10 Toys That Will Haunt Your Dreams And Your Halloween Yard

Halloween week is upon us – time for all things creepy! Why stick to the usual skeleton/spiderweb/pumpkin motif when you can litter your yard with some of these horrific toys and scare the crap out of every kid in your neighborhood? Well, maybe these won’t scare kids, but I bet your adult neighbors will be terrified.

1. Vintage Down-On-His-Luck Jack-In-The-Box 


(Pinterest/ Google.com.ph

 Is it just me, or does this little guy look like an angry drunk that’s about to follow me to my car?

2. Baby Light Weirdness


(Pinterest/ http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/)

Who needs a jack-o-lantern when you can put this horror show in your yard?

3. Monkey With A Staring Problem Playing The Cymbals


(Pinterest/ retroplanet.com)

The only thing I like about this monkey is his cowl neck sleeveless sweater.

4. Nightmare In A Jar


(Pinterest/ stupidvideos.com)

You are a serial killer of joy. This one will probably make kids cry.

5. My Little Pony? Is That You?


(Pinterest/ Elyssa Lovelyss)

This can never be unseen.

6. Horror Tree



This is waaaay worse than a witch or severed limbs.

7. Teddy Ruxpin, As-Is


(Pinterest/ google.co.uk)

The most terrifying bear of all time.

8. My Buddy, As Is


(PInterest/ Collecttoys.net

The second most terrifying doll of all time, as is, but if you really want to scar the neighbors try taking a black marker to his eyes and coloring the whole eyeball in.

9. Vintage Doll Heads


(Pinterest/ Etsy.com)

Help us! Help us! Help us! NOOOOOOOO.

10. Horse Head Masks


(Pinterest/ tydepool.com)

Who hurt you? What have you seen, Mr. Horse? This one has a dual function; you can creep up your yard or wear it and scare the shit out of trick-or-treaters.

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  • Simone

    OMG The preserved stuffed animals in jars!!! What evil genius came up with THAT idea.

  • Shannon

    My brother-in-law has a horse mask. He handed out candy for us last year so we could take our 3-year-old trick-or-treating. He waved to little kids, but for the preteens and teens, he sat stock still until they came up to him, then he slowly raised the bowl of candy sitting in his lap and tilted his head. Several groups refused to come to our house. He overheard one mom yell from the street, “That thing is creepy as hell!” Needless to say, we had a lot of leftover candy.

  • NicknamesAreDull

    Baby dolls are creepy. I am so glad my daughter hasn’t shown an interest.

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