Former Nanny Alleges Alanis Morissette Made Her Work Demeaning, Break-Free 12-Hour All-Nighter



As a former nanny and babysitter, I’ve adhered to all kinds of requests from parents. I’ve watched kids overnight, I’ve stayed longer than the scheduled time because shiz happens, I once even unexpectedly ferried a baby from Brooklyn into Manhattan because the mother I worked for forgot her breast pump and was in pain. Call of duty, expect the unexpected, children are unpredictable, and all that. Nevertheless, if a parent demanded I log a 12-hour overnight shift with NO BREAKS like Alanis Morissette‘s former nanny alleges, I would be calling the authorities and telling all my nanny friends to black list her.

TMZ reports that Bianca Cambeiro worked for Alanis and her husband Mario Treadway from August 2011 to March 2013. She is now suing the family, claiming that it was during this time that she worked a “hellish” 12-hour night shift looking after the couple’s son, Ever. And she’s not exaggerating if these allegations are true:

According to Bianca’s lawsuit, Alanis effectively held her hostage inside their baby’s bedroom while he slept, ordering her not to leave under any circumstances … not even for a break to eat. Bianca was only allowed relief if one of the child’s parents was in the bedroom … or if the day-shift nanny replaced her. That’s it.

So can we assume potty breaks were also forbidden?

Further mistreatment reportedly continues in Bianca’s lawsuit, as she claims she wasn’t paid $30,000 in overtime and other wages. On top of the unreported sum of her lawsuit, she’s suing for an additional $100,000 for emotional distress. Alanis has yet to publicly comment on whether she straight up enslaves her nannies.

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  • momjones

    Isn’t ironic, doncha think? (couldn’t resist)

    • Rachel Sea

      A little too ironic, yeah, I really do think.

    • Eve Vawter

      I was thinking the saaaaaaame thing and you beat me to it

    • momjones

      We need cmj to post one of her infamous gifs!

    • CrazyFor Kate

      I think the nanny’s more entitled to a slightly altered version of “You Oughta Know.”

      “And every time I push the pram for someone else’s kid I hope you feel it…”

    • CMJ
  • blh

    If the kid is sleeping you’re not really doing anything, doesn’t seem that hard to me. I mean it’s dumb , she didn’t need to be in the room if the baby was asleep but how was she held hostage. She could’ve went to the bathroom if she wanted, I doubt Alanis had her chained up. 100,000 dollars for emotional distress is ridiculous.

    • pixie

      Hidden cameras in the baby’s room, possibly? That’s the only way I can think of someone knowing for sure that she didn’t leave the room, though they’d have to be viewed after the fact.

  • EX

    Meh. In these lawsuits there’s two side and then there’s the truth. I just don’t have the energy to get my panties in a bunch about this one. Let the judge sort it out.

  • Véronique Houde

    Was she expected to stay awake during this time? ’cause if she can sleep, I don’t see the big deal…

  • Kelby Johnson

    so she’s suing for 100k (on top of the 30,000) for being made to watch a baby sleep?! I’m not sure I understand how this is so bad.

  • Gangle

    While I think it is ludicrous that anyone would require someone to not let a sleeping child out of their sight, even for five minutes to go eat or wee, I kinda question the nanny a little… I mean, was she literally chained to the nursery? Cos I would have gone to the bathroom if I needed to pee, and gone and gotten a snack or brought a lunchbox and a book.. but really, what was Alanis going to do if she caught you in the act of weeing? Sing at you?

  • Julie

    I think it sounds fishy. Why would she stay with them so long if Alanis was such a tyrant?

  • Mae Blackwood

    I saw in an interview forever ago where she talked about attachment parenting, maybe she’s on some hardcore regiment for it.

    Although, she’s always seemed weird to me. But, since I have no clue if this even really went down, I can’t assume she actually is crazy.

  • Simone

    Mmm. My bullshit detector’s beeping.

  • JLH1986

    She was aware she could in fact, not show up to work the next day, right? I mean I’m all about quality treatment of employees, but trust, if I’m not getting paid overtime on ONE check, I’m having a conversation with HR and if I’m put in a position where I feel trapped/caught/enslaved and they let me out? I’m not coming back.