Every New Parent’s Web Browser History

googlesearches2When entrusted — or rather suddenly confronted — with a newborn, many a modern parent understandably turns to the Google. For better or worse, you’ll most likely be crowdsourcing images of your newborn’s poop to gauge normalcy while also picking through old BabyCenter comment threads about curious skin rashes. If you’ve recently welcomed a baby, your web browser history probably looks a little something like this:


sleepbrowserhistory2. Poop


 3. Rashes


4. Fever


5. Vomit


(photo:  lottielulu)

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  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    I really felt like a new parent when I googled ‘newborn baby how much sleep is normal’ when I felt like all my kid did was sleep. Turns out newborns are like cats in that way.

    • Koa_Beck

      Hahaha. That and “newborn breathing while sleeping” is a big one, I found.

  • That’s Hedley

    When I first went back to work my husband had Thursdays and Fridays off and kept our daughter on those days. So the very first day he had her alone he called me convinced she had the runs. I told him probably not but google some pictures. That wouldn’t do. Nothing could calm him. And that is how I ended up looking at pictures of her dirty diapers while eating lunch with two co-workers. And no, it wasn’t diarrhea.

    I should give him a break though. I believe I searched “newborn baby chapped lips” at one point, so we’re all prone to freak outs.

    • Koa_Beck


  • Lilly

    you’re missing all the ones related to breastfeeding — i.e. how to tell if newborn is getting enough, how to deal with chapped nipples, infection (mastitis etc)

    • kay

      breastfed baby eating enough
      how to tell if breastfed baby eats enough
      how long should my baby be nursing
      etc etc etc.
      and eventually you find all searches lead you to kelly mom. at which point you start googling to see if she runs some sort of evil cult or is a valid source of info.

  • tSubh Dearg

    This makes me thank my lucky stars that my partner has 4 kids already. We’re currently trying and it’s a relief to know whenever our baby turns up I can ask him these questions instead of Google.

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