Black Teen Suing Barneys For Racism Because This Is Racism

400960_301639996538296_1226476511_nA college student, who also happens to be a young black male, was detained by two undercover NYPD  police detectives a few blocks from the Barneys store after he purchased a Ferragamo belt using his debit card. For NO reason. According to the NY Daily News, Trayon Christian showed them his belt, his student ID, and his debit card and the cops handcuffed him and hauled him down to the 19th precinct station house and held him for two hours. Trayon wasn’t mad or scared because he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong, but when he got home the whole bullshited-ness of the situation sunk in and he returned the belt to Barney’s and got his money back.

I’m not shopping there again,” he said. “It’s cruel. It’s racist.”

Christian is suing the NYPD and Barneys for unspecified damages.



And due to a question from twitter, I am adding this quote from the same article:

“They said my card wasn’t real, it was fake. They said someone at Barneys called to report it,” said Christian.

I’ve got the happy ending all sorted out in my head about this because I have been sitting here and contemplating how this story could be resolved and I have figured it out:

The Ferragamo company hears about this story and offers a public apology to Trayon, distancing themselves from Barneys and makes him their fall 2013 cover model as a way to make up for how shitty Trayon was treated, and also because he works while he is in college and everyone knows how hard that is on a kid. It would be great PR for them, and it would also give Trayon all of the high end belts he wants so he doesn’t have to subject himself to this racist nonsense again.

This is just such an ugly story and I feel so bad for this kid. I can remember being a teenager and wanting something so bad and working hard for it until I could afford it, but I was never subjected to the sort of profiling this kid was. He was young, black, and buying an expensive item, so the cops detained him. How can we expect our kids to grow up and be good kids when this is how they are treated when they behave in a perfectly normal fashion?

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  • bl

    WTF I worked at a clothing store (no where near the price point of Barney’s but still) and the policy was basically card with matching ID name and pic that looks somewhat like customer? GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Short of that, let the people and credit companies sort it out.

    And a debit card? Doesn’t that guarantee he had the money? And what, he found some other dude named Trayon’s card to steal? Nothing wrong with the name, but not exactly common.

    I’m sadly not surprised people are racist, but I thought people tended to hide it slightly better than that. And the police claim he wasn’t actually held for 2 hours? Totally not the point NYPD. Terrible experience for this kid :(

    • Rachel Sea

      It’s not actually very hard to clone a card and put your name on it, but it is difficult to alter modern IDs like those used in NY. If the racist clerk had a problem, she could have called the bank and asked if the name on the account matched the card and ID.

    • bl

      Interesting! Did not know that about credit cards. And I get that you aren’t suggesting that the clerk should have called the bank about him, but that as the next option just confirms the “it’s not your job to be a hero and catch shoplifters. You will get us sued.” message from my training. They told us we could notify police IF we witness literal shoplifting taking place; not anytime we found someone’s spending habits suspect.

    • Rachel Sea

      I don’t think it would be out of line for a store to call a bank on a card that actually looked dodgy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. It sounds like the clerk thought the card looked fine but that the customer looked like a thief, and that’s a load of crap.

  • LadyClodia

    I was a little confused when I first read this article until I looked at the NY Daily News article and it said that Barneys called the cops because they thought Trayon had used a fake debit card.
    Yeah, that’s bullshit. He should not have been treated like that, and I hope that something good comes out of this for him.

    • Cyrus2

      He probably stole something else.

  • NYBondLady

    Good for him, he should sue! I thought I may get a different side of the story on the NYDaily News but Barneys is not talking so I believe him even more. I hope he saves whatever comes out of it for college and not for super expensive clothes.

    • ElleJai

      I hope he spends it on something important to him. I’m not going to force my priorities onto him.

  • pixie

    That’s horrible. I wish I could give the kid a hug. I know how hard it is to work and attend university/college at the same time because I did it for a year and a half in my 3rd and 4th years of my undergrad (I had been applying to places starting in first year, but because I went home for the summers it made it difficult) and only quite partway through 4th year because my school work was starting to be severely affected and I’d had enough saved up to get through the last 3 months of school. I remember how good it felt to have saved for something and finally have the money to splurge. I still know how good that feels because I’m still a poor student, but at least now the university pays me so I don’t need an outside job. I can’t imagine having that great feeling taken away just because a few people can’t get over their prejudiced ways. :(

    • MegaCandy Man

      “Prejudice” – accepting the fact that Africans are more violent than any other group.

  • 88Mwife

    The only part of this story that makes me sad is someone willing to pay $300+ for a belt. They are nice belts, but that is crazy. I hope he takes his settlement, goes to Nordstrom’s and buys like 15 belts and just posts cool model-y shots wearing them and tags Barney’s in all of them.

    • CMJ

      The racism definitely makes me more sad than the cost of a Ferragamo belt.

    • 88Mwife

      Racism doesn’t make me sad, it makes me angry. Trayon doesn’t seem like the type of young man who would want/need a hug after an injustice like this. He kept his cool, was rational in the face of blatant racism, and is now seeking justice in a level-headed manner. He doesn’t need us to be sad for him. I am sad that he is willing to pay that much for a belt, but its his money, I’m sure he worked hard for it (or not, who knows, maybe its his parents money), and he is entitled to spend it how he wants. So racism doesn’t make me sad. It makes me ragey, compassionate and disappointed in the people who are supposed to be upholding equality, but not sad.

    • CMJ

      I understand – I feel the same way. I just have a problem with some people focusing on how much a belt costs (and what Trayon chooses to spend his money on) when the focus should really be on how horrible Trayon was treated because of the color of his skin.

    • 88Mwife

      I’m sorry I offended you. You are right, I should’ve thought before I posted that on the internet, where people who don’t know me, my values, and my sense of humor could see it. It does come across crass and uncaring, doesn’t it? I would delete it, but I think I’ll leave it up as a reminder to myself to think before I post.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      Ahhh, I was about to be all “that’s the ONLY thing that makes you sad?” but yes, it makes much more sense that it is an infuriating thing. Racism should incite anger, I think.

    • mike austin

      Do you know for a fact that this has never happened to a white kid or and asian or hispanic kid? No? So how is this automatically racism? A young thug dressing kid buys an expensive piece of clothing is suspect. No matter the color. I see alot of the ignorance coming out in accepting there is racism in this story.

    • Rachel Sea

      I didn’t actually know there was such a thing as a $300 belt before now. I think he should buy whatever he wants with his money (though clearly not at Barney’s), but…damn. I home if he finds another store from which to buy that belt, that it lasts for sodding ever.

  • Zettai

    I have nothing positive to say, just that people are such pieces of sh!t sometimes.

  • Samantha_Escobar

    This is fucking absurd.

  • Fabel

    Ahh skipping this sentence “I’ve got the happy ending all sorted out in my head about this because I
    have been sitting here and contemplating how this story could be
    resolved…” was a bad idea & has led me to disappointment.

    • Eve Vawter

      I was daydreaming! hahahah

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  • BrendaKilgour

    Someone should tell the young man that shopping at Barneys is sooooo 1988. What truly awful people.

  • JLH1986

    I am just glad that Trayon was level headed and calm. Because not many people (myself included) would have remained calm. I’d have been heated and would have probably been shouting the roof down. But I’m also not a teenaged African American man who has to worry that the cops might get a little rough with me. This is absurd. I’ve worked in retail. Name on your ID (that looks like you) matches name on card? done. I’m actually shocked that they checked, because I know when I go Christmas shopping and spend $300 they just check to see if my card is signed.

    • Cat

      I don’t think they even go that far most of the time. I have a traditionally male name and my ID, as well as having my signature, also states “please ask for ID” on the back. I think I’ve been asked for my ID maybe twice in the last 10 years when I wasn’t purchasing alcohol.

  • Annona

    My god, how patently absurd. And I honestly can’t believe that NYPD has nothing better to do than chase some kid down the street over a belt anyway. I hope he gets a good settlement from Barney’s AND Eve’s fantasy Ferragamo modeling contract. Seriously, treating young people like they’re criminals when they’re doing nothing wrong is a good way to mess up a whole generation.

  • EmmaFromÉire

    I’m so, SO mad about this. I’m a piss poor student so I can appreciate what it must have taken for him to save to buy that. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, it’s disgusting.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as very ignorant, but America, what the fuck is wrong with you? It feels like every single day there are stories of both latent and active racism, and to what end? To have some sort of superiority complex filled? Take your president as an example, I have seen people express hatred for him because he is a black man. There are plenty of valid reasons to both like and dislike him, don’t make his race the primary one.

    • ElleJai

      To be fair, I also see nice stories coming out of the US, so I don’t necessarily think everyone is ignorant, entitled, racist and xenophobic.

      There’s always going to be some people who determinedly pursue the title of “douchecanoe”.

    • moonie27

      You’re from Ireland, I presume?

      One of the reasons America has more problems is we have a lot more racial diversity than most Old World (for lack of better term!) country. (Ireland is, I think, over 90% white and ~87% Irish. America’s about 60-70% and becomes more diverse every day.)

      Plus we have a nasty racial history that still, unfortunately, influences our society, so, y’know, racism. We have talk about this constantly as many people are trying to change it. (versus a lot of countries that are extremely racist that don’t talk about it as much.)

    • EmmaFromÉire

      We’re fewet than 87%, there’s been a huge amount of inter euro immigration, which is kind of like finding new ways for white people to hate each other.

      You’re right in that the dialogue is imortant, it’d be worse to gloss over the problem, I just find it infuriating because it’s such a STUPID issue. This boy can change the colour of his skin about as easily as I can transform into a pony. Why pick on something you can’t change?

    • moonie27

      Ah, I just got my numbers off Wikipedia. It’s stupid that it happens and it is way past time for it stop, but I wouldn’t describe it as a stupid issue – it’s actually a fairly complex, and atrocious, social problem. It’s hard to have race problems when your country’s mostly white and, I think, hard to understand them if your culture and (recent) history doesn’t include them

    • EmmaFromÉire

      I think that’s a totally fair point, African immigrants and asylum seekers really are a fairly new thing for our little country we never saw it quite to en masse as we do now. And i think stupid might have been the wrong word to use, to put it simply it’s the sort of thing that makes me want to bang my head against a wall, because people are so ignorant about it.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      I think that’s a totally fair point, African immigrants and asylum seekers really are a fairly new thing for our little country we never saw it quite to en masse as we do now. And i think stupid might have been the wrong word to use, to put it simply it’s the sort of thing that makes me want to bang my head against a wall, because people are so ignorant about it.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      I think that’s a totally fair point, African immigrants and asylum seekers really are a fairly new thing for our little country we never saw it quite to en masse as we do now. And i think stupid might have been the wrong word to use, to put it simply it’s the sort of thing that makes me want to bang my head against a wall, because people are so ignorant about it.

    • Cyrus2

      I don’t know about changing into a pony but you ARE a horse’s ass.

    • bill hancken

      if we just send blacks back too Africa–we can restoer america

  • RayneofCastamere

    Yeesh. This guy needs a big hug like nothing else. I can’t even imagine how he must have felt. And shame on the cops for not asking the people at Barney’s why they thought the ID was fake. Did no one think to ask?

    I’d say I’d never buy from Barney’s again, but I could never afford to shop there in the first place. Still, if I ever do make that much money, thanks to some miracle, I’ll be sure never to give any of it to that store.

  • C.J.

    What a waste of the police time, I’m sure they have more important things to do than run around arresting people who didn’t commit a crime. Maybe the store should be in trouble for making false accusations. Barney’s should at least give him the darn belt for free. Poor kid

    • jendra_berri

      Yes, I am so happy with all the rapists running around and going to college in their free time that the police have captured this menacing purchaser of belts.

    • MegaCandy Man

      This ape is far more likely to be a rapist than a man of any other ethnicity.

  • Byron

    So wait, why was the card reported to be fake? Was it actually fake? Why did the employee call it fake?

    I mean, the cops had to do what they did, the false report is the problem.

    • mirror

      No. Since no one had even the tiniest bit of evidence that there was a crime committed, the police had no basis to even stop him, let alone arrest him. So, the store called police based on zero evidence that they were victims of anything or that any crime had been committed. And the police were willing to take action even though the store made no claim they had any proof that a crime had been committed other than the age and race of the buyer. Now, we find that Barney’s and the police have done this same thing before.
      If the police considered they were victim’s of a “false report” than they could charge Barney’s with false reporting, but they won’t because they knew there was any evidence other than agist racism.

    • brebay

      NO, no they didn’t. They could have taken the card as evidence, they did NOT have evidence to arrest him! They DO NOT automatically have to arrest someone because some sales clerk thinks a card is fake!!!

  • jendra_berri

    I cannot imagine living in a world where I could be arrested for purchasing a belt.

    Oh, but wait. I don’t have to worry about that because I’m not black. Being arrested for no fucking reason is a black concern, a real life thing that can actually happen. That really blows my mind. I’m given the benefit of the doubt, like, constantly, even sometimes when in truth I was trying to pull something dishonest like getting on the subway for free. I get away with things because I’m white. This kid couldn’t get away with legal activity because he’s black.
    Trayon flat out is being persecuted for skin colour. I hope he gets plenty of monies from his suit, enough to punish the parties responsible and make them second-guess whether it’s worth it to be such dicks in the future.
    And then may he buy many lovely belts not from Barney’s. I want him to have all the belts.

    • buzzardsgottaeattoo

      It definitely sounds like he was targeted for ‘Buying while Black”. However, don’t count on instances of racism like this being a big problem. I’m more concerned about the “No knock warrants” where innocent homeowners are being gunned down by over-zealous, militarized PD’s all over Amerika, not to mention all the people and young kids getting mowed down because the police “thought” they were holding a gun, it “looked” like a gun, “somebody said they had a gun”, etc. Police used to walk a beat, where they got to know the people in their area, and their primary duty was to “Protect and Serve”, and drawing a service revolver was a last choice. Nowadays, cops have tasers, mace, bean-bag shotguns, billy-clubs, handguns and automatic weapons. Their primary duty now is “make it home safely”, and drawing their mortal weapon is the first choice. It reminds me of a firefighter saying “that fire is too hot”, so I can’t do my job. Police work is dangerous, if you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen. You can’t be a “Hero” and complain about how dangerous your job is at the same time. I’m glad that Trayon wasn’t beaten or killed because some cop thought he “looked at me funny”.

    • Tiberius Kirk

      Oh man, what a brainwashed sheeple you are. You are the epitome of brain full of mush. Look at the statistics and then tell me that there is no reason for being wary of some blacks. This is something they brought on themselves. In New Orleans, they commit 96% of the murders. You damn well better keep a close eye on them when out in public. Of course, you would be an assured victim because it’s all racism. “I want him to have all the belts”. What a simpleton. Absolutely no conception of the real world.

    • TaimaChan

      I have to thank you for taking the time to see things from a person of color’s viewpoint. My boyfriends from a white upper class family and doesn’t understand how uncomfortable i feel in expensive stores where he lives because security and the locals are looking me up and down. They panic if I put my hands in my pockets or have a bag. I’m intelligent, usually well dressed and well spoken but still have something to ‘prove’ when people look at me funny or get up and sit somewhere else when I get on the bus. When people do ‘approve’ of me they comment on the white-friendly features like my eyes or long hair and follow it up with patronizing comments like how I’ve been taught to eat well (with a knife and fork)

      I’m pointing this out because it hurts me, not because I want to while out white people and think they are all evil. Thank-you for not being dismissive of our experiences..

  • Brent

    I dont think people should be blaming the police in this. They got a call, showed up, investigated it, then released him. That is their job. He was probably held that long at their precinct because they had to call the bank/credit card company and verify the information.

    • brebay

      THAT IS SOOOOO ILLEGAL DOUCHE! They confiscate the card, let him go, check it out, THEN, and only then, get an arrest warrant!

    • Brent

      First of all, he wasnt under arrest. Second, it is perfectly legal for the police to bring you in for questioning. Your ignorance of the law is mind boggling. Like I said, the police were just doing their job. Try to actually understand what you are talking about before showing your ignorance on a subject and make your self look like an ass name calling.

    • Maximus

      Consideration occurred before he left Barney’s and as far as the teens detainment is concerned, no Court of Law, will find being handcuffed and brought down to the precint for further investigation reasonable. Trayon couldn’t get up and say he was ready to leave. It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t arrested, he was detained against his will AFTER proving he was in legal possession of the belt. And since Trayon did not commit a crime, being detained for 2 hours to investigate whether or not a crime occurred is unreasonable.

      I think you need to send your on line law degree back or stop taking classes one by one, it’ll just make you confused.

    • Cyrus2

      I think you should pay better attention in your ESL classes.

  • EquityTryce

    Shopping While Black has gotten better for me over the years. However, I also make a conscious effort to dress up when I go shopping and I’m willing to bet that has something to do with it fortunately/unfortunately. If I go in a t-shirt, sneakers and jeans, I’m apt to be stopped or followed sad but true. Dress like I do for the law office though and I get left alone. Sad but true. I say sad because I should not have to dress up in fancy clothes to be able to buy fancy clothes. When I feel like I’m being targeted, I just privately vow never to shop at that particular store again.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      During the summer months when I have a dark tan I can feel the hatred when I walk into a high-end department store which my blond friends never do. On top of that I have brown eyes and I am a Brunette! It happens to Brown’s too gal pal.

    • Cyrus2

      Why do you people persist in shopping at stores that clearly do not want your business? Take a hint. No upscale store will ever go out of business by not catering to black crybabies. Stay in your own neighborhoods.

  • MammaSweetpea

    My husband and I have given my son a heads up about what to expect when he goes to stores with friends. My son babysits, saves his money and likes to by game cards for his WII. No harm, no foul. Nothing fancy. But I don’t think it would take much for some a$$ like someone at Barneys to question my son just because he’s a young black kid.

    • mike austin

      You are perpetuating the racism.

    • Tiberius Kirk

      With one out of three young black males either are on parole, have served their time, are awaiting trial or have been arrested, I just can’t understand why they would be watched. The good hard working blacks, like your son and you, should be outraged by the antics of your race, but yet you say nothing about that. You only blame it on someone else. UNTIL YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for yourselves, it is NEVER going to change (WRITE THAT DOWN)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MammaSweetpea

    An even better happy ending: he graduates from college, goes on to make smart investments, earns enough to buy Barneys.

    • Terry DeCarlo


    • Tiberius Kirk

      Oh, I seriously doubt that :).

    • Ishkabibble

      uhhh, I’ll take “the under” on that happening.

  • swagkid2000

    I already commented on this in a very serious fashion on another site, so here, I think
    I’ll be a little more light hearted and try to have a sense of humor about this atrocity.
    Trayon, do what Victor Newman would do on “The Young and The Restless”!
    When you cash out your well deserved settlement with this uppity outfit, buy the store,
    fire the management, and then take over with a much more progressive outlook in how
    customers should be treated. Lol.

    • Ishkabibble

      Indeed. I also use soap operas as my guide toward righting injustices.

  • sharkfeeder

    A while back some of the NY tabloid papers tried to get more advertising revenue by soliciting upscale department stores. One store was quoted as saying, “Sorry, but your readers are our shoplifters.” This is Barney’s (and others, because they’re not the only one) way of saying “we don’t want you in our stores, even if you have the money.”

  • ndk13

    He looks guilty to me !

  • Terry DeCarlo

    Oh, sure, yeah Trayon looks like a hard devious criminal who was out to rip off Braney’s with a fake ID. Yeah right, they racially profiled him, sure. And if he was white… who give’s a Fack. And oh, BTW, there are no rich African Americans in NYC. It’s actually becoming quite comical.
    I am Trayon. Is that the latest complaint goin’ round? hee hee

    • Tiberius Kirk

      I………………….. don’t quite know how to take someone who has a toilet deodorizer in his mouth……………………………….. Those aren’t breath mints.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      How DARE! you.

  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    What, this happen in America? YOu mean to tell me no one is going to bash this guy for playing the race card because he want to talk about how he was treated based on race? I am shocked. NOT. Good for you Trayon. I get sick and tired of some people wanting to generalize people of color. It is amazing how a white person can go in a store and steal and the next white person will not targeted (and he/she should NOT be targeted); however when it comes to people of color, some people want to judge all people of color the same. In stores like this, you will be surprise to know who is stealing the most from these stores (And it is not blacks).

    • Tiberius Kirk

      About the answer I would expect from a racist black.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      I rode the elevator with a black guy today and didn’t get down on my knees and kiss his azz… just like that white gal didn’t do for the big “O” at that handbag shop in Zurich (where 95% of the African Swiss are well known to be millionaire bankers from Africa or their kin folk, btw).

    • Terry DeCarlo

      ya know you’re right, I didn’t get arrested for shoplifting 3 times in NJ and once in CA (currently in court) because I’m white

    • Terry DeCarlo

      a clean cut preppy looking white fella I might add and NO I’m not tupid.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      you’re lying to make a point…I see right through you you silly goose

    • Guest

      well I did get arrested once when I was ’bout 11 for stealing a Snoopy comic book when I grew tired of waiting for my pal who would NOT leave the local pharmacy until he “hocked” a pack of cigs that were displayed next to the cash register

  • Jim

    Probably drug cash. LOL.

  • MegaCandy Man

    Someone just won the //igger lottery. 30,000+ White women are raped in the US by Blacks every year (check FBI crime statistics before denying this) but all those cases combined won’t get the attention this whining picaninny does.

  • Desmond

    You pretending all White Store owners are racist is racist.

  • Phoenix07

    Sounds like he ought to sue the city.

  • Darryn James

    i am white and a black security guard stopped me 100 yards outside of rite-aid saying a cashier said i didnt pay for something, yet the cashier is the one who bagged my stuff. so was this black, undercover security guard doing his job or just bullying a white guy who goes to riteaid almost every single day? and p.s.. when he stopped me he couldnt even provide ID, when u give people power they abuse it, but lets face it, this dude looks guilty, i looked like a good customer. i dont even think the cashier talked to him, he just wanted to harass a white guy cause he had the chance. obama wants all blacks to harass and play the knockout game till all white americans r gone, just like oprah says.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      Rite-on man. One time a black security guard stopped me for “stealing” a pair of gym shorts from Sport Chalet across from the Beverly Center and refused to come in the dressing room with me so I could show him I didn’t have them. He FINALLY gave up and let me go. I filed a complaint, did anything happen… of course not AND prior to this incident 2 cops had to stop a heavy set young black gal who what screaming and crying and knocking down racks after she was accused of shoplifting and they wouldn’t let her leave. Good grief.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      adjective: howling
      producing a long, loud, doleful cry or wailing sound.
      filled with or characterized by howling.
      extreme; great.
      “the meal was a howling success”

    • Terry DeCarlo

      I was NOT being racist when I said howling so DON’T say I was or I’ll cry.

  • scanner101

    I believe there’s a conflict of interest in using police as store detectives. The law cannot be hired or paid for. The store could hire off duty police as security, yes, but their duties should end at the sidewalk, nor should they be transporting suspects to the precinct. They should instead call the police, who are a neutral party, who can then gather facts and decide whether an arrest is warranted. Store detectives are being paid directly by the store so are incentivised to act in the store’s interest, not the public’s interest. There’s a difference.

  • felix1999

    This is so outrageous that something is FISHY.

    I don’t believe we are getting BOTH sides of the story. Just like the trayvon Martin case, we didn’t get BOTH sides of the story. The LEFT spun it as “racism” and it was not. I suspect the same is true here. Notice how only the BLACK kid’s side is being told.

  • whitey

    Shop elsewhere, cops are assholes, at least 99% are. Oh and dress like a fukin adult and you won’t catch so much shit. Dress like a thug, get treated like one. Dress like a whore, get treated like one. Dress like a homo, get treated like one. Dress like a rich guy, get robbed. Life is full of unfair stereotypes, suck it up. I would probably sue that store and at least get that clerk fired.

  • Clevon Stepinfetchit

    Well…. Nigs gonna nig…..

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  • Jeff

    There is more to the story. This African punk was just looking to play the legal lottery.

    • Ken Camerro

      What the hell kind of name is “Trayon”?My goodness.

  • Dan Wilson

    Many comments here are based on only half the story, until the store and officers releases their half there is no way to tell who is telling the truth.

    The belt company really did the situation a disservice by determining guilt and innocence that was not theirs to determine.

  • sapper740

    I’ll withhold judgment until all the facts are out. Anyone else remember the Lesbian waitress Morales who faked the note on the bill ?

  • Tiberius Kirk

    So tired of having to repeat this:
    Sorry, but the so called “profiling” is not picked out of thin air. It is called systematic theft. Whether you like it or not, blacks commit more crime based on percentages. Sorry, but it’s true. In the small city where I live, for example, blacks commit 52% of the shop lifting offenses in the city. This is a stat I personally put together from computer data. It is especially bad when you consider that blacks make up only 10% of the population in this parish. In New Orleans, blacks commit 96% of the murders, 95% of the carjackings. This isn’t pulled out of the air, this IS FACT. Blacks commit 70% of the credit card fraud in this parish. This is not an isolated parish. This is happening all over the country. Now you want to whine like little bitches when you’re watched closely in expensive transactions. This is YOUR fault, brought on by your own people who live a life of entitlement and grossly mistaken premise that you’re owed something for an institution from almost 200 years ago. I for one will watch you closely in everything you do, because I have absolutely no fear of you or your Nazi techniques to throw the blame elsewhere instead of where it belongs. You have adopted the thug, gangsta mentality, so live with it or change it. Maybe your race should work on a positive image and these things wouldn’t happen. Here’s something you should remember: “It’s not the color of your skin, it’s the way you act”.

    Now go ahead and do what you always do when you have no intelligent argument- call me a racist and bigot. Got news for you, doesn’t work on me.

  • Tiberius Kirk

    I just wonder if Eve, this so called “reporter” ever even talked to the Police or store personnel. I seriously doubt it. The truth usually always spoils a good “racism” story. I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll say it again for the 10,000th time: this GD race sees racism in a white sheet of typing paper.

  • Insanity

    I think you’re being a bit naive in this article. The police were wrong, obviously. The kid has a good case against them, as he should pursue it. But do you really think barney’s really told him the card was fake, AFTER he used it and the transaction went through. then they let him leave with the merchandise? Come on, the kid is embelishing so that he can sue the store (they are worth more than the police).

  • Terry DeCarlo

    I think these things happen to African Americans because they don’t cry racism enough. The squeaky fromme gets the oil.

  • Luweewu

    Wow. It sure seems like everyone is drawing conclusions without ANY FACTS. Like WHY did the store call the cops on this guy in the first place? Because of his card? Was the card rejected? If they thought the kid was passing a fake card they would have refused the transaction. Was the sales person White? We all know White people are the only ones who can be racist. What if he was Hispanic, Jewish, Pakistani? What if a Black managed the store? Oh my God,
    maybe he was a “White Hispanic” just like this kid is probably a “White African-American”. It’s becoming too complicated now days to be a racist unless, of course, you’re Black. Then it’s easy.

  • karlschneider

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their dedication to exceptional civic values, stable traditional families, parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture and their unflagging pride in maintaining exemplary clean, neat and orderly homes. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Property values are boosted and energized by the entry of African Americans into an area thanks to the caring and sincere respect they show for these communities, their absolute dedication to lives of law abiding peaceful neighborliness, and the examples of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant, can-do culture of integrity and honor. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    • Tiberius Kirk

      You know Karl, I have to agree with you. Now don’t forget their contribution to clothing styles and their genius at exhibiting underwear as an alternative outer wear. Oh and we must honor their stupendous contributions of “capone” rap and that glorious life style of the cessation of human bodily functions and their girls of dubious night work. It also very hard to keep track of transactions, measures of quantity, street employess and financial doings. Yes, I believe Martin Luther would be very proud of what has been accomplished in just a short 50 years. Keep up the good work you fine people of color.

  • Jim

    WOW, one innocent black man gets arrested cause the other 99.99999% bad black males made the other .000001% look bad

  • kid

    well in one picture he has a hoodie , in another a ear ring , in a third picture a oversized hat . looks like a gangbanger to me.

  • tevra

    I wonder what really happened in this case – it is written by someone with an agenda to make it appear as more racist than it was ….if there was racism that has been expanded and if racism wasn’t a reason or at least not the major factor behind this it has been made to sound as if it was the only thing that was involved. As the father of a mixed race daughter and the uncle of another one I really dislike racism perceived to be a part of our every day life

  • Vee


    You people are vile! Vile, despicable, and PROBABLY REALLY RACIST. Someone should lock this goddamn thread before you all open a rift to Hell.