10 Hot Toys For Babies And Toddlers That Should Be On Your ‘Must Have’ List

il_340x270.439107717_26gaThere are ONLY 90 days left until Christmas and I know many of you parents have already started thinking about what Santa will leave your children under the tree this year. I’m here to tell you that no matter what you purchase your babies as gifts, nothing can compare to all of the magical items you have around your house that every baby and toddler will love to play with. It doesn’t matter what you buy them, because any of these things will keep them far more amused than anything sold on the shelves of your local discount store.

Your Car Keys 

NOTHING is more fun that car keys, especially considering these things are NEVER washed and when your baby is done jangilng them, into their mouth they will go.

Your Cell Phone  

Babies and toddlers love cell phones more than anything, especially shoving them in their mouths.

The Pet Food And Water Bowls  

Many readers have pointed out that crawling babies and toddlers love to play with nothing more than the pet food bowls. From sampling dog food to splashing in the water dish, the pet food bowls are a cornucopia of fun.

 Whatever Box The Toy Came In 

Because the box is way better than whatever the box had in it.

 The Laundry Basket 

7219486882_3ed9a81475_b(Image: Flickr)

Babies hate playpens, but babies love laundry baskets. I don’t know why this is, but a 90 dollar playpen will make your baby sob uncontrollably, but stick them in an eight dollar playpen and the party just don’t stop.

 The Remote Control 

And into the mouth it goes. Don’t try giving them a remote with the batteries removed either, because babies know that is BORING.

 Magic Markers 



Or anything else impossible to remove off your walls, pets, and younger siblings.

The Family Pet 

And sometimes the pet “plays” back. Serves ya right, kid.

Toilet Paper And Toilets 


Who needs a toy store when you have the most amazing room in your house with a ton of fantastic things to play with and discover?

Your Makeup


(Image: You Tube)

Because nothing is more fun to your toddler than the amazingly expensive red lipstick you received as a birthday gift.

(Image: Etsy)

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  • AmazingE

    Toilet baby is just KILLING me, hahaha……Poor kid.

    • MommyK

      Me too, I’m sitting here laughing uncontrollably at my desk. Poor kid!
      My LO loves the dog, her food and water bowls, and the remote. He keeps trying to throw the remote into the water bowl, we’ve caught him in time so far.

  • Elizabeth Mangum

    This “#BestAuntEver” has seen both The Kid (7yo) and L’Enfant (2.5yo) do every single thing on this list except the make-up. Wait, does Chap-stick count as make-up?

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      Counts 100%

    • Emmali Lucia

      Oh Hellz Nah. I’m the #BestAuntEver

      Are we going to have to have an auntie war?

  • phoenix81

    My son is 8 months, and as I was reading I just kept checking them off one by one…

  • Paul White

    Oh god the pet bowls. Sam loves dog food.

  • Ptownsteveschick

    This is the reason why I knit my daughter some sort of gift, and maybe buy her 1 thing. Also because she is the only grandchild so far and my parents insist on buying her ALL THE THINGS

  • SDA

    hahaha…making the transformation from baby to toddler and have hit every single one on this list! We’ve tried offering up an unused remote and cellphone, but that kid knows the difference!

    • ted3553

      I tried taking a battery out of our remote and giving it to my guy but he watches for the red light and the tv to change and then throws the remote away. Damn him for figuring that out

  • G.E. Phillips

    I’m dying over the baby getting bitch slapped by the cat. Face is always trying to chase our cat so he can pet her and “snuggle her.” I feel bad because he means to be gentle with her, but of course, she’s terrified of him and hides whenever he comes near her. Now, he’s all emo about it, like, “Why doesn’t Zoe LIKE ME?? I just want to LOVE HER!!!!” He’s so going to grow up to be David from Roseanne with all of his girlfriends.

    • Miss Isis

      I love the cat one too! My daughter just would never leave our poor Puddin Head alone – I kept waiting for the natural consequences but the silly cat never even gave her a scratch. I bet he won’t be hitting that cat again! Too funny.

    • meteor_echo

      Cat owners with cats named Zoe UNITE :3

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    I feel like such a cool mom because my son has most of these of loves them!

  • MoD

    Yeah…my guy just started crawling. So all these things, especially the pet food and remotes. And if he gets all fussy when we’re out I let him chew on my smart phone – he’s OBSESSED with it. Which is probably a poor decision, since that’s a damn expensive chew toy.

  • Fot contact

    Wonderful post Eve. I loved that cat animation and the cell phone drop :)

    I also own a toddler store for toys. Check that out here http://fulloftoys.com/index.php/toddlers.html

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