CrossFit Pregnant Mama Continues To Train – Infuriates Sanctimommies Everywhere

1236574_10200790350506045_985500263_n__1379670118_74.134.205.46Lea-Anne Ellison of Los Angeles was probably just posting a photo of her late-pregnancy workout routine on the CrossFit Facebook page to prove that pregnant women aren’t delicate little flowers. But of course she has been met with a whole mess of people wringing their hands and feigning intense moral outrage that she isn’t doing what pregnant ladies are SUPPOSED to be doing. You know, sitting around, knitting booties and singing to her baby nestled in her stomach and daydreaming about baby names. Lea-Anne has two weeks to go before her due date, and I’m going to assume that since this mom is a fitness enthusiast, has two other kids, and is a 35-year-old grownass women, she knows what the hell she is doing. But the Internet knows better! Commence to eye rolling:


Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 4.58.37 AM


Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 4.59.53 AM


Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.22.49 AM


Some good old fashioned concern trolling:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.25.57 AM


And this may be my favorite one because it is so judgmental with just two words:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.00.33 AM


Lea-Anne seems to be taking this all in stride because she posted on her Facebook Page:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.31.10 AM


Toxic douche bags indeed. I don’t know much about the fitness badassery Lea-Anne is engaged in, but I’m going to assume this is not the first time she lifted weights. I’m also going to assume that maybe she has talked to her doctor about her training routine. I’m also gonna assume that just maybe she has trainers she works with and she knows about how not to overexert herself and how to lift safely and all that. But even if she didn’t? If we ain’t buying her diapers or paying for her unborn kid’s college education, it ain’t none of our business. I personally think she is awesome.

(Images: Facebook)

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  • HS

    I wish I could have continued to workout through my entire pregnancy. I made it to month 6 and gave up lol. I went to the gym regularly and even participated in an aerobic boxing class twice a week. I respect this lady for having the strength and motivation to keep at it. And as has already been stated, I’m pretty sure her doctor has given her leave to do this based on HER history.

  • TngldBlue

    Whoa. She just made me feel 80 different ways lazy. I guess it’s unusual that when I see a badass mom like this I assume she has a brain and also that she loves her unborn child. Now excuse me while I go cry over my bowl of KD.

    • Eve Vawter

      haha KD!

    • DMH

      What is this KD I keep reading about? :(

    • Eve Vawter

      It’s what our Canadians pals keep calling Kraft Macaroni N cheese so in order to be cool now we are all doing it

    • aliceblue

      Dare I ask what the “D” stands for?

    • Alfreda

      Kraft Dinner, that is what it is called in Canada. Is it different in the US?

    • Shea

      The ‘Mericans call it Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

    • DMH

      Ohh… I thought it was a different version of KFC or something… Lol.

  • freemane

    I really don’t understand the hate. Exercise guidelines during pregnancy are pretty clear that, barring complications, you can continue your normal routines.

    • Eve Vawter

      If you look at her Crossfit post, a lot of the hate comes from people thinking she will magically drop the barbell on her stomach. No lie.

    • freemane

      My bad, I forgot that enlarged bellies turn into barbell-magnets!

    • allisonjayne

      Totally…any practitioner I’ve spoken with says you just have to listen to your body and be aware of changes in your centre of gravity. It’s not the time to take up a new routine or sport, or to push yourself beyond the norm, but I don’t get the sense that’s what she’s doing here.

      Of course, some people still believe that if you raise your arms above your head, the cord will be wrapped around the fetus.

      Statistically speaking, I’m pretty sure the biggest risks to pregnant women (in North America) are car accidents and murder.

  • BubbleyToes

    As long as you get the ok from your doctor (because he/she would know if there was an issue that would cause it to be unsafe for you to workout- not internet trolls) you can keep doing exactly what you did before pregnancy. The only thing they recommend is that you don’t START a super-intensive workout regime once you get pregnant if that is not the lifestyle you’ve been living. That’s because your body is accustomed to whatever stress you already put on it and can carry a pregnancy through that stress (again, I know there are exceptions and complications). It has a harder time adjusting to the stress of pregnancy AND the stress of crossfit/whateverelse at the same time. BOOM. People can be so mean, I swear. :/

  • EmmaFromÉire

    This woman clearly knows what she’s doing- hell, she’s carried a baby to term. Delicate flower syndrome indeed! This woman is putting my lazy ass to shame, right now my biggest issue is that i have a headcold, and the blocked nose means I run out of breath while eating….

    • Eve Vawter

      Eating CAN be exhausting! hee hee Hope you feel better

    • EmmaFromÉire

      It’s probably the most tragic I’ve felt in a long time, who the hell runs out of breath while eating??

    • TngldBlue

      Breathe right strips-ugly but effective.

  • lea

    I’m in full support of continuing to exercise at the same intensity you were prior to pregnancy all throughout your pregnancy. I planned to and would have loved to but my cripplingly painful SPD kicked in at 24 weeks and slowed me right down… boooo for unstable pelvis.

    But to not modify some of the exercises for the very real changes to your own body (loosening of ligaments and joints, added pressure on your pelvic floor, separation of the abdominal muscles) is a bit silly. It isn’t being a “delicate flower” to acknowledge this. You can work hard and safe.

    That said- I’m sure this woman has a good knowledge of her own body, and some good trainers who are knowledgable about training pregnant women- so would taken that into account.

  • Amber

    The hate doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been lifting for years (even while not pregnant) and have heard all kinds of nasty comments. Things like my uterus will fall out, my clit will get huge and look like a penis, women can’t handle the kind of weight I’m obviously handling very well, having every cough or headache thrown in my face, “That’s what you get for all that crazy exercise you do”, being asked why I dress like a woman when I obviously want to be a man, etc.

    There’s something about a woman (especially an attractive woman, I find) lifting heavy weight that makes people go all apeshit offensive and turn into colossal douchebags.

    • That_Darn_Kat

      They’re obviously jealous. Seriously, that’s what I think when people throw all those things in your face (your being all women like you). I understand people get worried when a woman is pregnant, but all those other sound like they’re jealous you can do that. Or, they think women should just sit there, knit, and cook.

    • Amber Starr

      Hell, I’m jealous… but instead of being all bitter about it, I’ll just say ‘You’re awesome!!’ and go back to being lazy. :)

    • Blooming_Babies

      Really a down vote WTF?

    • Boots

      Probably a phone scroll touch that hit in the wrong place. I’ve done it… It’s one of the more annoying things about reading on the phone.

    • aliceblue

      Where the hell do you live? Must be near a lot of rocks for these people to crawl out from under. Do let me know if your uterus “falls out.” I’d love to get rid of mine and it might be worth some serious lifting. :)

    • Amber

      Right now, in Las Vegas. But I’ve heard comments like these all over the country, in small towns and big cities. A woman tossing around a lot of weight really brings the stupid out of people.

      Honestly, I’d like to get rid of my uterus too but sadly, it hasn’t happened yet. LOL

    • Kelby Johnson

      Wait… your clit will get huge and look like a penis?! What does that have to do with exercising??? I’m seriously curious as to why people would say that lol!!!

  • Emily

    Did anyone else get the Chik-Fil-A ad overlapping the pic in which she is sitting in line w/the medicine balls? Sort of awesome placement.

  • Alex Lee

    “Severed Placenta” is a great band name.

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  • Litterboxjen

    If I remember correctly (and it’s very possible I don’t), the recommendation for weight-training while pregnant is to avoid exercises that have you lying on your back in your third trimester, since you can put pressure on that big vein and the baby’s blood supply starts getting reduced. Otherwise, if you’re being safe and adjusting for things like the loosened ligaments, etc., you’re fine.

    Hell, I’m still training for a half-marathon, though the pubic bone pain may be what stops me. :(

    • runningrunner

      I had big plans for a half at 28 weeks preg. I’m 24 weeks now, and I’ve gotta admit I’m throwing in the towel for the half, but a friend of mine and I are gonna relay race it. Long distances are just too much to recover from, and my “running” is a lot more walking than I care to admit to my training partners. My legs and hips are hurting more :( It’s a bummer. But I’ll continue exercising, including weight training!

    • Litterboxjen

      Good for you! This would be my first half, so it’s a bit disappointing that I may have to throw in the towel, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m envious of the women that are able to run all the way through, but my body just may say no — and having pulled round ligaments and dealt with pubic bone separation for the second half of my first pregnancy, I’d love to delay that pain as much as possible, not bring it on in the early days. :/

    • runningrunner

      I was doing really well running consistently up until a couple weeks ago. Then I got a cold and had to take a few days off. Then I noticed an increase in Braxton-Hicks and I just felt uncomfortable. Can’t seem to shake them.

  • StephC12

    Where’s that sactimommy gif at?

  • J

    Many doctors do say that it is dangerous (even if part of a serious workout routine prepregnancy to lift more than 25 lbs after the first trimester). I workout and every doctor has said that to me). That said, we all decide what calculated risks to take. A lot are precautions with very little chance of actual danger. Getting all upset about a stranger seems tiring.

    • jsterling93

      See my doctors told me it was fine if it “felt” fine. He said to stop if I felt like something was stretching or had any abdominal pain at all. But otherwise he gave me no lifting restrictions.

    • Guest

      No, “many doctors” do not say that. Otherwise women would not be able to lift their own toddlers while pregnant. Or the stroller in and out of the car. Or the groceries.

      It is positively absurd to set arbitrary one-size-fits-all limits on what a woman can or can’t lift during pregnancy.

  • Amber Starr

    I wish that I had a quarter of her motivation… My biggest accomplishment yesterday was not getting crumbs all over my belly when I scarfed 2 packs of Pop Tarts in bed while playing Super Mario 3.

    Who’s a rock star?? This girl right here.

  • July

    Yet if she isn’t exercising and looking fit a month after she gives birth, that’s bad too…

  • NicknamesAreDull

    I can’t imagine how boring those women’s lives are. I wish the APA would claim being obnoxious is detrimental to the fetus.

  • Kheldarson

    What I think is hilarious is they’re yelling about how heavy lifting can do damage to the placenta…I had an abruption just lifting a stack of jeans at work. So I guess we just shouldn’t lift at all??

    Sorry, I hated bed rest; you’re not forcing it on me for a whole 9 months.

  • msenesac

    She is such a bad ass hero! I continued lifting with my trainer until my preeclampsia made itself known again (about week 25). Until then, I did 2 weight lifting competitions and trained 3x/week. My OB was in full support and I felt amazing! I just wish I could’ve continued the training further into my pregnancy.

  • Rachel Sea

    Suck it haters. I wish I had the energy (and joints) to be that fit, and I’m not even pregnant.

  • Archer

    I started reading parenting blogs when my fiance starting hinting that he wanted kids. I come from a small family and the majority of my friends have no interest in kids, so I have absolutely zero experience with them and wasn’t sure if having them was something I wanted to do. However, I feel like the lessons I keep running into is that if you want to be a parent and be happy, you need to burn your computer, disconnect your interwebs, avoid other mothers (especially those that call themselves ‘random animal-mom,’ like Tiger-mom, Gorilla-mom, Octo-mom, or Grizzly-mom), never disclose whether or not you had a CS, don’t feed in public lest someone goes batshit about using a bottle or else seeing your boobies, chose a totally white-bread name (because anything other than Bob is super pretentious and lame-o and you’re a dirty hipster who can’t spell), don’t have a nanny because you’re not a ‘real mom,’ have a nanny because babies are hard, have a dog so you know if the nanny is beating little Bob, but don’t have a dog because you will eventually want to drown it in your tub, your kid might grow up to think microwaving kittens is hilarious, know that no matter what you’re doing you’re doing it wrong because you’re bad and you should feel bad, and if you can never ever admit you have outside interests because if you aren’t 100% focused on the kid 100% of the time you never should have had a kid in the first place because you’re selfish.

    • Eve Vawter
    • Archer

      I miss the ignorantly blissful days when I thought the worst part of becoming a parent would be when the doctors snip your bizz during labor so to an outsider birth looks like you’re a giant, living turkey being stuffed in reverse. Now I’m more terrified that one day some mother suffering from ursidae delusions is going to charge me on a playground because she feels my use of the phrase “oh my! Carrots! What a delicious snack!” has undermined all her parenting thus far and I’ve now sentenced her child to a life of distrust and obesity.

    • doxgukka

      i have a book in bathroom titled “we were here first,kids” it is a good read and I think it should be given to all new parents haha.

  • Justme

    Those women sound like a bunch of jealous harpies.

  • Rachel

    “I hope pregnant (women) around the world do not do this crap.”
    A-ha. Hahaha. HAHAHA. Lauren doesn’t travel much, does she? I imagine that she just sort of languishes around the house between babies. Suffice it to say, dear Lauren, that pining away on a sofa and freaking out because another pregnant lady moved until your due date is very much a first world thing.
    As long as the doctor oks it, exercise during pregnancy sounds like a great idea. I did some, but never the hard-core stuff and only in the earlier stages (’cause I was lazy). I admire women who have the resolve to do it.

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