TGI Friday Open Thread: All My Teen Heartthrobs Looked Like Lady Boys

bowieGrowing up, there were so many boys to swoon over as far as rock stars, movie stars, and teen heartthrobs. Who do young girls today have? Bieber? One Direction? Sparkle vampires?


I don’t know if it’s because I am old or because girls today have it sucky, but there are no decent famous boys to have crushes on. Back in the day we had Michael Jackson and Matt Dillon and Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life!

I’m even trying to think of who young gay girls can crush on and I guess they have slim pickins’ too.

I asked all the ladies in the Gloss and Mommyish office who they had crushes on when they were teens.

Koa Beck: David Bowie in Labyrinth 



Me too me too me too!

Meghan Keane 

I didn’t have a crush on anyone famous because I was too alternative but I had crushes on guys from local punk bands who played the drums.


Joanna:  Adam Brody 


Sam Escobar: Leonardo Dicaprio 


Carrie Murphy: Prince William 

Julia “Unexplained Downstairs Action” Sonenshein said she had a crush on: 

also any man who would pay attention to me, so REALLY my high shcool history teacher we played risk with him and another teacher it was erotic I think it paved the way for my history game-based sexual fantasies


which is why you NEVER ask Julia the simple question “what celeb did you have a teen crush on?”

She then sent me this gif.

I would also like to add Prince and Adam Ant and any other effeminate fancy dude to my list.

So who did you swoon over as a teen and who are your girls swooning over now? Go go go!

(Image: Tumblr)

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  • CMJ

    When I was a teen I swooned over Jakob Dylan:

    And, I have no teen girls, so I will tell you who my 31 year-old inner teen girl loves:

  • Muggle

    Apparently I was supposed to be all into Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner when I was a teenager, during the Twilight craze… but, I found Cam Gigandet soooooo much hotter. It was the first time I ever rooted for a villain in a movie/book simply on the basis that he was hothothothot.

  • Mystik Spiral

    Why do I get the feeling that this comment section is going to make me feel old? I listened to, and had crushes on, many of the 80′s hair bands. Most of all Bret Michaels.

    And John Stamos. Still crushing on that guy and he looks 100x better now than Uncle Jesse ever could…

    • LiteBrite

      True dat. In his “Full House” days I never could see the hype. But now? Oh baby.

  • EX

    Andrew McCarthy. Can’t really see it now though…

    • alice

      over RDJ? I couldn’t.

    • EX

      I think I found Andrew McCarthy (or his characters? They were all the same, right?) sort of real and relatable. I do have to say RDJ and Rob Lowe aged the best out of those “brat pack” guys. They are both way hotter now than ever.

  • JustAGuest

    Jon Bon Jovi. I have no idea why, looking back, but I thought he was the most amazing thing ever.

    • CW

      I didn’t think all that much of him in the ’80′s but he has totally gotten hotter as he has aged.

  • alice

    Kiefer Sutherland & Jason Patric from the Lost Boys. I fantasized about being with either one of them in that movie. Like major tag team fantasies at an inappropriately young age. I hated Jami Gertz. I could’ve totally been their vampire princess sex slave for eternity.

    (sidenote: I didn’t make the connection till just now that *MY* vampire fantasy film growing up was like, waaay cooler that Twilight)

  • Shelly Lloyd

    Sean Bean. Enough Said.

    • Evelyn

      ‘Nuff said indeed.

    • Simone

      You speak for me.

  • chickadee

    You are literally the only other person I know who had a crush on Adam Ant. Also I had a big crush on Tom Petty, who looked like a mildly animated skeleton.

    • Evelyn

      I used to paint a stripe across my nose with face paint and then ride my tricycle around the garden as I pretended to be a dandy highwayman. I must have been about 4 as ‘Prince Charming’ came out in ’81, I think.

    • chickadee

      I was at the perfect age to have a big old crush on an androgynous man…12. I had tapes that I played over and over until my older sister was ready to beat me up. And? I have Adam Ant mp3s that my 16-year-old has put on her iPod.

  • JaneDoe27

    OMG – Henry Rollins, and I still do to this day.

    • LiteBrite

      I didn’t have a crush on him until my 20s. That’s the only one that has lasted.

    • Eve Vawter

      OMG he is such a jerk to the ladeeeees

  • Guest
    • TngldBlue

      Argh don’t know what happened but that’s me ^^^

  • LiteBrite

    Oh let’s see…

    In my very young girl days it was Donny Osmond. I even saw the Osmonds in concert in the mid 70s. (Upon hearing that it was my first concert ever, a friend of mine said “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that.”) Later it was Andy Gibb and David Naughton. (20 points if you remember who HE is!) In my New Wave phase it was Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran and to a lesser extent John Taylor. During my hard rock phase I switched to Joe Elliot from Def Leppard and during the grunge years it was Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. (That man’s eyes STILL make me melt.)

    Today it’s varied from Henry Rollins to Topher Grace (no, I’m not kidding) to James Spader to Rob Zombie. (?!!!) I even developed a brief crush on Martin Freeman, he of Sherlock, UK’s The Office, and Hobbit fame. There might be something wrong with me.

  • Evelyn

    My first preteen crushes were 5th doctor, Peter Davison, and Peter Duncan, the Blue Peter presenter. For those old enough and British enough to know who they are, please don’t judge.

    • chickadee

      Are you kidding? Yay the 5th Doctor (who will be making an appearance on the 50th anniversary episode)! We have been watching the pre-9th doctor eps of Netflix so I know who he is. And I would have been able to have a crush on him if our PBS station had carried Doctor Who.

    • Evelyn

      I was a tad young for a crush when he was the Doctor (4-7) so that probably came when they brought back All Creatures Great and Small, a series about rural vets in the ’50s in which he played the ne’er do well younger brother. When he was the Doctor I merely worshiped him.

    • Simone

      THE GUY FROM ROBIN OF SHERWOOD omg sorry about the all caps thing but my head just exploded, that is Michael Praed and he is a legend who shall never die, but live in 80′s medieval fantasy series forever. Plus Clannad did the soundtrack and there just, wasn’t any greater hotness than that guy.

    • Evelyn

      The music was superb, wasn’t it? It was so good that I struggle to call the show ‘Robin of Sherwood’ and instead instinctively think of it as being called ‘Robin the Hooded Man’. I have just remembered that blondie Robin was Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery but I don’t remember him so well.

      My crush on Sean Pertwee comes from his stint as Hugh Beringar in Cadfael so it appears I must have a thing for medieval costume drama. A couple of Doctor Whos back Sean Pertwee said he wanted the role in interviews (although his dad being number 3 would rule him out) and I must admit I did hope.

    • Simone

      The blonde Robin came as a crushing disappointment to my entire family. We never forgave them.

  • Rachel Sea

    Joan Jett, and Carey Grant, because punks and suits are equally hot. Right now I’m totally crushing on these two, because I think Zach Quinto’s thumb through the belt loop makes this one of the sexiest photos on the internet.

  • Leafyleafster

    Because I’ve been weirdly obsessed with the first Terminator movie for as long as I can remember, Michael Biehn was not only my first crush, but my most enduring. I squeeeeed loud enough to embarrass my then-boyfriend at the theatre when we saw Planet Terror (2007) and I realized who the sheriff REALLY was.

    Based on my age and my peers, it should’ve been all about JTT or Leonardo DiCaprio (who looks wayyyy too much like my older brother) or one of the Lawrence brothers, but noooope. Michael Biehn all day. I forgive the puffy hair and the stealing-pants-from-homeless-dudes thing. That fake scar. The brooding sensitivity. HE CAME BACK THROUGH TIME FOR HER!

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    The middle schoolers were all obsessed with One Direction last year. Dear Lord.

    • Kelby Johnson

      I’m SOOO glad my son doesn’t get into the tweeny-bopper bands… He listens to MY music lol

    • CW

      That would be my 6th grade DD. I can’t laugh at her though because I was so into NKOTB at her age.

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    Angel and Spike from Buffy :)

  • Emmali Lucia

    Kurt Cobain, Russell Brand (Dude, he may not be great looking but God Damn that dude’s my soul mate), Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Grohl (Only man to have won the grammies for singing a song about oral sex)..

    I can’t think of any more at the moment because my dog is shaking like a leaf under my armpit

  • Lunashademom

    I’m a dork, I was way into Eddie Vedder. Who am I kidding. I still am into him in my 30′s. See also- David Bowie, Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting, Trent Reznor, any boy in eyeliner.

    • M.

      Oh, me too, all of them! What is it about emaciation that made Ewan McGregor look so great in Trainspotting? Though I did watch Velvet Goldmine about a million times, not only to catch the McGregor full frontal, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Christian Bale too? And all of them in makeup?! Score.

    • Lunashademom

      Velvet Goldmine! what a movie. Too much hotness to handle. My mom had a FIT years ago when she found me and my sister watching that on VHS! haha

    • CW

      I never saw the appeal of Ewan McGregor until “Moulin Rouge”. I don’t know if it was the singing or what but he looked FINE in that one.

  • LadyClodia

    I didn’t watch a lot of TV except the Star Trek shows and some cartoons, so I’ll have to admit that I had a pretty big crush on Wil Wheaton when I was a teenager. I also remember having a crush on Val Kilmer and Brad Pitt.

    In completely unrelated news (it’s open thread after all) we’re back and survived our trip to Europe. My 4 year old somehow contracted a nasty case of impetigo, which I also got, but the 1 year old and my husband didn’t. It was an interesting trip; Disneyland was pretty cool (although they gave me a hard time about the access pass for my broken ankle.) And then it was a busy time visiting family in the Netherlands.
    I had to take the 4 year old to our doctor the day after we got home to get him antibiotics for the impetigo because he had it that bad. I was attempting to go to the pharmacy after we got home, but promptly slipped outside and fell and hurt my right ankle. I thought I had broken it, but it turns out that it’s just a sprain, although still quite unpleasant. And my left ankle isn’t healed yet, so I have to keep the boot on for another month (making 1 with the cast and 2 with the boot,) and I have a brace on my right ankle. I’m even slower hobbling around the house now than I was before.

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Legolas and Aragorn. Not orlando bloom or viggo mortensen, specifically legolas and aragorn! Think my first actual person crush was the guy who played sawyer in lost!

  • abby

    Brendan frasier in The Mummy :-D oh my!

  • StealthGent

    I spent the first 15 or so years of my life pretty sure I was a lesbian. It was Queen Latifah all the way. Especially in Chicago. So Sassy.

    David Bowie was the one to break me over to being curious about men. I blame Labyrinth, evidently it made more than a few people notice the other team.

    • Eve Vawter

      The QUEEN DOESN’T COUNT. NO ONE is safe from her. she is just beyond gorgeous in very way. I think basically everyone on earth would totally do Latifah

    • Simone

      Well, the Queen, and K.D.Lang, and Annie Lennox. I identify as hetero, but if any of these women showed up at my door I wouldn’t be held responsible for my actions.

  • Sarah Morgan

    Han Solo and Cat Stevens, as seen in the inside cover of my mother’s record sleeve:
    Moonshadow, indeed.

  • keelhaulrose

    I had a crush on the members of the band Orgy, and Eddie Izzard. My friends joked that’s when they knew I was bisexual, all the guys I liked (and dated) were always wearing makeup and/or dressed in women’s clothing.

  • Kelby Johnson

    Jonathon Taylor Thomas!!! I loved him!

  • G.S.

    Now, see, I’m weird, since I was a teenager in the 2000s, but I had such a crush for 80s Billy Idol. And Orlando Bloom, but who didn’t. I don’t know, I can’t even remember who the teen idols were then, and it seems to me like nowadays they’re trying to appeal more to the 10-year-old demographic and be squeaky-clean good-fun-times and it’s like, “this isn’t celebrity crush material, this is your kid sister’s dorky babysitter you hire so you can run off with the celebrity crush material.” It’s like they’re currently just made to be as inoffensive and bland as possible. I could go on about Anime boys though (Sesshomaru from Inu-Yasha, Rock Lee from Naruto, and now Levi from Attack on Titan (and I’m almost 21, but whatever) . . .).

    And Labyrinth David Bowie, yesssssss.

  • M.

    Omg, I’m STILL in love with David Bowie (he’s like, seventy you say? couldn’t care less) and it’s all because of Labyrinth. I watched it obsessively and couldn’t get enough Goblin King. But I had some weird ones too (Bill Murray in Ghostbusters and Roy Sheider in Jaws, *cough cough*), and was also mightily infatuated with Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future! Teen Wolf!) and Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street. 80′s FTW!

  • Marge

    Michael Stipe

  • Simone

    Jim f***ing Morrison.


  • AmazingE

    I think my first crushes were Peter Tork and Wil Wheaton. I was nine and my mom bought me a Wesley poster for my birthday and I remember making a big deal over it.

  • CW

    My first crush was Tom Selleck, LOL! I showed my ‘tween daughter a picture of him from his Magnum, PI days and she cracked up so hard. Later on it was all about Jordan Knight from NKOTB (whom she thinks looks better today than he did back in the ’80′s). She likes the guys from One Direction.