Become A Paid Mommyish Intern For Winter 2013

black-and-white-secretaryDo you love to read Mommyish? Do you have a lot to say about modern parenting and think your opinions would be valuable in everyday parenting debates? Then maybe you should become a paid intern at Mommyish this winter!

Witty readers who live in the New York City area and love to write are encouraged to apply starting now. Interns will get the opportunity to write under their very own byline, perform research and administrative tasks, construct slideshows and more! They will also be expected to deliver general assistance to Mommyish writers and editors. Experience with WordPress and a background in journalism are preferred. All candidates will need to possess strong writing skills, punctuality and the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment.

Do you have to have kids to work for Mommyish, you ask? No way! If you believe you can still be a valuable addition to the Mommyish staff then you are more than welcome to apply.

Send your resumes, cover letters and three writing samples (pertaining to parenting) to EveEveVawter at Gmail DOT com. All resumes must be in by November 29 for consideration.

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  • Ptownsteveschick

    First one to bring Eve a placenta wins the job

  • Emmali Lucia

    So.. Do we HAVE to live near New York City?

    • allisonjayne

      Yeah….is an 8 hour train ride away close enough?

    • alice


      Can we just email you ranty articles? fuck being an “intern” :)

    • Emmali Lucia

      I know, right? It’s like “Just pay me what you want for an article. I want to write some shizz down right now.”

    • Eve Vawter

      Yes, yes you can!

  • LJ

    *Sigh* If only you needed a west coast Intern.

  • Kelby Johnson

    I wish I lived in NYC =( I would LOVE to write for Mommyish!!!

  • Mystik Spiral

    I hope you’re interning some editors… ;)

    • Eve Vawter

      This bums me out so hard. I’ve had a few different people tell me there are a lot less errors on the site and I’ve been working so hard to make sure the pieces are edited correctly.

    • Mystik Spiral

      Sorry, Eve, I didn’t mean to bum you out.

      It HAS been a lot better, and I am probably just still rankled by the latest pile of Eckler Excrement. THAT piece was a grammatical, spelling and punctuation nightmare. Maybe Her Highness isn’t subject to proper editing…?

    • Rachel

      Everything has definitely gotten better – if it helps, I really only notice large amounts of errors in the Anonymous Mom pieces (aside from Eckler’s, which was already mentioned).

    • Amber Starr

      It has absolutely gotten better!

    • Eve Vawter

      amber thank you xo

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    Damn….pity I live in Ireland.

  • Janok Place

    Me, mee! Meeee!!!… Oh, wait…. See, now I’m just wishing I had a background in journalism. Well, crap. Excited to see some new writers though, not that you guys are not awesome. Just, more awesome = Woo!

  • G.E. Phillips

    I live in the NYC area and I write for our local City Mom’s Blog (I won’t post the link to it here, just because I don’t know if that’s copacetic.) As wonderful and glam as a Mommyish interning job sounds, I can barely manage to churn out 2 blog posts a month as it is, so I doubt I could handle the workload! However, this got me thinking, you know how you do the links to other blogs a few times a day? Would you be willing to consider looking at our blog for possible consideration for links? That would be amazeballs. Also, lots of cute pictures of Face on there, haha :) Let me know and I will send you the link to it. Thanks!!

  • Emily Wight

    This is, like, the only time I have been sad that I live in Canada.

  • Amber Starr

    This made me a little sad. I would LOVE to be able to add “Mommyish Contributor” to my resume of life, but I lack any formal experience in the field of journalism. I simply love to write and make people laugh, smile, cringe, whatever. I have so much to say and it only reaches so far on Facebook.

    It’s official: I have fallen in love with this site.

    • Eve Vawter

      SO pitch me! anyone can pitch me an article at any time.

  • stefania

    Are you willing to have contributors from abroad?