Hot Mom Maria Kang Gets Post-Baby Body Shamed Because She Is Hot

599328_649761945054764_604047418_nI don’t care about your body! I so do not care. I mean, I care that you are eating nice foods including both vegetables and cupcakes and sleeping enough and putting on a sweater, because you should really put on a sweater, it’s a bit chilly out, but I so do not care about your body! I do not care if you weigh 800 pounds or if you weigh 80 pounds as long as your doctor (as long as they are a good doctor and not some weirdo who is whipping out BMI charts at every appointment) says you are OK then you are OK. And you feel OK. And you take care of your teeth. Everyone is different, all bodies are different, and it is NO ONE business how you look or what you do with your body.

And someone should really inform all of the people who are snarking on Maria Kang about her BODY about this. Maria is a wife, mother, business owner and nonprofit founder, and about a year ago she posted the above photo to her Facebook page and it was shared all over the place and she received a whole pile of body snarking and fitness snarking and sanctimommy outrage over everything from her bas to what a BAD mother she must be for like, working out. From yahoo.shine:

Kang says she understands why some people reacted so defensively. “I think people struggle with their weight,” she notes. “When you add on being a mother — and the pressures we face to have it all and be everything, including fit — the expectations are so high. I think some moms saw the picture and just said, ‘This is ridiculous.’” But still, she says, “I felt really frustrated. Being called a bad mother and a bad person definitely hurts.”


So Maria made a post under her photograph where she discussed her own image and basically said people need to step off and that people need to stop being negative because it’s their own bodies and their own thoughts that they have control over. She was then met with this:

 “Those precious little things need their mommy more than they need you to have glamour muscles,” “Not that I *NEED* an excuse for not working out, but here’s mine you self-righteous idiot … fibromyalgia,” “You are part of the body shaming problem that is going on in North America and other parts of the world,” and “You are a bully with a super inflated sense of your own self.”

Meanwhile, back in the world of everywhere we never see men with strong bodies posing with their babies and being told they are BAD DADS for working out.

I think Maria is lovely and her kids are adorable and I think she is awesome for doing what she loves. Maria MY EXCUSE is that I am lazy also can you give me not being lazy tips plus also make me some of those blueberry muffins you have on your website?  I don’t have a body like hers, and I probably could if I wanted to, but to be honest, I am lazy. And that’s OK with me. What isn’t OK with me is that there are so many conversations being all Judgy McJudgeypants on moms for the choices they make, especially when it comes to their appearances. You guys, if all of us women and moms pay so much attention to the appearances of other women and moms, the terrorists win. People really, truly need to stop, no matter what size, shape, or weight a woman is.

(Images: Facebook)

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  • iamtheshoshie

    Yeah…only that first quote was really insulting to Maria Kang. And super sexist. And just gross in general. But the others were just calling her out on her own bullshit.

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  • Aworkingmom85

    I agree with the premise that Maria was building off of an existing fitness meme/slogan, “what’s your excuse.” Nobody got riled up when the caption was applied to an amputee. So why is it such a big deal when a mother applies it to her fitness journey. It was not meant to shame, but to encourage. Like the amputee, she is displaying the obstacles that she has had to overcome. As a mother, the ability to be as fit as Maria is admirable and she didn’t achieve it without hard work and discipline. But maybe a healthy dose of shame isn’t so bad for her critics. The truth is that America has a terrible problem with obesity. The health affects of the obesity epidemic are more real than the self esteem issues associated with America’s hyper-sexualized and superficial media. You can stick your head in the sand and think of yourselves as somehow victimized by Maria’s photo, but ultimately your not going to make yourself a better person in any aspect. As a side note, I am currently pregnant with baby number 2. Am on my way to gaining 60+ pounds, and will think of Maria’s success when I’m sweating it off on the treadmill.