Chelsea Clinton’s Parents Are Breathing Down Her Neck About Grandchildren

L. Gallo / WENN

L. Gallo / WENN

Chelsea Clinton has been in the public eye since she was barely a teenager. Dragged before stages for acceptance speeches and made the nice proper family adornment, Chelsea has sacrificed privacy before she could even make the choice. So you would think, now that she is a grownup, her parents Hillary and Bill Clinton would save their grandchildren pestering for nice quiet family dinners and Thanksgiving. Not, you know, the press.

Us Weekly reports that the Clintons are playing the “we want to be grandparents!” card HARD, according to Chelsea:

“There is completely unapologetic pressure. In private and in public,” she said with a laugh. “If one of my parents were sitting here, they would tell you without blinking an eye that it would make them the happiest thing on earth if I were to make them grandparents, and they would say it so effusively, and I would feel a bit of pressure.”

Not like it’s any of our BIZNESS, but Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky are reportedly trying for a baby in 2014 — so says Chelsea in the new issue of Glamour. And you know the pressure is really on because Chelsea adds:

“And please, call my mother and tell her that,” she told the magazine. “She asks about it every single day.”

Et tu, Hillary?

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  • personal

    Oh, good Lord. I hope she’s not infertile, like I was. It’ll be even less fun to go through years of IVF with the press breathing down your neck. WHY can’t the kids of famous folk remain anonymous?

  • meteor_echo

    I fucking LOATHE people who demand grandchildren. The moment my parents start this shit, I’m ceasing communication with them, and the only way they;ll get to talk to me will be by recognizing that I’m not a bloody bipedal incubator.

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