Morning Feeding: The Book We Need To Stop Reading To Our Boys

The books we need to stop reading to our boys (Huffpo Parents)

Very puny Halloween costumes (Parents)

What happens when you’re a gypsy and your child has blond hair  (Babble)

6 ‘Mommy terms’ that are annoying and rude  (The Stir)

It’s the great slutty pumpkin double standard, Charlie Brown!  (HuffPo Women)

Are you perpetually single? (Your Tango)

This is what a Wes Anderson horror movie would look like  (The Frisky)

Modeling androgyny (The Hairpin)

Maggie Stiff expecting first child  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

(Photo:  bikeriderlondon/shutterstock)

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  • Paul White

    Wait…the *bad guy* is misogynist and we shouldn’t read the book because of that?