8 Ways To Stay Awake During Night Feedings

Night feedings are brutal. I breastfeed and have become comfortable just pulling out my boob and feeding my child while laying down in bed. It’s the best way for me, because we both just eventually fall asleep and when she wants to eat again the boob is already out and she has quick access. But not all moms are comfortable with co-sleeping or they are bottle feeding and don’t have the option of pulling out the boob and letting it do its work. If you are bottle feeding, uncomfortable with co-sleeping or need to stay awake for your child’s night feedings for any other reason – here are some tips you can use to keep your eyes open.

1. Netflix

Get Netflix, stat. Orange Is The New Black Is Addictive and you will be transfixed and totally awake to feed your baby. Hulu is also awesome. If you start watching Misfits I promise you’ll have hours of entertainment.

2. Get Out of Bed

I remember torturing myself by staying in a dark room, totally exhausted, trying to keep my eyes open to feed my child. Get up. Go somewhere not as comfy as your bed.

3. Torture Your Partner

This one is fun. Maybe you don’t want to get out of bed, but you really need to stay awake. Start telling your partner a nonsense story. My favorite is talking about how much better of a character Miss Piggy used to be when we were kids. That can easily lead into a good 10 minute rant about what pop culture is doing to my body image.

4. Learn A Language

I always say, God I wish I had time to learn a new language. Bookmark a good, free language learning site like LiveMocha. You are now sustaining the life of a child and becoming bi-lingual. You are superwoman.

5. Read Something

They have these convenient little book clips that you can use to keep a book propped open and readable. I recommend something suspenseful and easy – you know, like Dan Brown or something.

6. Facebook

Facebook is a time suck. You don’t have to feel as guilty about wasting your time on this site when you are trying to stay awake to feed your child. Win, win.

7. Twitter

Same idea as Facebook, but the140 character musings are even easier to absorb in the middle of the night. I suggest you start to follow some funny people who will keep you amused while you ponder whether you will ever get a full-nights sleep again.

8.  Remember Your Friends In Different Time Zones

Sometimes I would wake up at 1am for a feeding and realize I hadn’t spoken to my friends in California for a while. Perfect. Do you have any friends in different time zones? Pick up the phone.


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  • kay

    candy crush. i play all the candy crush.

  • Emily

    Good lord. To people intentionally try to stay awake during night feelings? why!? My thinking is: set a good example for the kid: night is for sleep, and multitasking is for mom. Fait accompli.

    • Edify

      Yeah, not always so easy. My first child would ONLY go to sleep upright for the first 4 months and if you put her down before she had the first 40 minutes, you had to start again. She was a screamer and she never ever let us bring her to our bed. My second, he needed to sit upright for a little bit after a feed or we all got covered in it when it all came back up. I wish I’d been able to serenely sleep through feeds.
      For the record, my daughter started sleeping through at 6 months. Lessons for night well learnt

    • Emily

      Yeah I had one upright sleeper too, and I fell asleep upright as well!

    • Edify

      I needed weekly chiropractic when I tried that!

  • Edify

    Ugh…. Night feeds with no end in sight. I fill my reader with blogs from different time zones. Always fresh content at 1am or 3am or 5am from my phone. Also – I made it all the way through OITNB within 5 days in the hours after midnight.

  • Paul White

    Sip a glass of wine/spirits/beer.

  • Kelby Johnson

    I always chatted online. That kept me awake and gave me someone to talk to at the same time =)

  • MaToBe

    Pinterest would definitely be a great time killer

  • http://ichasekids.com/ Litterboxjen

    I have a whole slew of blogs and comics that I read on a daily basis, so that was often my nighttime reading. I also would play endless games of Fairway Solitaire (from Bigfishgames), since I only needed my mouse hand free to play it.

  • That’s Hedley

    I cannot imagine getting through the first 6 months without my phone. I had every intention of reading books on my Kindle, but one handed operation won out in the end and I just bookmarked a ton of blogs. And I read an unhealthy amount of baby product reviews on Amazon. AND lets not forget quietly sobbing!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    I used to read Cracked articles while I nursed. Then I’d get interesting tidbits/trivia that would make me feel like I was learning something, but it still ‘dumbed down’ enough (not the right word but something like that) that I could handle reading it on my phone late at night in the dark.