Mother Caught Selling Baby At Airport, Police Return Her Kid And Kick Them Out Of The Country

caught selling baby


Sometimes I come across a story that is just so strange that I don’t know how to feel about it. This is definitely one of those stories. According to the New York Daily News, a young mother from Turkmenistan tried to sell her baby last month. In recently released CCTV tapes you can see the deal go down. Warning; knowing the details, it’s a little hard to watch.

What we do know is that the mother, 22-year-old Dinara A, as she’s been identified by police. tried to sell her 4-month-old baby to a couple from Germany for just $480. Dinara met the couple at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, and after a much too brief conversation, she allegedly turned the child over to the couple in a bathroom and walks away.

What the couple thought they were going to do with the baby at that point is beyond me, seeing as they weren’t going to be able to get through passport control without a passport for the kid. When they realized their mistake (and that is an understatement if I’ve ever heard one) they then contacted police and claimed that the child was abandoned. The cops, not being idiots, quickly realized the couple was being less than honest and arrested them.

For reasons that aren’t explained, the police ended up giving the child back to the mother, who was promptly deported for being an illegal immigrant, which I’m sure is just peachy for that baby she tried to sell. On one hand, I almost feel bad for the mother. Perhaps she thought she was giving her child a better life. On the other, who sells a baby for less than five hundred bucks to better the kid’s life? Regardless, this whole story is sad and strange and awful.

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  • Angela

    I don’t know the details other than that people who resort to selling their children are usually trapped in more desperate circumstances than I can even comprehend. And while $500 seems like a paltry sum to us it may have been wealth beyond imagining to her.

    • DatNanny

      Well said.

      I wonder, too, if the money was even relevant, or if she was desperate to give away this child, for his safety or her own.

      I truly hope they’re both safe.

  • jendra_berri

    Jesus. Okay, so… maybe they could have detained the woman? Questioned her? I mean, she committed a crime on Turkish soil, so this would not have been unjustified, particularly if the German couple were arrested. Surely something other than packing off this mother with the child she’s trying to sell was possible.
    Selling for so low, too… I mean, pretty sure for those who would pay for a baby, you could ask a lot more. Why $480? I know that’s the amount after currency conversion and not her thinking, “I’ll sell for $480 US,” but if she was in contact with German couples, she likely had access to the internet and could have discovered you could get so much more money.
    So, was that the cost of getting the child there and getting her home? Was this because she wanted an affluent first world couple to raise her child when she couldn’t? Or was she in financial trouble with bad people and needed that amount of money and she needed it ASAP, no time for waiting? Baby priced to sell?
    So many questions. And no answers because local police dropped the ball. Now who knows what’ll happen to this baby.

  • A-nony-mous

    I don’t really know what to say about the original act but since she has the baby back I’m so worried that she’ll try to sell it back home (or wherever she goes) again now :( It seems clear that she does not want it so child services should have stepped in and taken it away.

  • Katia

    Huh. I don’t want to sound silly or insensitive – but I’m honestly wondering if she got to keep the money, and if so, maybe she’ll be able to better afford the child now ?

    • Frances Locke

      I must be terrible too, because I wondered the same thing and tried to find the answer yesterday. From what I read, no one knows.

    • blh

      I don’t see how 480 is gong to make a difference in your life. Maybe for a very short time but not over all.

    • WinWin

      $500 might not be much for us here, but in developing/under-developed nations it could very easily be 2-3 months’ salary for a regular middle class person.

  • boots

    i highly doubt it was about the money. i would guess that it was a way to get the child to somewhere better, however that had to happen. here (aus) or in the usa, it would be unthinkable. in areas that have been ravaged by civil war and poverty, any way to get safety is worth a try.

  • NYBondLady

    Why was this child returned to the mother? I worry for that baby. Also, I really don’t understand why this is so illegal…if she had given the child up for a private adoption, say, to a couple of US parents, she would choose the parents and likely get thousands of dollars.