Teen Mom Has Her Toddler Pose With Dinner – Which Just Happens To Be A Gutted Deer

I love a good old fashioned Internet freakout, and this was comes to us courtesy of teen mom reality star MacKenzie Douthit McKee who posted a photograph on Instagram of her, her husband, and her two-year-old son posing with a gutted deer. She posted the photograph along with this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 6.38.00 AM

You can view the full photo here, but warning, it is graphic and bloody and if you do click over, don’t come crying to me.

On one hand, we have people freaking out about hunting. On the other hand, we have the vegetarians who are freaking out about eating meat. And on the other hand and oh-no-we-have-run-out-of-hands-because-most-people-only-have-two-hands-no-offense-to-you-three-handed-readers we have people saying “Oh noes, you should not expose a toddler to such violence, it’s bad for their little psyches and THINK OF THE CHILDREN.”

I’m not a hunter. I have never eaten venison. But many people do, and many people rely on hunting to feed their families. I’m not a fan of hunting for sport, but as much as I love deer and think all the Bambis are adorable and cute I’m sort of changing my views on that too, due to the fact that on any given day, I have a at least five deer in my yard. And I live in a SUBURB.

Last summer a deer, a very large buck, decided to die. In my backyard. A have a very large back yard, and part of it is wooded.

My children found it, starting to decompose and stink. They were of course traumatized about this and feeling very sorry for this poor deer. I called animal control, and the local police, and no one could help me with this issue, because not only was it a Sunday, but this deer died on my property and hence it was MY responsibility. They suggested I dispose of the deer in heavy duty trash bags, and lug it out to my curb and someone could come by “in a few days” to pick it up. Now, I live in the south, where summers are amazingly hot and muggy, and considering I was the only adult in my home at the time, I was not about to go chop up some maggoty-ass deer in my yard and drag all of its weight to my curb. PLUS, they suggested I cut it up with a chainsaw. Eve fact: I do not own a chainsaw.

So I finally found a pest removal service who agreed to come out to pick up this pile of rotting deer and because it was after-normal-service hours charge me 400 DOLLARS to do so.

Now, I could have waited a few days and had someone help me drag it to the curb and the city dispose of it, but during this whole day-long ordeal I had a few asshole neighbors come over to ask me if I knew I had a dead deer in my yard, and that I should get rid of it. Oh you don’t say? Considering my daughter was attempting to construct a headstone out of cardboard and crayons because she felt we should BURY THE POOR DEER IN MY YARD and I had been on the phone making a hundred phone calls trying to find someone to remove it I was pretty aware of the fact I had a dead deer in my yard.

The company came, drove a truck into my yard, chopped it up, bagged it, removed the antlers for I don’t even want to think of FOR WHATEVER REASON and took all my money. But at least my yard no longer smelled like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

So Mackenzie, teen mom lady, I see nothing wrong with you hunting or eating this deer or exposing your kid to the fact some people kill and eat animals, but I personally won’t be doing this. But the next time a deer decides to die in my yard, do you just wanna come over and eat it so I don’t have to pay that much money to get rid of it?

(Image: Instagram)

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  • keelhaulrose

    My husband’s family are all hunters. I know hunting season means either avoiding Facebook, or seeing photos of dead woodland creatures all over my feed. As a suburbanite it bothered me at first, but now all I’m thinking is they did a real hack job on that deer.

    • CMJ

      OMG. You’re right. What the hell did they do? I’m not mad for the picture or the kid seeing but good lord….hack job is right.

    • Rachel Sea

      Word. What did they use, a brushcutter?

  • Lena

    I have to admit, this story was hilarious. We had a very large possum die under our porch, which is completely closed off (except, apparently, for a hole big enough for a possum to crawl through and die). We had to pry a board off the porch, and even then we couldn’t reach or scoop this thing up, because it kept falling apart a little more with every attempt. Finally we offered $20 on craigslist to anyone who’d come take care of this, and someone came over without a couple of hours (although I could tell they immediately regretted it, it was absolutely disgusting). The city even agreed to pick it up because I said the neighbors were complaining about the smell (they weren’t, but come on… they should have). Lesson: Offer money on craigslist and people will do almost anything.

    • Blooming_Babies

      That is brilliant! I never would have thought of it but now I’ll never forget… got a gross job? Craig’s list!

  • CMJ

    I used to come from college on the weekends and forget it was deer season and go into the garage….BIG MISTAKE. Big.

    • G.E. Phillips

      Huge. Goodbye, I have to go shopping now…..

    • CMJ
    • Tinyfaeri

      I went to school in close-enough-to-Appalachia that there were deer on almost every vehicle on the road for a month or two. I mean every vehicle, too, hatchbacks and all.

  • Janok Place

    We have a small farm, we raise our own meat… we butcher our own meat. We are animal lovers, but we are not vegetarians so we figure the best thing for our kids will be to learn where it comes from and to treat other living creatures with respect, and dignity. And to all the sactimommies FREAKING OUT about the emotional repercussions, when a baby sees a chicken get its head cut off… well… they don’t care. When a toddler watches you cut up a carcass of meat, they’re bored. I don’t have a “helping age” kid but when I do, I’ll be happy for the help. Or not. If they want to be vegetarians, that’s cool. I like steak, but if they don’t want to take care of it, or help butcher it… I’ll buy them chick peas and hummus and they can eat eggrolls while I have delicious, awesome steak. That’s totally fine :)

  • rrlo

    Ugh – Most kids outside of the western world are familiar with where meat comes from. I saw my first chicken being slaughtered at a VERY young age. It isn’t traumatizing for a child. If you are old enough to eat it, you are old enough to see what it looks like before being cooked. Silly people of the Internet….

    • Andrea

      One time we took our sons to some kind of fall fair and they had this barn full of baby chicks. My kids were little at the time (maybe 2 and 4) and I laughingly said: look, it’s the future chicken nuggets!. They cried and refused to eat them for weeks.

      I don’t know what that says about how far removed we are from our food. But I gotta be honest, I am kinda ok with that.

  • Muggle

    I’m not a hunter either, but I also live in the rural South and get deer in my yard all the time. I’m accustomed to seeing dead deer all over the place, even on the road after they’ve been hit by cars.

    Picture is gross (and what the hell DID they do to that deer?!) but meh. Live in the right community and you’ll see plenty of dead, gutted deer in plain sight of toddlers.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      Deer are adorable, but they eat my roses, knock over my trash, and happily decide to run out in front of my car CONSTANTLY. Plus, they make my dog go crazy. Ask anyone who calls me why my dog is barking like a maniac and it’s because I always have deer hanging out in front of my windows.

    • CMJ

      My cousins were in town from Boston and they were looking in our backyard and said “Oh, look, Aunt B! Deer!!!” The shock on their face as my mother flew into a f-bomb laced tirade was priceless.

    • momjones

      You could purchase a “Yote the Coyote” decoy like we did…he worked for awhile. Now the crew just give him dirty looks.

    • Alex Lee
    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      That is HILARIOUS

    • Muggle

      The deer where I live constantly jump up on my front porch in the winter. It’s scary as fuck chilling out at night, long after dark, and hear SOMETHING running around out there.

      I also woke up to a gunshot one night, and blue lights. Someone driving down my street had hit a deer, broke its legs, and the police had to come and put it down. :(

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      My pool dudes have told me many a story of deer jumping into pools and growing over the winter, fabulous

    • Andrea

      It happened to my parents. A deer fell in their pool and was paddling for a long time before figuring out how to get out. It was sad to watch. And they live in the burbs of Atlanta.

    • Emily

      We had a deer come up on our porch last week, drag a pumpkin down, and eat a big chunk of it. It was like Silence of the Pumpkins int he front yard. My 4-year-old freaked OUT and has never batted an eye when driving by deer road kill.

      Hmm, maybe I should worry about that.

    • Paul White

      Butchering animals isn’t pretty.

    • Muggle

      Oh, I know. I don’t blame anyone for being squicked out by seeing a gutted deer when they didn’t want to. I still don’t know what the hell is going on with that deer though, it looks like a total hack job.

    • Rachel Sea

      They made a particular mess of it though, the chest looks like it took them 20 tries to find where to cut.

    • Paul White

      I kind of wonder if it was the exit wound from a muzzle loader or something?

    • Rachel Sea

      Couldn’t be, the trajectory of a a shot to leave an exit wound that size would have taken off a foreleg. Judging by their friends, I don’t suppose those two are exactly Rhodes scholars, but any dummy can see that if you blast a great sodding hole in an animal, you lose a lot of dinners.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      When I was about 6 my mom had just field-dressed the deer, and I was leaning over it gawking from the top of the hill and I fell in the carcass. She and my brothers were laughing to hard to help me get out for like 5 min.

  • G.E. Phillips

    I’ve got nothing against hunting or deer-eating, per se. But I don’t know if I think it’s a super great activity for toddlers. Maybe the playground at 2 years old and exposure to loaded rifles and mangled animal corpses at, say, 7? YMMV.

  • Alex Lee

    Two possums got into a fight and landed into my grandmother’s 20 gallon trashcan. They immediately drowned and started to decompose quite rapidly.

    I learned that a good bottle of dish detergent is enough to make the smell bearable and that blowflies are very opportunistic and reproduce at an impressive rate.

    Fortunately for us, the bodies could be lifted with a pitchfork (no chopping needed) and everything fit into a garbage bag. We decided against soup for dinner that night.

    • Bric-a-Brac

      Oh god, when I was in highschool there was a possum that died on the side of the road right where my bus stop was. It stayed there for MONTHS. One day it randomly disappeared thankfully. That smell at 7 in the freaking morning every damn day.

  • tilo

    I have a friend who is into hunting and had a picture on facebook of her toddler posing with a dead deer they had shot. I am not worried about the kid suffering any repercussions of seeing the dead thing or living in a hunting family. Myself, on the other hand, did NOT grow up in a hunting/butchering family, and I really didn’t need to see that bloody deer face on my newsfeed.

  • libraryofbird

    Eve next time a deer decides your yard is where he wants to die call a taxidermist. Or if you have a college with a veterinary program. They may be able to help you out.

    On another note I’m now in the mood for tastey biscuits & gravey. I prefer elk but deer will do.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      mmmm venison!

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    Eve I absolutely LOVE your articles, they always give me a brilliant giggle!
    Thanks for brightening an otherwise crappy day!

  • Bric-a-Brac

    Seriously? Where to people think their food comes from? That cows are raised in happy little Snow White-esq existences where people sing songs, brush their fur, and feed them only the most choice grass and hay, until one day *POOF* they turn into hamburger meat, no mess no fuss? Wrong people. This is life. Animals have to die so other animals can eat. If this didn’t happen there would be too many deer and they would all starve. I’d rather my child learn this early and be appreciative of the life that was sacrificed for our food.

    • waffre

      I was at the leather store a while back and there was a field trip group there, maybe first or second grade, and I got the impression most of the kids didn’t know leather was made from animal skin, based on their answers to the prompting questions the tour guide was asking. (This was in the city.) So… yeah, I have no idea what the parents who are freaking out over toddlers hunting are teaching their kids about where their food comes from. Probably nothing.

    • Tinyfaeri

      The grocery store and/or butcher!

    • Andrea

      When I was a child I lived in a LARGE S American city. I visited some country cousin who got tasked to gathering eggs for dinner and asked me to come with him. When I saw we were going to some barn instead of the store, I asked where the heck we were going and he asked ME where the heck I thought eggs came from. I readily answered: The grocery store of course!

      I was about 6.

    • Rachel Sea

      In high school I was an outdoor ed counselor. Mostly the kids learned about coastal ecology and conservation, but there were cattle pastures all around that we would talk about too. Every once in a while, an inner city group would come, and FREAK the fuck OUT when they learned that burgers, and milk come from cows – like to the point of throwing up and having anxiety attacks. It’s a pity they didn’t learn when they were toddlers.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      I want to go to there

    • Janok Place

      Bahahaha…. I just came in from my barn, was out there brushing the cows and telling them about my day, feeding them cut up apples as a treat. Then I came in and read this… I almost feel like I should go tell them about it!!!

    • Bric-a-Brac

      Awww that’s adoarable! What are their names?!(Not being sarcastic btw I think cows are cool). I meant like the strictly for profit meat industry is by and large not concerned for the comfort and well being of their cattle. I don’t suppose The Jungle would be an appropriate bedtime story for toddler or cow alike?

    • Janok Place

      Hahaha, We have Abbigale (Abbey), Edith (Edie), and Penelope (Penny)… Those are my milking girls, they help me raise up the beef. I don’t name the beef, and I’d never eat the milkin gals. Period. They’ve paid their dues! (Seriously, I don’t care how big a cow is… Breastfeeding 80lbs+ a milk a day most your life earns them a legit retirement plan, and bed time stories, and spa days… yup, and one would call CAT ladies crazy. Try cow people, we take it to a whole new level)

  • Michelle Pittman

    we had a horse that killed itself by breaking its own neck (true story – if you’re a horse person, it was an Impressive horse that turned out having HYPP)…trying to figure out how to get rid of a 1200 pound animal was awful (and it is freaking expensive — and you probably wouldn’t have been allowed to bury the poor deer — we weren’t allowed to bury the horse)…i was a teen and i still remember the horror of returning home (trying to avoid being home when the people came to get him) as the “crew” were leaving…i’ve seen many dead deer on top of trucks & in the beds of trucks…but the damn horse didn’t fit all the way in their truck — so, his feet were sticking out the sides from under the canvas…with freaking HORSESHOES which obviously traumatized me as i STILL remember that shit…UGH!!!

  • Athena A

    It really depends on the child, some are more sensitive than others. Some kids can watch The Walking Dead and flinch less than I do. And I flinch a lot, although great, that show is damn gross. I’d say if you were raised with parents who raise their own animals and butcher their own meat, or in rural areas in general, it’s not a big deal.
    I was not raised on a farm so I’d have been traumatised. I used to ‘save the ants’ from my dad’s poison thingies, by putting a lollypop in a jar and putting them all in and carrying them to safety.

  • Jessica

    I am going to try to see how many times I can bust out “maggoty-ass deer” in a conversation today. First stop, kindergarten pick-up!

  • Paul White

    This is where meat comes from. Tasty, glorious meat.

  • Amber Starr

    I don’t know that I could ever go hunting and kill an animal, but my father is an avid deer hunter and fisherman. He honestly has a deep respect for the outdoors and for nature. It’s also a well-known fact that, if there were no deer hunting here in Pennsylvania, the deer population would quickly get out of control.

    When my dad & cousins go hunting, they always process and freeze any meat. If my dad doesn’t get to eat it, he gives it to buddies at work who DO. I can understand deer hunting not being someone’s “thing”… Hell, it’s not mine, but as long as the hunter isn’t being a disrespectful dickbag, I have no problem with it.

  • jmuns79

    OMG. Did anyone else try to read the Instagram comments? Holy cow, did that shit get personal. I stopped when I got to the one about Satan wearing a condom when he slept with the previous commenter.

  • Aimee Beff

    While I can’t say I’d want to see a bloody animal carcass on my news feed, I guess this is the inevitable next thing to happen after years of seeing everyone post twenty-seven pictures of every meal they eat on Facebook.

  • DMH

    Wtf did they do to that deer? Throw a chainsaw at it?! Holy crap…

  • Rachel Sea

    True story, this same exact thing happened when I was a kid, and when my aunt called the city to have them deal with it, and they told her it would cost us $300, she went out and dragged the deer into the dry creek bed behind the house, which was public land, called them back and said, “It was amazing, that dead deer I just called you about? Well it just got up, walked out into the creek, and died again!”

    I don’t see the big deal about having your toddler see the products of hunting. It’s a very modern thing to be so removed from where your food comes from that you never see it die. I think it’s healthy for kids to understand the food chain, and the consequence of killing. I do hate when people pose with their kills for pictures, it just seems disrespectful to the animal.

  • Mel

    So, is punctuation not a thing on Instagram? Good god, those comments. I don’t really have a problem with hunting unless you’re being a dick about it. And that poor thing looks slaughtered! To post it’s carcass slaughtered like that, to me, shows a lack of respect for nature and life. It shouldn’t be funny to kill things!

  • acadrag

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years and I’m not a fan of hunting, but when I was a kid I got a big kick out freaking out my friends by showing them the dead deer my mom’s boyfriend had hanging in the garage after he’d been hunting. Never a fan of venison, though.

  • rebecca

    I am actually sitting in my office where, on a table in the corner rests a photo of me at the tender age of not even two, with the BIGGEST smile on my face holding up a duck. With no head. Oh, the comments I get on that one when they realize the duck has no head. As I got older I would put their bodies in the basket of my bike and give them “rides”, training wheels and all. My father hunted and I grew up loving animals, so I don’t see where the trauma came in?

  • FF4life

    Now I feel less proud of the picture I posted of last nights lasagna.

  • aCongaLine

    I know this article is not fresh off the press, and I’m just finding it now… but the deer doesn’t necessarily bother me. The toddler standing in deer blood with BARE FEET? Yes. That bothers me. Ick.