am just waiting for the ball to drop because an overzealous 6yr old “put it in their brain” a little too hard. :)