Cute Couple With Special Needs Nominated For Homecoming Court By Classmates And I Wanna Go Too

shutterstock_144909127__1380277041_74.134.205.46This story is the best and you know what else is the best? Readers like TngldBlue who sent me this for our “Teens Don’t Always Suck” file, which is growing! So get this, about two weeks ago 15-year-old freshman Aidan Silverton decided he wanted to ask his friend Hannah Abdelkader to their homecoming dance at Grand Blanc High School. He asked his mom and his younger sister for help, so Aidan made a posted inviting Hannah and showed up with a dozen roses and also made a chalk drawing on the driveway, Hannah said yes, of course, because how you can resist a poster and roses AND a chalk drawing? Hannah’s younger sister grabbed a snap of all of this, posted it to Twitter, and it quickly went viral amongst the freshman class who decided to make the dance even more special for the couple, and nominated them for homecoming prince and princess.


“They’re some of the nicest people. They’re always smiling and having a good time,” said freshman Brogen Witucki, 14. “I think it’s because everyone loves them. And we’re really happy they’re able to go to school with us.”

Aidan and Hannah, who are in the same special education program at the high school, have been friends since elementary school. The teens are happy, friendly, outgoing and well-liked by their fellow classmates.

The article states the couple will also be dining at The Redwood Lodge before the dance on Saturday. I hope they have the BEST TIME EVER!

Aidan is going to sport a tie for the special occasion and Hannah will be wearing high heels – a first for the teen, her mom Julita Abdelkader said.

“She’s very excited,” Abdelkader said.


I am also VERY EXCITE! I get all sappy over teenage rituals like this and add to the fact that we all have heard cases of kids with special needs being bullied and here they are, price and princess, so take that suckas. I hope they have the most wonderful night ever. And I hope Julita takes a million snaps and has a pile of Kleenex on hand because all moms need that on big dance nights!

(Photo: val lawless/shutterstock)

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  • TngldBlue

    It was such a cute story I couldn’t resist sending it! And seriously, how refreshing to see kids doing something totally cool when it seems like so many these days would’ve chosen to be mean instead…gives me the warm fuzzies.

    • Eve Vawter

      You cheered me up so much (My MIL is visiting :( )

    • TngldBlue

      I’m glad I was able to cheer you up, even if fleetingly! I hope you have some vodka stashed under the bathroom sink.

  • Rachel Sea

    I love when the mean kids don’t win the popularity contest. I hope Aidan and Hannah and their awesome classmates have an amazing time.

  • Momma425

    This is so sweet, I love it.
    When I was in high school, this assface from one of my classes suggested that it would be hilarious to vote for a less popular girl to be homecoming princess one year…and when she was stunned and excited during the assembly when they announced her name as homecoming royalty for our grade level, a group of the mean popular kids threw garbage at her, and laughed at her. I felt SO bad for that girl, and I will never ever forget her face, standing in the gym in front of the entire assembly and getting garbage thrown at her and getting laughed at. It was cruelty at it’s finest.
    These kids seem sweet and I am glad they have the support of their classmates. How awesome! It is this kind of stuff that you grow up and want to remember about your high school days, truly.

    • Eve Vawter

      Man I cannot upvote this or downvote this. I downvote the awful story but upovote your last two sentences!

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Where you in the high school from Carrie?

  • kay

    My high school had the life skills program for the district, so we had the kids with the highest needs. They were voted as part of the homecoming and prom court each year-”duke and duchess”-got crowns, rode in convertibles at the homecoming game, the whole shebang.
    Our school was weirdly good on special ed overall-the norm was to be nice and treat them like people. And if everyone’s being awesome the peer pressure is to be awesome too! I hope the same is the case for my daughter’s future schools.

  • G.S.

    This is so cute!! ^^ My old highschool did something kind of similar last year at the Halloween assembly when they voted a super sweet special needs girl Best Halloween Costume. She was a red M&M, and she was so happy about that. Actually, the whole school is super nice and inclusive to the special needs kids, it’s really sweet.