There May Be a ‘Happy Marriage’ Gene That You Can Blame Your Hellish Divorce On

happy marriage bookWhile children of divorce are more likely to grow up and also divorce, the notion that nuptial bliss all comes to your genetic code makes all those “work it out” adages seem even more futile. Resist the urge to ring up that marriage counselor and demand alllll that money back, now.

Slate reports that some researchers are floating the theory that a happy marriage can come down to genetics, specifically a gene that is inherited from both mother and father that makes one all the more likely to weather the tough times and enjoy the good.

But lest you think those who lack the “happy marriage” gene are doomed to a life of perpetual divorce, researchers suggest that these individuals are actually happier when they encounter someone with their same gene “deficiency.”

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  • AnonyMouse

    I once had a long chat with a divorce lawyer (we were both stuck in a waiting room) and I asked her what she thought the most common reason for divorce was, in her opinion and experience. She said unrealistic expectations. She told me that was the most common thing she saw time and time again, not cheating or abuse, although she had seen that too. People, not just men, and not just women, have unrealistic and unfair expectations of their partner. They don’t view them as fallible human beings. So, when things don’t play out the way they expect them to, they reach a point where they are done. I thought that was interesting,

    • AnonyMouse

      Also, I’m not sold on this theory. Of course they get along better with people more like themselves, everyone does, that does’t mean it’s a gene “deficiency.” I rank this up there with the one that says men with thinner lips are more likely to be unfaithful. The fact of the matter is we are higher mammals with a well developed brain. People need to own what they do instead of blaming certain things on genes. A genetic disorder is one thing, but divorce? That’s not a genetic disorder, that’s something that happens for various reasons regarding the parties involved, whatever those reasons may be. I’m not criticizing people who get divorced, I’m sure they have their reasons, I just don’t think it’s genetic. If it were a true “deficiency” they wouldn’t really be able to have a healthy marriage ever. “Deficiencies” don’t just turn off like that.

    • Blueathena623

      I totally see the “don’t view them as fallible human beings” thing. We both legit forget things sometime, but believe the other is slacking on purpose. We both say things that come out snippy without meaning it, but the other person is obviously being mean on purpose.

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