Top 8 Babies Who Put Rob Ford To Shame

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Toronto’s esteemed mayor Rob Ford (aka Mayor McCrack) has been having a bit of trouble lately. Between late night, drunken romps with constituents and well-known drug use, Ford is becoming a pretty big problem for Toronto, and Canada in general, or at least his province.

Embarrassing, drunken photos of Ford have been popping up everywhere lately. Buzzfeed did a 27 picture post featuring him in a crack-laced stupor at various political events, and when I read it one thing came to mind; he looks like a sleepy-ass baby. So in that spirit, here are the top 10 sleepy babies that put a drunken, crack-enjoying Rob Ford to shame.

8. Hotel Room Baby

Is this really a hotel room? Who knows! But at least this baby isn’t spewing drunken rants about killing a guy in five, NO ten minutes, tops.

7. Asleep Mid-Toy Binge

The only thing worse than falling asleep mid toy binge is falling asleep mid drug binge…at an elementary school ribbon cutting. Oh Rob, you silly billy!

6. Asleep at the Wheel

This baby isn’t drunk behind the wheel, and as far as I know Rob Ford hasn’t been either, but come on, we all know that’s what we’re waiting to see next from Toronto’s finest mayor. *UPDATE* Apparently I was wrong, Rob Ford HAS been behind the wheel drunk. How is he mayor of anything but Shameville?

5. Drooly Baby

This one might be a tie. While this baby’s drool is impressive, I have yet to see a photo of Rob Ford where he isn’t drooling, so he gets points for consistency.

4. Babies and drunks will sleep anywhere!

 I think this baby wins hands down. While we ALL know that Rob Ford can and will fall asleep anywhere he pleases (including political events) I highly doubt he would be comfortable in a shopping cart though.

3. This baby will destroy your soul

This is the type of look I imagine Rob Ford would give you if you tried to take his booze away at a political rally.

2. It’s too early for this shiz…

It’s a well-known fact that neither babies nor beleaguered politicians like to be woken up at the crack (get it? get it?) of dawn.

1. A baby after Rob Ford’s heart…

Fancy event? CHECK! Booze eager look on her face? CHECK! Trying and failing to get drunk without everyone noticing? Double CHECK! Nuff’ said.

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  • AmazingE

    Hahaha, number 3 is just killing me. I love those kinds of kid pics.

  • Eve Vawter

    Oh man, looooolforever

  • Marie
    • Marie

      Sorry I meant #6. Still.

    • Frances Locke

      I KNEW it. I couldn’t find a news story to back me up this morning for some reason, and I didn’t want to get a fat, fat Rob Ford lawsuit on my hands, lol. I will update!

    • Marie

      He was also caught reading behind the wheel while mayor. He skipped several council meetings to coach football. And 911 has been called to his house for domestic violence several times. He was elected by the suburbs, I dunno why we let those people vote :(

    • jendra_berri

      Don’t forget he called 911 on Marg Warrior Princess.

  • jendra_berri

    Any of those babies would get my vote over Rob Ford. In fact, I’m considering entering my cat in the next election. Or my winter hat.

    • Marie

      But what’s your winter hat’s position on the gravy train? Or the war on cars? Does it have an overbearing older brother with whom to share a radio show? How does it feel about football? Hat nation deserves to know!!

    • allisonjayne