STFU Parents: How Not To Talk About The Government Shutdown On Facebook

Current events has increasingly become a favorite STFU, Parents category to tackle, not only because the news is always relevant, but because I’m so amused by the ways people choose to discuss the news on social media. Parents in particular have a knack for posting borderline inane status updates when gun violence occurs, 9/11 is remembered, or marathon bombings uproot a whole city.

This time around, the government shutdown has inspired a few “classic” parent responses to what is essentially a huge national crisis with international ramifications (that will hopefully get resolved soon). Whether a parent is downplaying the seriousness of the shutdown, ranting nonsensically, or trotting out the old chestnut about moms never getting a day off, each of today’s examples typify how NOT to talk about the government shutdown on Facebook (unless you want your friends to roll their eyes, take a screenshot, and send that screenshot straight to STFU, Parents).

1. Who Run The World? Girls Moms

STFU Parents

Okay, the members of Congress who have effectively shut down the government are acting like a “bunch of babies,” yeah. That would be one way of putting it, if you want to sound like a simpleton mama who likens the federal government shutting down to babies who don’t get their own way or kindergarteners who don’t like to share. You could phrase it like that, if you’re the type who says things like, “Sucking it up and loving every minute of it!!!” with a goofy smile on your face as you fold teeny, tiny articles of clothing and pack school lunches. But to me, it’s a little ridiculous that every time something economically crippling happens in this country, the first thing parents do is yap about comparisons that make no sense.

Yes, it’s true that parenthood is not (or shouldn’t be) a job one can just up and quit, but it’s not, say, the same as a job that involves running the country in order to keep the economy chugging along and allowing people to use state parks they’ve paid for or attending jobs they work to make a living. No one who makes this “mommy/Congress” comparison ever sounds like the shutdown has personally affected them, and that’s what rubs me the wrong way. If it did (and eventually it would, if no negotiations were ever made), I’m guessing these “puddles and crock pots” updates wouldn’t exist.

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  • CMJ


  • AnonyMouse

    As a government employee with friends that are working for free, with the “promise” they will retrograde their pay, I can tell you this shut down is a real bitch, and we don’t need anyone like the people showcased in this post making something they don’t understand, all about them.

    • CMJ

      Exactly. If I have one more person tell me to “enjoy my vacation” I will scream.

    • JLH1986

      My hubs is an IRS employee as is my MIL and several good friends. They are freaking out, we are freaking out. We have some emergency fund but not enough. Not to mention you know the GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN. But most people seem blissfully unaware this could be really bad news or it’s all Obama’s fault. My head wants to explode.

    • Smishsmash

      I have this old high school friend who is a total starve the beast style tea party conservative. She’s currently crowing about how awesome it will be when we default on the debt and start reining in “big govt” and its unnecessary programs. the kicker? She’s a public elementary school teacher. The level of stupidity in these people is staggering.

    • Katherine Handcock

      I am so sorry to you, your coworkers, and everyone else in this situation. I can’t imagine how awful this situation is for all of you.

  • Cee

    I went to my cousin S’s baby shower this weekend and it was so awkward! Her sister, my other cousin, J was hosting. She married a wannabe NRAer redneck and she hosted the babyshower. When we played some Price is Right game, she kept saying “guess the price of (insert baby crap) BEFORE Obamacare.” Everything had a tagline having to do with Obamacare or “Thanks Obama” It was so awkward. I got drunk.
    Thanks Obama!

    • EmmaFromÉire
    • EmmaFromÉire

      sorry if that’s a bit harsh, but i have zero time for the BECAUSE OBAMA crowd!

    • Cee

      Oh no, not at all.

      I’m all for constructive dialogue. I know my leanings are not the same as my cousin’s or any conservative, but can accept someone with different beliefs as long as they are not ignorantly parroting remarks they hear from a biased outlet. Besides a baby shower was not the best place to sneak in political agenda.

      I felt so bad for my pregnant cousin who just kinda sat there. Everyone just laughed awkwardly. I live in California, so not many people shared my cousin’s “humor.”

    • Rachel Sea

      I am so embarrassed that three of the jackasses holding the government hostage are from CA. Forget splitting the state north and south, I want to split from those three districts.

    • Cee

      Haha how do you propose it splits?

    • Rachel Sea
    • Cee

      Hah Im surprised (and a little happy) Orange county is not there. I like Orange County every now and then. I’ve been to other parts of Southern California Ive felt more harped on for being brown or poor.

    • Rachel Sea

      Orange County isn’t so bad, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties might as well be AZ for all their wacky anti-everyone who isn’t at-least-middle-class, hetero, and white. My grandma-in-law lives down there, and the neighbors give my wife and I quite the stink eye when we visit.

    • EmmaFromÉire

      There are few places more in appropriate than a baby shower to start talking politics, can’t imagine how weird that must have been!

    • Cee

      It was just awkward, especially cuz she was hosting it, talking nonsene…on a microphone all.the.time.
      I just drank.

    • BigBlue

      I’m just jealous you had booze at the baby shower. That would never fly where I’m from. We always pray instead.

    • Sundaydrive00

      My friends don’t even serve booze at wedding showers.

    • Tinyfaeri

      ?! That’s just wrong.

    • Cee

      Pray?! lol I’d pray for booze

      Its the perk of being in a Mexican family. There is ALWAYS booze

    • JLH1986

      I’m a pastey glow in the dark white girl and we have booze at everything. Because it’s Kentucky and what else are we going to do? The last baby shower I went to we had bourbon slushes! Hells yea. Had to get dropped off and picked up because yea… I knew what was up.

    • Guest

      I’m not having a baby! Jealous?

    • goofyjj

      this is what i see

    • goofyjj

      Wow. my jaw dropped when I saw “California”. Kentucky – maybe. Alabama – Absolutely!

      How do they deal with dem dere homosexuals and “illegals”???

    • JayneL

      Outside of the larger cities in Ky the level of stupid redneck is off the charts. Every time something embarrassingly stupid happens I always cross my fingers it’s not Ky…again. D:

    • CMJ

      “Thanks, Obama!” is my sarcastic response to everything now because it’s just SO ridiculous.

      My curling iron is on the fritz! Thanks, Obama!

    • Cee

      Mine too!

      I got in a fight with my girlfriend yesterday! Thanks, Obama!

    • Sarah Hollowell

      My cat got out of his collar for the third time today! Thanks, Obama!

      (This is my favorite thing to do, seriously.)

    • sarrible

      I got a refund from my health insurance company because they didn’t spend enough of my premiums on my care last year. THANKS OBAMA!

    • CMJ

      Hey now…you’re being rational.

    • Dasher11

      I have health insurance through the government even though I have an incurable chronic disease. THANKS OBAMA.

    • Lindsayface47

      Same here!

      I just stubbed my toe. THANKS, OBAMA.

    • sambec

      My favorite is when gas prices go up and people start bitching. But now, gas prices are down and has anyone said anything?

      NO. Thanks, Obama!

    • Sundaydrive00

      Gas went up 10 cents yesterday. Thanks Obama.

    • Lori B.

      I got a free breast pump because breastfeeding supplies are now covered by health insurance. Thanks, Obama!

    • Rachel Sea

      My cat is having surgery, and I forgot my lunch.

      Thanks, Obama!

    • CanYouTellImNotAmerican

      Temporarily misplaced my socks.

      Thanks, Cameron!

    • Helen Hyde

      My tea went cold. Thanks, Cameron!

    • Shelly Lloyd

      I hope your kitty feels better after surgery.

    • Rachel Sea

      Thanks, me too. She’s a rescue who had had a terrible adventure that partially amputated her foot, before I found her in the desert 9 years ago. She just had a tumor removed from her stump, we’re hoping it’s benign. She takes everything with perfect grace, and composure, so I know, no matter what, she’ll be okay.

      And the fact that she is currently stoned out of her gourd on pain meds doesn’t hurt.

    • Pappy

      Sing soft kitty to her. After all, injured and drugged is a kind of sick!
      Seriously though, I hope she does well. Hugs!

    • lemon floor wax

      My kids are driving me crazy. Thanks, OBAMA!

    • llama

      I’m feeling way too lazy to get up and take a shower, and my hair is just so greasy I can’t stand it. Thanks, Obama!!

    • Sri

      My uncle insisted that Obamacare was going to let my mother die because of death panels. She did that on her own anyway, but we had a grand old time, the two of us, shouting “death panels” whenever anyone got a minor injury like a stubbed toe or a paper cut, and I still do it sometimes.

      I also pull the “thanks, Obama” whenever I can. Whole Foods is out of chicken sausage? Thanks, Obama!

    • goofyjj

      the sad thing is, if ObamaCare was implemented in January of 2012, my brother would still be alive and my mother wouldn’t have lost her leg…..

      but yes, when i ran out of sanitary napkins on monday, i had to put the blame where it should be – THANKS OBAMA!

    • Bethany Ramos

      Thanks, Obama! is the new #firstworldproblems

    • Katie Delia
    • Amber Starr

      I ate at Taco Bell and now it is World War III in my gutty-works…. THANKS, OBAMA.

    • Annona

      We’re doing that too. On the good end, my doctor’s appointment today was free, so thanks Obama! On the bad end, the grocery store was out of my husband’s favorite ice cream, and his “I blame Obama” got us mean mugged at the checkout because apparently he looked too serious.

    • Allyson_et_al

      My (liberal, sarcastic) 10-year-old has been yelling, “I blame Obama!” whenever anything goes wrong. I’m afraid people won’t know he’s kidding.

    • CMJ

      I love your kid.

    • Allyson_et_al

      Thanks. I’m doing a pretty good job of indoctrinating him with my evil, liberal ways.

    • Pappy

      Go team! ;-)

    • goofyjj

      that kid is my hero!

    • Music Mamma

      Smash cakes for everyone! Thanks, Obama!

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Oh yes, this is all because obama doesn’t like his own idea. Poor pwecious can’t even complete her homework!

  • EmmaFromÉire

    There’s too much to even begin with here.

    • Tracy

      Arrogant narcissist is the new uppity. It’s more PC, dontcha know?

    • BigBlue

      This is my fav ever!

  • Jallun-Keatres

    “Xandy” was the name of my cousins’ childhood pissy cat so all I can picture is a grumpy tortoiseshell with glasses hammering on the keyboard… lol

  • TngldBlue

    The last 2 felt more like STFU Conservatives than STFU Parents but hey, calling people morons because they have a different view than you seems to be par for the course these days. That being said, Annalise needs a lesson on a thing called the library and I’d love to take Elisa along with me to the food bank this weekend and see just how amusing she finds it after 8 hours of talking to families struggling to feed their kids because of the shutdown.

    • Paul White

      To be fair though, Xandy *is* an idiot; telling people to unfriend him because they hold different views besides “All Obama’s fault” is stupid in a very objective sense.

    • Powers

      Annalee’s an idiot, too, since she thinks the shutdown is happening because Obama doesn’t want his family subjected to Obamacare.

      I mean, just for starters, if that was the problem, wouldn’t he be happy to have it repealed?

  • SusannahJoy

    Ok two things. First of all “Buy you a cabin”? Ugh! I bet this guy also complains about how people need to speak English cuz this is ‘Murica! Also, I’m a mom, and I get to drink beer. I don’t get to get drunk at 9am anymore, but I totally have a beer or two most nights.

    • Amber Starr



  • Amber Starr

    And THIS is one of the reasons why 70% of my friends list does not show in my FB news feed. All of these armchair government experts make my head hurt. I love them, and they are friends and family, but some of them post such stupid goddamn drivel that I get a for-real headache.

    I still say that “socialist” is the new “n-word”. These hillbillies can’t tell the brown guy to move to the back of the bus, so instead, they call him a muslim socialist. They can deny their racist motives all they want, but it’s painfully obvious.

    • Paul White

      Nah; socialist has been used as a perjorative against leftist since I was a kid, well before Obama had left Chicago.

    • Amber Starr

      I guess I never really noticed it before this current administration. I stand corrected :)

    • Sundaydrive00

      I’m about to start doing this.

      There needs to be a way to filter posts based on content. I don’t want to see any posts that have Obama in them. I don’t want to hear how my cousin is dressing up as Obama so she can go around and steal kids’ candy (what?) or how he is a socialist, or how he is trying to make white people poor so we have to work in the cotton fields or whatever other nut job status someone comes up with.

      But I still want to see cute kid pictures, pet pictures, and other non political happenings in their lives, so I don’t want to block them… but I also don’t want to have the urge to punch my friends and family in the face whenever I see them.

    • Jenn

      Sunday, yes, yes yes, my problem exactly. I want to see my cute new nieces and nephews, so I hide all posts except pictures, but then they post pictures with like, mom and toddler with a gun and a “Don’t let Obama take away your little girls protection” slogan thing and the rage starts again.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      So, what you need to do is create that Un-baby me thing, but for politics? Or where you could put in your own keywords? Maybe that exists?

    • flax

      Actually, lets you put in your own keywords! I use it for gym updates and the shutdown, myself.

    • LiteBrite

      I go through the same thing. Most of my family and friends are conservative. The majority are pretty reasonable (including my own right-leaning husband), but there are a few who are just out there, and I find myself hiding a lot of stuff in my newsfeed. I mean, I like these people so I want to see pics of their kids, and their cats, and their lunch, but I don’t necessarily have to like their politics, right?

      However, I did unfriend an acquaintance this past weekend due to her constant political postings. If she at least posted about her life, or her kids, or her dogs once in awhile I would’ve kept her in my list, but every single stinkin’ post was some Tea Party message. The last straw for me was when she called Obama a “POS.” At that point I had to wonder why we were even “friends” if all I was doing was hiding every single thing she posted.

    • Jenn

      Oh my god Amber, the first half is my problem, too! Only my relatives are political and I like to stay neutral but I ALWAYS start controversy by deliberately posting opposing views in the comments. My family knows I’m being obnoxious and playing devils advocate because I don’t want to be a pitchfork wielding mob member, but friends of my relatives start commenting and they seethe with hate for me. It’s to piss them all off.

    • Ginny

      Nailed it! Closet racism is all it is.

  • Chuck Grantham

    What a great article. There is way too much of this talk going on in my social streams.

  • allisonjayne

    Seriously, I’m a parent, and I do not understand all these posts about how ‘moms never get a day off’ and ‘my job is being a mom’ and so on. You never get a break? Take a damn break. These always seem to be coming from folks who seem to be well-off enough that affording a babysitter or swapping with a friend or whatever shouldn’t be out of their means, but they actually enjoy being a martyr about it because…actually I have no idea why. Don’t be a martyr, take a damn break.

    Also, you have to “go dry shoes”? Like what, are you blowing on them?

    • HS

      I saw that too! And everything else, you wrote exactly what I was thinking.

    • Kim

      I must ‘dry’ shoes wrong. I just leave them in the laundry.

    • Polyamorous Mom

      for some reason, i was picturing her running out to buy new dry ones because the wet ones just wouldnt be good enough for her kids. (even thoguh it didnt say that)

    • Blueathena623

      My kid went with my MIL to Virginia from Wednesday to Monday. It was a lovely break.

    • allisonjayne

      I went away for a week for work when my kid was 18 months. At that point, I hadn’t been away from her longer than the 8 hours or so of daycare, and she’d only started that 6 months prior. I had a few people ask me how I was going to do it, how they could never leave their kid that long, how I must be stressing about it so much, how I must be so upset and whatever. Um, no. I was THRILLED. Did I mention I got to go to fucking PRAGUE for FREE? The only part I was worried about was how my wife was going to handle solo parenting for a whole week. Sure, I missed my kid, but I knew she was fine and I had an amazing time.

    • Katherine Handcock

      Oh, I totally cannot wait for my kids to be able to do something like that! My parents have been very upfront with me that they aren’t comfortable doing overnights etc. with the kids until they’re a little older, and when that day comes, you will probably be able to hear the sonic boom as I leave the area.

    • Polyamorous Mom

      the hubs is watching the kids while im away next weekend!! weeeee

    • Katherine Handcock

      Only the sweet breath of a dedicated mother can PROPERLY dry a precious angel’s shoes, but if you were a REAL mom, you would know that ;-)

  • Tinyfaeri

    The whole thing makes me so mad. I’ve hidden most of the people who would be like the above, but the news in general is making me rage-strokey lately, and sending my representative (who is one of the assholes holding our country hostage to defund something they haven’t been able to legally vote out of law, what, 40 times? 41?) daily hate mail. I may have to get Jason Jones’s skit from last night’s Daily Show on repeat. The one thing I agree with in any of the snippets above is that an unfortunate number of our representatives are acting like children.

    • EcnoTheNeato

      (oddly enough, if you’re a “Hitchiker’s Guide” fan…)

  • Zoe Lansing

    People who only care about things once they are (or their children) are personally affected seriously piss me off.My brother is furloughed and since my sister-in-law is currently on unpaid maternity leave.They have a newborn and no income yet are still far more concerned about others affected than themselves.They are fortunate enough not to have to live pay-check-to-pay-check or rely on government subsidies so they’ll still be able to pay their bills and provide for their child despite the shutdown.They also don’t have a child with cancer whose only hope is treatment at NIH that’s currently unavailable due to the shutdown.This is a huge inconvenience for them but the people who may not be able to feed their families,pay their rent or get necessary medical treatment are the people they are worried about.Meanwhile, my fiance’s cousin was over for dinner the other night.I mentioned the shutdown and she,an educated adult with a television, computer and access to the internet,had no idea what I was talking referring to.I started to explain it to her and she interrupted me saying politics bore her.Fine,I said,but politics aside,this is something that’s affecting a lot of people.I starting telling her about WIC and the NIH trials because ,as someone who always talks about how much she loves children,I honestly thought she would want to know about how some kids are being hurt by all this.Wrong.She let out a big sigh and reiterated the fact that politics are “boring”.We spent the rest of the night talking about movies and funny things her kids said.I love movies and her kids ARE hysterical so I have no problem talking about either and understand not everyone enjoys political discussions but seriously?Shouldn’t citizens at least know what’s going on in their own country?And then yesterday she posts on FB that the government shutdown is really making her angry now.Because her kid’s field trip to the Smithsonian next week might be postponed.Um,yeah.

    • Alicia

      I know it isn’t compulsory to vote in America but attitude like that scare me as an Australian where voting is compulsory. We invariably end up with people just voting for who their mates suggested or who the media pushes. Politics can be boring but you should have a basic interest in how the decisions these people make affect you and your fellow countrymen. I hope the shutdown ends soon. I don’t pretend to know the entire situation but not wanting to fund healthcare seems ludicrous to me. So glad I live in Australia.

    • jec

      I’m in Australia too. I don’t believe compulsory voting means people “just vote for who their mates suggested or who the media pushes”. Those types of people probably don’t know the correct procedure for voting (numbering all boxes) and end up voting informally. I like to think we have “compulsory turning up and getting your name crossed off the electoral roll” because there is no obligation after that has been done to actually cast a vote – though I do. This isn’t about compulsory voting (but if it was I’d defend it until the bitter end). I read a “beginners guide to the government shutdown” and watched a filmclip explaining how “Obamacare” would work, and – while no expert on it – I must say it made me very thankful we live in Australia where everyone can easily access free medical care. Medicare may have its faults (eg, gap fees, waiting lists) but it is just one reason we are called the Lucky Country.

  • Valerie

    Hum. The first one I kinda agree with on the basis that there are SOME Congress people being completely and utterly unreasonable in such a way that one could compare them to an angry tantrum-in-process toddler. However, I don’t really think that these are all that bad. They simply are not purposefully trying to be stupid, although Xandi may not fall under that category. They are making random and possibly moronic commentary and I support their right to do so. Everyone is not an intellectual. Everyone doesn’t really UNDERSTAND what is going on unless they are affected. But I really feel like you are over angry at nothing much at all. What are their stupid comments doing to you? If you are really so offended by the ignorance of other people, I’m sure you are pretty uncomfortable in public spaces. For that, you have my sympathy. However, there is a legitimate argument to be made that the gov’t did not NEED to shut down, that these people should have found a way to solve the issues at hand without this catastrophe. No head start, No WIC, no benefits for fallen soldiers, no FDA, no cancer trials, no FAA inspectors…etc. I mean, that’s a huge disservice to the American people. We put these a-holes in office to FIX problems, not create more serious ones!

    • CMJ

      They can say whatever they want but I have every right to be offended and angry about it…

      Weirdly enough, I am offended by the ignorance of others when it comes to this stuff because it impacts my livelihood and many others who I know and love and respect. I also love public spaces so I am not sure about your analogy.

      Additionally, I did not put these a-holes in office. The splinter group within the House that is driving this mess (and yes, THAT’s who is driving this mess) are a select group of jerks in extremely gerrymandered districts that only fear not being conservative enough. They aren’t feeling the impact of this because they won so handily in their districts that they can keep on being irrational and crazy.

    • EcnoTheNeato

      I hated when people were all “Hey, it’s no big deal. It doesn’t/hasn’t effected me at all! So what’s the fuss?”

      I have lots of friends in DC since I live on the east coast, and plenty in the armed forces, and even a few tree huggers that work in parks. Even a few on food programs that will be hurt if this continues into November. So plenty of my friends have been hit. Not me, though. But I’m not so stupid as to think that “lol, just because it doesn’t effect my life as a straight white christian male” means it doesn’t hurt others who may be less fortunate, or just in a different situation

    • Valerie

      I’m simply saying, that being “offended and angry” about ignorant comments does absolutely nothing. They will not become more informed. They will not CHANGE what they are doing and how they use social media. I guess that’s why I don’t really get the whole, “I’m so angry, I’m so offended by what so and so said,” rants because they do nothing to change the offender or the offense. Mocking these people doesn’t rectify the situation. But I guess your whole article success comes from doing so, so perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree.

      I meant the public sphere is full of idiotic people who say idiotic things, thus you may be really uncomfortable if Facebook posts make you so angry. I cannot imagine what tangible in-person stupidity does to you.

      The American people put these a-holes in office and as a collective “we” also did. Sure gerrymandered districts keeps them in office, but I still think of American people as a collective as I have no idea about specific individual voting choices. Anyhow, I completely agree that specific people (GOP) are the cause and I do place the blame fully on those at the root of this mess. I just would have like to see something productive from these comments.

      Mocking is oh so fun, but I just couldn’t get all riled up like I have to some of your posts. Mostly because I feel there is a huge disjointedness going on about what is happening in the gov’t and how it only affects a portion of the public. People are constantly mocking how NOTHING has changed, when it has, and they are too stupid to get it or feel empathy/outrage for what is going on. I get that it is offensive, but these particular people in this article just don’t really capture that completely outrageous ignorance, with the possible exception of Xandi. Whom I could also mock based simply on her name, on top of her ridiculously inaccurate comment. Maybe I was hoping for really outlandish comments and these disappointed me, as I have see some really insane things lately about the shutdown.

    • Dasher11

      Valerie, I understand what you are getting at, but you missed the point of the article. B does comment on the factually inaccurate political comments, but she doesn’t criticize the fact that debates are occurring. It’s not about the actual political debates — it’s about the parents who are making it about them. For example, even though Xandi is the more entertaining one on that post, Stefan is the one who meets the “STFU Parents” criteria.

  • Mariam Watt

    That the woman who thinks Senator Reid and President Obama are responsible for the Speaker’s refusal to bring up a vote- and that they are somehow “exempting themselves” from Obamacare (they already have insurance, genuis, so they’ve already complied with the mandate) is also homeschooling her child is just tragic. Kid doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Blueathena623

    Yes, I have had a field day sharing information with some of my right-leaning Facebook friends. My husband is of the belief that I shouldn’t bother because I won’t change anyone’s opinion, but I don’t care. That is how some of these people get their opinions — they surround themselves with same- thinking people and never step outside their bubble to hear the opposing side. Maybe I won’t change their opinion, but maybe one of their friends is on the fence and my comments help. And if they help no one, I still stood up for the truth.
    And one thing that no one seems to be listing, so I’ll put it out there — the CDC and its funding. You know, the organization that tracks disease outbreaks. Kind of a biggie.

    • JLH1986

      No joke, while reading a political rant about something I was admittedly not overly familiar with someone who posted something rational, discussing pros/cons of said initiative and why she was leaning for it made me do more research to confirm what she said and eventually agree with her. The crazy extremists or the ones who vote party lines hands down, no you probably won’t change them, but a rational post explaining something absolutely gets my attention. The “Screw Obama” and even “GOP sucks!” posts I ignore because that’s clearly unhelpful. So keep posting rational thoughts!

    • EcnoTheNeato

      Not to mention the FDA!

  • Magrat

    I dunno, I kinda like #2. Could be nice and sarcastic. Also, I get that mommyjacking is a dick thing to do, but since when did that turn into NEVER MENTION YOUR CHILD’S BIRTHDAY ON FACEBOOK ?

    • G.S.

      Ever since, “It’s Jason’s third birthday today! I can’t wait for cake and party later! :) ” somehow horribly mutated and became, “Oh, a horrible/big thing is going on right now in the world? BUT CAN’T THEY SEE IT’S PUWESHUS’S SUPER SPECIAL SACRED BIRTHDAY DAY TODAY?! THE SUN SHINES OUT HIS BUZZ LIGHTYEAR PULL-UP ADORNED ASS AND EVERYTHING!”

    • Lyn

      This. Mentioning the birthday? No problem. Twisting current events around to pretend your child’s birthday is somehow globally important is ridiculous.

    • JLH1986

      I can assure you that if my friend put “Happy Birthday Johnny, Smash cakes at my house!” I’d have wished Johnny a happy bday and had some smash cakes at his mom’s house. However If I saw that post in my feed, I’d be pretty peeved that she thought the government shutting down for her kids birthday was funny. Other than the fact that entire country should be concerned that huge chunks of the govt are shut down, her suggesting it was for her kids birthday is going to make that kid one giant pain in the ass one day because he’s *special* AND it’s offensive to people on her friends list who might be worrying about how they are going to buy groceries next week that she made it a joke.

    • Magrat

      I guess it depends on who’s posting it. If most of my friends did, I would know that there was a giant eye roll going along with it.

  • alwaysmoving

    Most of these are more like stfu, people that don’t think exactly like I think. Do any of you actually read the news? Do you not see that all of Congress, and their staff, and the white house staff, all have generous subsidies not available to everyone else? Do you not see all the barely-getting-by families that just saw their premiums triple? Duh, no one is against health care for everyone. They’re against being expected to pay 3-4 times more for the same or inferior care so they can subsidize everyone else.
    I’ve enjoyed the stfu parents blog for a long time, and my advice is to stay out of politics and stick to what you do well. Turning into the exact kind of judgy idiot you generally rail against is a bad move.

    • Dr. Apothecary

      Umm, I have access to news, and I actually read it. Congress is not getting subsidies. They are actually being forced to give up their health insurance for Federal employees, and the money that they would have gotten to pay for those plans (which is, you know, a benefit and if suddenly taken away, would amount to a pretty big pay cut) is now available to pay for a plan on the exchanges instead. If they choose not to have insurance, they would have to pay the penalty on their taxes, and since they likely make a decent amount, that would be a lot.


      And while some are seeing their premiums rise, many others aren’t. Many with pre-existing conditions can now get insurance and don’t have lifetime caps. This may be news to you, but premiums tend to rise every year. More people with insurance and less un-insured will actually decrease our healthcare costs over time.


      My insurance, through my husband’s work, is staying pretty much the same. When his job ends next year, if I’m still working per diem, we now will have a way to pay for insurance that is a better, less expensive option than COBRA plans.

      Telling the truth does not make you an idiot. Posting lies that you happened to hear and think are true does.

    • alwaysmoving

      An opinion, like that it’s all Boehner’s fault or all Obama’s fault, is not a lie because it is not based in fact. Like it or not, as Americans we are all allowed to believe what we like and insulting people that think differently is juvenile and unhelpful. Also like it or not, having a slim majority in government does not mean that the minority representatives should then ignore the wishes of the constituents they represent. Nearly half the country is opposed to Obamacare, and their opinion counts just as much as that of those in favor. Obama and Reid are the ones that have consistently said they will not negotiate or compromise. The House has put forward dozens of offers for compromise based on what their constituents want, and the Senate has repeatedly replied with a playground-worthy “No! Everything has to be OUR way!” Just the other day Obama said that he would compromise just as soon as he got everything he wanted. If that doesn’t sound like a child, I don’t know what does.

      As far as subsidies for congressional staff are concerned, citing an opinion piece as a basis for calling facts lies is not very convincing. Try

      It clearly states the FACT that as it stands, staffers get a subsidy of $5.000 for singles and $12,000 for families. That’s pretty generous by my standards.

      And as far as premium rises, I have seen in the news and in my life literally hundreds of people whose premiums have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc. That is far more than typical yearly increases. That’s great that your insurance is staying the same. Because you personally are happy doesn’t mean that everyone else has the same experience or has to like it.

      Again, NO ONE is saying we don’t need a better healthcare system. They are saying that a poorly designed (see the multiple headlines about the useless website), poorly planned (making senior citizens pay for obstetric care) and unfairly implemented (expanding care for the sick at the expense of the healthy) system is the wrong choice.

      As far as decreasing costs, see the government’s own GAO study.

      The Senate just asked for another TRILLION dollars in debt. Do you really think cost containment is this administration’s priority?

      So what was that about repeating lies I might have heard? Who is citing facts, and who is repeating partisan opinions and hurling insults? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    • CMJ

      So why didn’t the House go to Committee to negotiate budget the19 times Senate requested it before the shutdown?

    • alwaysmoving

      I think “most” Americans getting benefits is where you’re wrong. If “most” people got such generous benefits, then why would we need ACA? And the number of people getting those benefits is shrinking rapidly under the ACA because private companies are either doing away with them or reducing their staff to part time work to avoid it. They are able to see that this is unsustainable.

      And the House has tried repeatedly to negotiate, but it’s difficult to do so with people who think the definition of “negotiate” is “bully the other side and stonewall until we get exactly what we want.” I’m not saying the House is blameless. Far from it. I think the whole lot of bums should be tossed out and President Obama impeached for the incredible number of illegal acts that have happened on his watch. But as that seems unlikely, I have to side with the ones that are at least attempting to exercise some fiscal responsibility. This video is a clear explanation of the problem with our government as currently run.

      Can you run your household like the government runs the country?

    • CMJ

      I was quoting the article you cited…from NPR.

    • Dr. Apothecary

      Umm… so, my source by an editor of a major newspaper is an opinion piece and therefore not reputable. Your FACT article is a blog post from NPR. Yup, a lot more credible. They’re both accurate (and amazingly enough, say the exact same thing); I just find it hilarious that you consider my source less reputable. I think an editor at a major newspaper is more than capable of getting facts straight. If not, they would need a different job.

      You don’t seem to understand that any job that offers benefits of health insurance is paying a lot of money for said benefits. Those subsidies are not unreasonable for what the insurance plans would have cost. I don’t like that jobs are cutting benefits either, but if people got them and are no longer getting them, that is a huge pay cut. I don’t have a job with benefits, but I don’t wish my friends who get health insurance and retirement contributions should suddenly lose theirs.

      The exchanges are experiencing technical difficulties, which should be fixed by the time everyone needs to use them (6 months is a long time for IT fixes). Senior citizens aren’t paying for obstetric care, as they would be on Medicare. If you mean someone who’s 55, well, that’s how insurance works (I pay for care for people who don’t take care of themselves; I pay for someone to get a broken leg repaired after skiing, even though I don’t ski). And as for unfairly implemented, you obviously didn’t read the other article I posted. We already pay for care for the uninsured every time we pay a medical bill.

      The comments I’ve read from people who don’t support the ACA are always bringing up “facts” that are untrue, which means they don’t support it because they don’t understand it. The lies out there on the ACA are astonishing (no, there are no death panels; no, you won’t be forced to pay for abortion; no, you won’t have your house taken away if you can’t pay the penalty). You don’t understand how insurance works, obviously, or you wouldn’t have posted the above.

      You want to know how we got out of the Great Depression? Our government spent money on road construction and put money into projects, leading to jobs. Cutting, cutting, and more cutting will just lead to miserable unemployed people who aren’t contributing to the economy. You don’t understand the debt issue either; that money has already been spent. It’s like you being at the max of your credit limit on a card and telling the company to lower your limit because you don’t want to be in that much debt. That’s what will happen if we don’t raise the debt ceiling.

      Republicans shut down the government, costing us actual money for no good reason (money that could be paying down our debts), to overturn a law (or ask for “compromise”) that was made over 3 years ago and declared legal by the SCOTUS. I don’t think the Democrats should “compromise” one bit, because there’s nothing to compromise over. A law that has been passed is done. You don’t hold the government hostage because you don’t like it. If the Democrats were refusing to pass a budget because the ACA had been voted down, I would be just as pissed at them. If the Democrats compromise now, every single controversial law will be able to be overturned by a small majority by threat of a government shutdown. That is NOT a good precedent.

    • CMJ

      For the record, the people who’s premiums are tripling are people who were paying for “catastrophic” insurance plans that only covered minimal things and you had to meet an astronomical deductible. Those plans are technically not legal under ACA and people have to get plans that actually cover things like well-care and doctors visits. So yes, their premiums have gone up but they are actually getting comprehensive coverage as opposed to what they had before….which, if you’ve ever actually read those catastrophic plans, is pretty terrifying.

  • pkjane

    I don’t understand how the govt. shutdown is hindering Rose’s homeschooling.

    • AP

      Because the government shut down many websites because “there’s no funds for the server time.” Just as they locked the national parks “because no one can use them if the government is shut down.” She probably needed that website for her assignment and of course, homeschooling is just so RIGID that they can’t work around that information gap for the week.

      My husband’s trying to write a research grant, and the website with the instructions on it is (word count, font size, key dates, etc.,) is under the shutdown, too. It’s idiotic.

    • EcnoTheNeato

      It shouldn’t be. Because books (and libraries!) still exist and run
      just fine. Heck, other credible websites also work. The only thing I can
      think of is this (homeschool assigned) homework needed some sort of
      citation from a government-funded website (specifically).

      In other words, as B mentioned, the kid SHOULD be just fine but Annalee is failing as a teacher and a parent in that post o_O

      (honestly, I think it’s just a platform for her to get all political)

    • KatDuck

      In her slight defense, there’s lots of options now for homeschooling that range from part-time private schooling, online classes, and more. The kid might be in one of those and so getting her grades elsewhere. So that’s the defense. The other side? This is a great time to learn how to, oh, SHOOT OUT AN EMAIL to the teacher and ask what she should do, assuming that the website is the ONLY place she can get the info. Great life lesson on how to deal with unexpected crap.

  • brebay

    Bet Annalee’s daughter is totally freaking out that she won’t get her assignment in on time, and her teacher won’t understand, and she’ll get a bad grade…oh, wait, mom gets to pick her grades…tragedy averted.

  • MammaSweetpea

    What, pray tell, is a Smash Cake? And up here in Canada, we blame the Prime Minister when shit goes wrong, too. But we mean it….

    • Marie

      A smash cake is a little cake you get for a first birthday that the baby smashes while eating. It’s mostly for pictures.

    • MammaSweetpea

      Ahhh…ok thanks! It’s one of those, “Look how ADORBS my little snookums is!” photo ops.

  • Aron

    Yeah because when Reagan was in office the democrats didn’t shut the government down 6 of his 8 years. Oh wait they did. This country does have a huge overspending problem and if this is what it takes to fix it. It needs to be done and Obama care is not affordable. All it does is make you have to pay insurance companies. We need to fix the healthcare system and this isn’t it. We need to go to nonprofit if we really want to fix healthcare.