Nobody Makes Their Own Baby Food Anymore So You Probably Want To Know About This Recall

81i7kaQYe7L._SL1500___1384275412_97.68.22.75Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling some of their pouch products. If you are anything like me and have an infant who loves these – your cupboards are probably full of them.

The company found a manufacturer’s defect in the pouches of the Baby Stage 2, Tots Mish Mash and Kids lines that may cause the food to spoil. If you have any of these pouches and have noticed swelling, you can return the product for a refund. If you haven’t noticed swelling but have purchased products with certain “use by” dates – you can also return them.

Recalled products can be identified by the “Best By” dates
ranging from 08/05/14 (August, 5 2014) to 12/08/14 (December 8, 2014) and the letters “AT.”

Parents should not feed any of these products to their children. Consumers who have purchased
affected products should contact the Plum Organics Consumer Hotline at 866-495-3774 or send an
email to to request a product replacement voucher.


Since we’re on the topic of food pouches, I’m going to share some relevant information with you. I used to purchase these things by the case when my son was an infant. It was an easy way to get him to consume fruits and veggies, because they make combos that he loved. He preferred the Happy Baby brand.

When I lived in the city, these pouches were ridiculously expensive. They could cost upwards of two dollars a pouch in my neighborhood. Then I discovered something called “Subscribe and Save” on Amazon. If you sign up for deliveries, the price dips considerably. For example, you can buy a pack of 16 on Amazon for $19.84. If you sign up for the cases to be delivered (at whatever frequency you want) the price drops to $15.87 for a case of 16. It’s a great deal, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. I don’t work for Amazon, I swear.

One more thing – since these things are so popular – I had a company send me a few samples of reusable pouches that you can fill yourself. Much better for the environment, obviously. I haven’t tried them because my infant isn’t on solids yet – so I can’t report on whether they are any good or not. The convenience factor obviously disappears here.

(photo: Amazon)

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  • J

    So happy we make our own (it’s our personalities we also brew our own beer with hops we raise ourselves, and roast our own coffee beans). I just couldn’t justify the cost when we have a great food processor. That said, I suppose different fruit and vegetable imports carry the same risks…so far so good…

  • Bethany Ramos

    Haha you sound like me – I always tell new parents to get Amazon prime “for only $80 a year” because, seriously, you get free 2 day shipping on diapers, wipes, whatevs, and never have to leave the house!! I swear I don’t work for Amazon either… :)

  • pineapplegrasss

    We make our own babyfood too. And I cloth diaper. I must be crazy..

    • Véronique Houde

      same here ;)

    • pineapplegrasss

      I wish I knew how to type the crazy mom cackle lol

    • SusannahJoy

      Me too! Although since my baby is only just barely starting to eat food and I’ve only cooked exactly one (large) carrot for him, I’m not sure it counts yet. We’ll see in a few months.

    • pineapplegrasss

      OF course that counts. Oh, it can be so much fun. I have lots of ideas how to make it fast and easy. One afternoon a week and you can have fresh food for the whole week.

    • Simone

      I make my own. It doesn’t take all that long. I will look into the reusable pouches though.

    • pineapplegrasss

      Are those reusable pouches freezable? I love the variety of flavors they make, but just can’t see how its good for a baby to slurp their food out of one. I hope all these moms don’t feed their kids straight from those pouches.

    • SA

      Make our own baby food/finger foods too! The biggest pain has been finding new recipes for toddler lunch and snacks, but it just takes a freezer and an hour or so on Saturdays.

    • pineapplegrasss

      That’s what I do too, spend a few hrs in the kitchen and bake and steam and blend and mix and package. whew! I’ll take some ideas on fingerfoods?

  • Sara610

    I made my own baby food. It really doesn’t take much time at all and I didn’t have to buy any special equipment.

  • DatNanny

    Omg. Pouches. I love and hate them. Love them because I have not met a toddler who does not fucking love them and you can hand them one and they will happily eat it when they will eat nothing else.

    Hate them because you have to pretend the one you hand them is the only one in existence or you may find yourself handing over half a dozen and suddenly your two year old is on a diet consisting entirely of liquid fruit.

  • dcford

    i did both – made my own baby food and purchased a few pouches whenever they were on sale. it really doesn’t take that much time or energy to puree and freeze fruits and veggies. but as my son got older and started liking a greater variety of foods, it was easier to use pouches, especially on the go. i just wish they sold variety cases on amazon.

    • allisonjayne

      That’s what we did…we had jars/pouches on hand, and there were definitely times they were really useful. We also did baby-led weaning to some extent, which is also cheap/easy.

  • Mandy

    Yikes. I know lots of people with very sick children from this recall. I don’t trust plum. They just had a recall a few months ago and are owned by Campbell’s soup who support gmos in food. Plum doesn’t authentically care. Read their Facebook page! I’d rather buy from the good brands and make what I can. Amazon prime rules:)