20 Families In Family-Themed Halloween Costumes That Brought Their ‘A’ Game

Family-themed Halloween costumes can be difficult to execute 1). because it’s trying to get kids to agree on anything and 2). because they’re generally a taller order than whatever comes in the $19.99 bag. Halloween fans who are going all out on their octopus pies are usually the ones that can execute a family- themed costume with pizzazz. It often times calls for a certain spirit, let’s say, which can manifest in some swanky accessories.

But full on Star Wars armor doesn’t necessarily guarantee a family Halloween presence. The following costumes dodn’t all look like they cost a huge chunk of change (but some seriously do). Nevertheless, all these families brought their ‘A’ game come Halloween photo op time.

1. Toy Story

2. Steampunk Family

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas


4. Peter Pan and Co

5. Super Family!

6. Jedi Family

7. The Incredibles

8. Pioneer Family

9. Beetlejuice



10. A Viking Clan 

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  • keelhaulrose

    We tried to convince my daughter to go as Gru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, but she wouldn’t go for it. There’s a Disney princess with her hair color (Merida) and come hell or high water she’s going as that princess (at least I can go crazy with her hair).

    • Andy

      My three year old daughter has curly red hair and was Merida last year. Since there were no two year old costumes or patterns on the market I had to use a dress pattern and draft the sleeves. It was worth it to see her excitement on Halloween.

    • Jackie

      My 4 year old wanted us to go as Gru and minions (Gru being my husband, and her, our 1 year old, and me as minions) We wanted to but couldn’t afford to get all the costumes LOL

  • alice

    Those padawans look like they’re one cosplay convention away from declaring Star Wars (and their parents) “like, the lamest thing, EVER”


  • Sara610

    There are all awesome, but I gotta say…….if I could wear what the mom in the Incredibles picture is wearing and look like that, I would be wearing that effing costume every single day. Including Christmas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

    I love The Labrinth one!!!! If my step sons back out on me for Halloween this year (like they did last year), we are so going as that! This yeah, we have the whole Wizard of Oz crew. I am Dorothy, my husband is The Scarecrow, the step sons are the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man, and my two year old is Toto. All costumes (except Baby Toto) are homemade, too. Picked up piece by piece somewhere along the way. Will post pictures. :)

  • kay

    That labyrinth costume makes me want to do a family costume. Baby doesn’t know what I’m doing to her anyways, might as well put eyeliner on my husband!

  • Amber Starr

    The Labyrinth costumes are AWESOME! The only thing missing is 463058670 pounds of glitter! Oh, I can’t freakin wait to pop this kid out so I can dress in her in some Toby-jammies and sing “Dance Magic” with her. Allegedly.

    Any the Beetlejuice family is really freakin fabulous! Those kids have some badass parents :)

  • G.S.

    Dude! I’m totes hoping to do Labyrinth, too! I’ve got a blue-eyed, blonde, 10-month-old cousin, so if I’m still at my aunt’s come Halloween, it’s happening. I’m still going to buy her the striped sleeper and dress up like Sarah and take pictures with her even if I’m not able to make Halloween, though.

  • Jessie

    That Labyrinth costume is ALL of the awesome. They win at life, FOREVER.

  • Life-Sized Mommy

    My son would flip over us going as bats. He’s been on this kick for months where he pretends the whole family is bats. (I’m Mommy-bat, he’s Kid-bat, there’s Baby-bat, etc.) Even at the grocery store, we have to get fruit like grapes, because that’s what bats eat.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    The Beatlejuice one is awesome.
    Now I’m trying to rack my brain to come up with a family costume…my kid is going to be a tiger…I don’t want to be a tiger-tamer because ugh. Maybe my wife can be a hyena and I can be a broken zebra and we can be Life of Pi.

  • MikRose

    Kind of think the Toy Story one should be Jessie and Buzz with the baby being a mix of both.

  • My2bits

    The S’mores are awesome! I am totally stealing that if I can convince my 4 year old to dress like a chocolate bar.

  • Jennah Barnes

    Great costume ideas especially the labyrinth, Bowie!! Wish i found this site earlier.

    We have decided to go for the Monsters University costume this year http://topblackfriday.hubpages.com/hub/Family-Halloween-Costume-Ideas