5 Parenting Blogs You Should Totally Be Reading

shutterstock_103281365__1379765849_38.122.72.170There are so many parenting blogs out there. I tend to be drawn to the ones that approach parenting with a sense of humor and are honest and down to earth. I definitely have some popular favorites, like Scary Mommy and The Blogess – but I wanted to give a nod to some of the smaller blogs out there that are producing some consistently funny, great writing.

1. Pile of Babies

Meredith Bland will make you feel better about parenting. You know why? Because she parents a set of twins and she manages to retain her sense of humor. Also, because she blogs about tons of things that have nothing to do with parenting. Non-parents will totally dig this site, too:

I have sent a resume to dozens of employers that included comments from my darling Jen, one of which advised me to avoid looking like I was a bum after grad school.

Fantastic. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I pulled my resume back up, went to View, went to View Comments, and motherfucking shit whores — there they were. I died a thousand deaths at that moment, and can’t help but feel like it’s kind of a shitty move on the part of Open Office to let you hide comments and not occasionally say,

“Hey dummy. Yeah you. Are you sure you want to keep those comments there when you send that to people asking them to pay you for things?”


2. Ask Your Dad Blog

John Kinnear‘s blog went viral after he wrote the entry, “Dear Hypothetically Gay Son.” Every parent should read that – because it’s amazing. But in addition to that amazing post, I particularly enjoy the relatable way he relays his parenting mistakes:

Being a parent does not make you “every parent.” I wish I could take back every piece of advice I gave friends with kids older than mine. I was a cocky novice with a superiority complex. Most of the things I thought I was doing right were merely gifts from the gods: easily given, easily taken away. That easy bedtime I bragged about causing with my made up bedtime skills? 2 hours now. That clean nursery we claimed anyone could do if they just put in the time and effort? It’s simple when your baby is a paperweight. I’m sorry. Build me a time machine and I’ll go back and slap myself. And kill Hitler.

3. Well Fed, Flat Broke

Okay, maybe this isn’t a “parenting” blog. It’s a food blog. But it’s a food blog written by the parent of a toddler. She works, and parents and finds the time to source amazing ingredients and cook them on a budget. Her recipes are easy to follow – and her writing is great. She too, just makes me feel good:

I am not good at anything, despite any evidence to the contrary.

This is a recurring theme, most notably at work, and at home with Toddler.

At work, I am faking it. Despite having been gainfully employed for 50% of my life to date, I still feel like an amateur; what do I know about anything? I am barely even an adult, even though I’m 30. I am making it all up as I go, bluffing my way through meetings and reports and projects. Who am I to call myself an authority? I don’t know anything. Half-way through my current contract, I am certain this is never going to work.

And with Toddler, this feeling of incompetence is amplified.

Are you sensing a recurring theme here? Yes, I like parents who admit they’re not perfect.

4. 8Bit Dad

This site is run by two dads, Zach Rosenberg and Bryan Ferguson – but has several other dad-contributors. It’s great because in addition to sharing relatable personal anecdotes, they also have reviews and give their take on recent happenings in pop culture, news – what they call their “dadabase.” I also love that they have a snark-disclaimer on their “about” page:

When we’re not covering serious topics, we can get a little silly sometimes. If something sounds too suspicious or out-of-place to be true, it most likely is. We never abuse our children or spouses physically or emotionally. We are tolerant and accepting of all races, creeds and cultures and genders. Any statement otherwise should be taken as parody. Please read and react responsibly.

I need to start footnoting this on every story I write. Stealing.

5. Guerrilla Mom

I know a little about this one – because it’s mine.

Guerrilla Mom was born on a cold winter’s night in Brooklyn, after the birth of my first child. I woke up in a cold sweat and realized that I had a child to raise in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn with no family in state, no nanny, and no “real” job or savings account. Instead of staring at the ceiling and crying – I decided to get up and start writing. I began to flesh out all of the things about parenting that were scaring the shit out of me. I built a blog on Blogger in about 10 minutes, wrote my first post, hit send – and couldn’t believe the instant network of friends I had, saying “I feel the EXACT same way.”

I mean, how better to describe the horror of being responsible for keeping another being alive, than by implying that you may actually kill it yourself – in your sleep.  Never mind the countless waking hours of keeping this little human happy and fed and thriving – you may actually kill it in your sleep.  Hooray!  Welcome to motherhood!

When I started to write down my fears, my night-sweats ceased. I stopped feeling so alone. I don’t know why everyone else on this page blogs – but that’s why I do.

(photo: CREATISTA/ Shutterstock)

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  • Suzie

    Can I add a sixth? http://mamacongo.blogspot.com

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    Was it really that easy? Instant network? That never happened with my blog. Or maybe my blog just stinks.

    • AlexMMR

      Don’t worry, my blog stinks too. But my few followers are very loyal!

  • Kat

    Thank you for sharing Ask Your Dad. Seriously. I’ve been looking for something like that for ever. My husband will love it.

  • Justme

    I’m guessing that the sole intent of this article was to promote your own blog.

    • chickadee

      I was feeling a little snarky about that myself, since she introduced these blogs as having “consistently funny, great writing.” I mean, I’m not clicking over to it to read it, but isn’t that something that you wait for someone ELSE to say about your writing…?

    • John Kinnear

      I’ll say it. Maria’s blog is very funny and VERY worth reading. Seriously. You like snark? It sounds like you like snark. Start here:

      “F@#k off, Gisele”.


      Now that Ask Your Dad guy? He’s a total tool. I’m not sure why she put him on the list, but he had better be grateful to be included with these other wonderful blogs.

    • chickadee

      Well hi there, Ask Your Dad. Actually, I don’t read mommyblogs since I am in the getting-the-child-ready-for-college stage and I don’t want to travel the byways of toddler trauma ever again. Or breastfeeding, or the horrible, horrible days of no sleep.

    • DMH

      This. If anything, I’m more inspired to *not* read it now.

    • Meredith

      Goodness! Did you desperately need an outlet to be bitchy? Because I guess you found it.
      If you don’t have anything nice to say, log in and insult a stranger. That’s how the saying goes, right?

      Maria is fantastic. Leave her alone.

      –Meredith (Pile of Babies)

    • Justme

      I didn’t attack her. I wasn’t rude. I made an observation. There have been MANY times I’ve agreed with her on this website. In regards to this article, I feel differently. I personally would not write an article about the best parenting blogs…and then promote myself. Humility looks good on everyone.

  • http://www.8bitdad.com Zach Rosenberg

    If you need another reason to read Ask Your Dad Blog, check out this post about poop and McDonald’s: http://www.askyourdadblog.com/2013/04/why-we-can-never-go-back-to-mcdonalds.html

    John is awesome.

  • http://familyworklife.wordpress.com/ Kristina FamilyWorkLife

    I absolutely understand your reasons for writing – I have found the same to be true for me. It helps me to lose the perfectionism, process parenting-related issues, and, quite honestly, become a better mother in the process. One of my fave comments on my blog from a friend of mine: “I have found that reading my friends’ blogs makes me like them more because I realize that we are all more alike that we realize.” True story.

  • Bran

    I must add Renegade Mothering. She’s honest, foul mouthed, flawed and hilarious. http://www.renegademothering.com

  • http://clarkkentslunchbox.com/ Clark_Kents_Lunchbox

    A fine and worthy collection of bloggers and parents. Thanks for spotlighting them. (and I know my comment sounds like spam but I swear to God it’s not). And they are still good blogs.

  • Kenny Bodanis

    On behalf of dad bloggers, THANK YOU for being a “mom” blogger who finally compiled a gender-neutral list parenting blogs.

    • Scale Lily

      I was feeling rather left out myself.

  • nancymelcore

    I always like the children and us to talk about our day at the dinner table its a routine our high and low of our day the kids like this

  • Cate Pane

    Anytime someone uses profanity in their blog, it makes them less credible to me.

  • Scale Lily

    I thought it was a great blog though I could not open 8bitdad. http://www.scalelily.com/index.html

  • Curry Russell

    Consider my new Fatherly Advice blog http://curryrussell.com/fatherly-advice-potty-training/

  • Melastik Bintang

    thanx for sharing this..=)

    from: Melastik Bintang

  • Melastik Bintang

    tq for sharing….

  • Ron Russolini

    I love the dad blog and well fed flat broke. Good stuff. Both bookmarked. I would also like to shamelessly promote a short eBook I just finished, The Cleaning Games. It’s modeled after The Hunger Games series and uses game theory to approach parenting problems.

    It worked so well for my wife and I that I wrote it all down =] If you’re interested in getting your kids to do chores without them complaining or you nagging, it’s the best latte money you’ll ever spend. http://www.thecleaninggames.com

  • DaddyWorthy

    here’s mine – daddyworthy.com – LA dad just expressing his thoughts. keep me entertained with your comments!

  • David Overstreet

    How old was YOUR child when they became a reader. Click Here!

  • ParentPlayGroup

    I really cannot believe that http://www.parentplaygroup.com was not on that list. The best parenting blog out there. Well come on, if we are on the self promoting bus then I’m gonna jump aboard.

    In all seriousness though, you cannot get too annoyed with people who are trying to spread the word. Because they take time to produce content, whether you enjoy that content or not the time has been put for one reason and one reason only, for others to read it.

  • Random Person

    Please check my blog… this blog is for parents that want advices from the professianals…..KIDS! http://fromkidstoparents.blogspot.gr/

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