10 Ways To Make A Baby Shower An Actual Fun Party That People Will Remember

A baby shower is a party, guys – It should feel like one. You don’t have to spend the afternoon gazing at a diaper cake and watching someone open gifts. Here are a few little things you can do to make your guests smile – or snicker, which is just as good.

Have a Mimosa Bar

Always have enough booze for a party – even a baby shower. Mimosa bars are great because guests can help themselves – which is always a load off the hostess. Get some Champagne, Cava or Prosecco and some fruit purees – Mango and Raspberry are delicious. If you are going to have OJ, avoid the fresh-squeezed stuff because it reacts with the bubbly and makes a mess.

 Make A Gift Circle

Have all of your guests sit in a circle and open one gift. Everyone goes, oooh, aahhh, how cute, look at this one – and passes the gift around. One person is in charge of keeping a list of who brought what so you can send specific thank you notes. This will knock about an hour off of the snoozefest gift opening, while still allowing everyone to see all the cute baby stuff.

 Ban The Diaper Cake



Can we all just agree that these things are totally dumb? Am I alone in liking the diapers I put on my baby’s butt to come out of a sealed package? If you actually use the diapers, you have to dismantle the thing first – and if you don’t it just ends up collecting dust in your garage.

 Have A Money Cake Instead



If you must have an inedible cake – make it out of money. It’s gloriously tacky and it’s money so it will always be utilized. The catch is – you need quite a bit of money to make this happen. But, the diaper cake above costs almost $100 too, if you buy it assembled. Inedible cakes are dumb.




What evil genius created these? I still haven’t had one, but I’m told they are life-changing. Look at this thing! There have been lines forming daily to get one of these things in NYC. It’s like the hippest, most exclusive treat, ever! Your baby shower just got awesome.

Give Out A Joke Favor Bag

Start handing out goody bags of flavored condoms as favors. Just to a few guests – just long enough to get a kick out of the looks on their faces. If your friends have a sense of humor they will find this funny. If they don’t, well… never mind.

Invite Men

Can we get over the “only women are interested in babies” idea?

No Games Allowed That Simulate Poop/ Changing Diapers

Poop isn’t cute or fun. Fake poop isn’t cute or fun. Changing diapers is the most tedious thing in the world. The end.


Music makes a party and a baby shower is no exception to this rule. Make a fun playlist – do something like only use songs with the word “baby” in them; Baby I Love You, Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back – a nice mix of truly great songs with a few horrific ones thrown in will keep your guests on their toes.

Vagina Cake



They’re all the rage. Anyone who could cut into a giant vagina and serve it up to Nana clearly has a fantastic sense of humor. Or is deranged. This may disturb about 85 percent of your guests – but your party will be remembered.

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  • keelhaulrose

    Vagina cakes: not my preferred way to put my lips on lady bits.
    Then again, it would be an excellent way to keep me on my diet.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      hahahah! My sister has threatened to make me one of these for my birthday this year. My complete faith in her baking inability is the only thing is saving me from actually freaking out about this.

    • Rachel Sea

      The only funny vag cakes are the ones that look like they were executed by someone who was drunk.

  • CMJ

    Vagina cakes all around!!!!!!

  • S

    Inviting men was one of the things I really wanted for my baby shower and it went over great! One guy got really into the baby bingo and refused to stop playing even after all the prizes had been given out.
    For me I don’t understand the need to make baby or bridal showers all female. Dh did most of the cooking then and does all the cooking now so most of the presents were really for him. And nothing seems to go on at these showers that men can’t see… Unless I haven’t been invited to the right ones :p Plus I hate having everyone stare at me while I open gifts no matter what the occasion so having dh as a buffer was awesome!

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      I don’t understand the all-female thing either. So out-dated.

    • JLH1986

      Because weddings get crazy we had 3 “bridal showers” and I invited men to each, mostly because if I have to pretend a blender is the best thing ever, so does M. But I think they are more fun and last longer when it’s not just a bunch of cranky women!

  • Ann B.

    Yeah, over these poop games. I’ve been subjected to these ” guess which melted candy in a diaper this is” almost every baby shower I went to in the past few years, and I still think it’s awful. I know it’s chocolate, I’m still not sniffing that diaper.

    • Tinyfaeri

      I’ve never been to a baby shower that had one of those. Blessings: counted.

    • Lisa

      I’m terrified that that’s actually a thing. I’ve never been to a baby shower-my friends are only now just starting the whole wedding/baby parade-but I sincerely hope that the one I go to in December is without this particular “game.”

    • OhHeyDelilah

      Yep, the first baby shower I ever went to was all about those games. We were asked to sniff diapers, eat baby food out of jars and try to guess the flavour etc. And there was no booze. I tell you, if you want to me to stick my face in something that you have simulated to look like shit in a diaper, I’m going to need to be pretty drunk first!

    • AugustW

      The main reason we didn’t play those games (other than, ewww) is that it’s a waste of diapers! I was a poor mama! diaper waste would have been unacceptable!

    • Rachel Sea

      WORD. And the baby food game is gross too. I don’t know what the hell manufacturers are doing to baby food, but no one should have to work that hard to guess what a food is, “Oh, the one that smells like cat food is actually pears. Cool.”

  • Bethany Ramos

    I despise cheesy baby showers, so my awesome friend threw me a coed one with beer chugging out of baby bottles. It was around the holidays, so she also did a slutty pregnant belly Santa cake. But now I’m wishing I had a vag cake… Anyway, she gave me such an epic shower that I’m thinking I’ll have to throw a parade or name a star after her when she gets pregnant.

    • BW2

      Share a picture of the cake please!

    • Bethany Ramos

      See what I have to live up to??

  • acadrag

    My baby shower was AWESOME. It was a co-ed BBQ with a keg and a few absurd drinking games– just because I can’t drink shouldn’t stop my friends from having good beer! It actually continued long into the night after my sleepy pregnant self went to bed. I’ve always hated traditional baby showers and this was so much better.

  • jmuns79

    I’m so glad other people hate diaper cakes. I got two. One was pretty easy to dismantle. The other one. Each diaper was rolled and rubber banded. Then, three were put together and separately rubber banded. Then there were these wire flowers. Took me an hour to take it apart. I was so happy to have the diapers, but I couldn’t help but feel like all the time and effort was wasted. I would’ve been just as appreciative of a box of diapers.

    I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even wrap gifts (here’s your awesome gift, that’s still in the bag), so the diaper cake was totally lost on me.

  • Evelyn

    If baby showers are usually gatherings of women only pretending to change fake nappies I am glad we don’t have them here in the UK. Doesn’t that encourage stereotyping that makes babies (and cleaning up after them) the mums job only and freezes dads out of child rearing and related chores? Why on earth wouldn’t the baby’s own dad want to join in a party to celebrate it and if not and if the party is giggling over fake nappy mess it sounds rather dull.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      You *don’t* have baby showers there?????? Why am I just learning this now? I wonder how fast I can fit my entire household on a plane…..

  • Tea

    Here’s one possible pointer for if you invite guys, especially guys who don’t coo over baby stuff. Open something big and give us things to put together. It saves the hassle of you and your husband vs 80 million screws and swedish/Japanese instructions later that night.

    We did this for a friend and her nursery was assembled and tightened down twice by the time the party was done, and everyone could then coo over how cute the things looked assembled. She also did the awesome beer-in-baby-bottles thing another commenter mentioned.

    • AugustW

      I totally unintentionally did this. My first gift was an unassembled stroller. My dad and one of my friend’s husband had so much fun putting it together! (seriously)

    • Rachel Sea

      I would love that. As a general rule I hate baby showers. There are only so many times I can stand to hear, “Oooooh! Look how CA-UTE that is!” at increasing pitch and volume before I want to knock myself unconscious.

  • Leafyleafster

    We had a “baseball” theme at ours, so there were nachos and grill food and beer. We invited guy friends, encouraged girl friends to bring boyfriends/husbands and everybody brought kids (kids make it easy to get rid of balloons and shiz at the end of the party). And the kids helped open presents and excitedly ran around showing the stuff, only took like a half hour to get through the pile, which is always the worst part of any shower, IMO. We only played a few games, but they were along the lines of “guess how many m&ms are in this giant baby bottle” (the bottle was the prize, a four-year-old won it, and I’m now on his parents’ shitlist), rather than the stupid diaper/baby food games. There was a game where you’d steal plastic bead necklaces from other guests for saying the word “baby”, winner with the most necklaces at the end got a $50 gift card. I gave out bags Cracker Jack and Big League Chew as favors. We had it in a hotel conference room (my aunt who threw the party is a genius!) on a Saturday, hardly any clean-up, plenty of parking. A bunch of guys came over to our place after to continue drinking beer and assemble the big stuff. All in all, it was pretty rad; and all the husbands that had never been to one before were stink-eye-ing their wives, because they think this happens at every shower. =)

  • MiyokoVensel

    We have enjoying the Fun and Birthday with friend and Family in the Restaurant .


  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    Hey we did almost all of these! We had tons of booze, invited the dudes, there weren’t really any games per se (there was a sheet where you could enter a guess for the ‘baby pool’ – i.e. birth date, sex, hair colour, weight, etc), though we did have a onesie decorating area for the kids.

    We did end up getting semi-forced into opening the gifts in a big damn circle, and I’m sure it was pretty boring. I am still very torn about these things…the whole opening gifts at a party. On one hand, it’s boring and can lead to ‘issues’. On the other hand, some people really want to see their gifts be opened and think you seem ungrateful if you don’t. Ugh.

  • Jayamama

    I was totally with you until vagina cake. No thank you.

  • Moony

    My ideal baby shower would be inviting a bunch of close friends around for drinks, games and food (preferably barbeque). There’d be a couple of streamers or ribbons about, but it would all be very neutral and tasteful since I can’t stand that sexist, gaudy, pink and blue crap. And, I guess, overall it would be less of a “baby shower” and more of an opportunity to exploit what little time I would have left to be carefree with my friends.

    Sometimes, less is more…

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