10 Reasons Your Toddler Doesn’t Want To Try On The Halloween Costume You Just Bought

Pick when to host your Halloween costume trying on sessions carefully. While some kids love nothing more than trying on new goodies and modeling them around the kitchen, others are a little trickier, especially the toddler set. Make sure the nap has been banked, dinner eaten, and all daytime frustrations handled, because otherwise you’ll be looking at a whole mess of this come try on time:

1. Because I need to scream into this mirror

toddlerhalloween1(photo:  wereadmail@sbcglobal.net)

2. Because I don’t want to be a stupid pirate after all


(photo: heartlandart)

3. Because I’d rather try on this coat


(photo: Scott Hermann)

4. Because I’d rather endanger myself in the street


(photo: tataAnne)

5. Because I actually don’t want to wear any clothes right now

toddlerhalloween5(photo:  carrier)

6. Because I don’t want to take these off


(photo:  carrier)

7. Because why does he get to be the fireman?


8. Because doggy doesn’t have a costume


(photo:  Rhelynn)

9. Because I don’t want to wear this parttoddlerhalloween9

(photo: MrsBR00KSTER)

10. Because I fell


(photo: abbybatchelder)

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  • SDA

    I have been so excited about Halloween, but I just thought about THIS the other day. My sweet agreeable love now turned defiant teething shrieking toddler might just not want to be an adorable little insect like I dreamed.

    • Koa_Beck

      Happens to the best of us.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Ok, this totally reminds me that when my four year old was a toddler, he was TERRIFIED of the Elmo costume we had (it was super furry). It was a hand-me-down and I was not buying another costume, so I had to put it progressively closer to him every day for about a week before he was brave enough to try it on. And I think it took two try ons before he was ready to actually wear it. But then he loved it for some reason. Scary ass elmo :)

    • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

      I have a thing about Halloween – it’s the only time I go all super-mom and I insist on making my kid’s costume, the way my mom did. It was great her first two Halloweens (she was a cookie and then a fox – both my choice) but this year she wants to be a tiger. Or a monkey. Or a blue tiger. Or cookie monster. Or a dinosaur. Or Liam (her friend). I am going ahead with tiger (not blue, because blue tiger fabric does not exist apparently) but I am mentally preparing myself for the fact that she might just throw a fit and not want to wear it on the day of.

  • lizb

    I decided to be crafty last year and make my, then three year old, son’s ghost costume because all the ones at wal-mart sucked, and it was three days before halloween. Long story short, it ended up with me chasing my defiant toddler around with scissors while he was wrapped up in a $5 sheet.

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  • lizzytc

    so funny! and this is why i bought my 13 month old twin pumpkin pjs to use as their costumes. :)

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  • @HintMama

    This is great advice. I’ll be sure my toddler is well fed and rested before putting her costume on her this year:) But if it turns out she still rejects it, I’m going to try one of these four tips for handling costume rejections:


  • aCongaLine

    my 3 year old is just not into it this year, and my 17 month old doesn’t care. So, instead of handcrafting fab costumes like last year (#1 went as a robot, #2 as Elmo- it was a moment of pride, and the Elmo hat was my most Pinterest-worthy creation), I bought second hand matching skunk costumes for them, and am coaching the older one on saying things like “peeeeeeyyyyoooooouuuu!” and “Skunks are stinky!” Because whatever, disinterested child. Whatever. We have to make an effort- our elderly neighbors are already telling us how excited they are, and asking us what kind of snacks the kids like (we’re the only young family in a neighborhood of people in their 60s and 90s.)

    Whatever, Halloween. There’s always next year, but in the meantime, rock the skunk, huh? Little old Mrs. Anderson and little old Mrs. Densmore are REALLY excited. And there’s candy. I told them you like M&Ms.