Breastfeeding Is Having A Vogue Moment

breastfeeding vogueBreastfeeding is in and you didn’t hear it from La Leche League. Now Vogue is here to capitalize on the sexiness (?) of breastfeeding by including the practice in one of their shoots for Vogue Netherlands’s October issue.

The image reportedly depicts 21-year-old Ymre Stiekema, a mother herself who posed pregnant for the magazine last year, nursing a white bonnetted bundle. But in this photograph, taken by  Dutch photographer Alique, there has yet to be word on whether the Vogue baby is Ymre’s or if there was actual breastfeeding happening on the photo sets of Vogue or if we can expect breastfeeding to be on the runways of Fashion Week next spring.

Breastfeeding babies may be an enduring “trend” in motherhood, but to Vogue it seems it’s EDGY.


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  • Suni

    There is something about that photo that creeps me out. It might be the big goofy bonnet she is wearing. Or it might be the weird expression on her face. Or the fact it looks like she is sitting on a black garbage bag.

    • Koa_Beck

      There are a lot of elements indeed happening here

    • Toaster

      Or that her right arm appears to be made out of plastic.

    • Rachel Sea

      The expression on her face is super creepy.

    • Kelby Johnson

      I’m creeped out by it too… it’s just… strange…

    • Maddi Holmes

      no it’s ~fashion~

    • Evelyn

      I think for me the creepiness is in the wooden/plastic/robotic pose and expression of the mother combined with the baby trying to suckle. It looks very creepy to me. She looks so totally emotionally distanced from the baby so that the baby and breast feeding almost seem tacked on as an afterthought, but perhaps that is the artistic subtext that the photographer was going for.

  • Eve Vawter

    This photo > the newton pic of Jerry Hall nursing from what? 20 years ago?

  • Tea

    Utterly off topic, well, kind of, but I love how it has a color palette like a classic oil painting.

  • Rachel Sea

    I can’t tell whether this is positive exposure for breastfeeding or not. Fashion photos are so creepy sometimes.

  • Annie

    It’s very Vogue, which is to say artsy fartsy and pretentious as hell. I love it.

  • Pepp90

    It’s not like it;s not a very natural and necessary part of life. Why anyone would get offended is beyond me. I mean, there still might be a time and place for it…but generally speaking, right on!

  • Rachel

    I like breastfeeding and destimatizing a mother feeding her child in public as much as anyone on this site, but I have to wholeheartedly agree that these photos are creepy. Part of my dislike might be the fact that I despise Vogue, Anna Wintour, and all they stand for.
    But another part of me feels that it sort of fetishizes breastfeeding–exchanging one loathsome reaction (puritanical shaming) for another (hypersexualizing a woman, simply because…well, you know, she has boobs).

  • Blah

    On the one hand, it’s normalizing breastfeeding, which is great. On the other hand, it’s arguably sexualizing breastfeeding, which is a deterrent for most women to choose to breastfeed at all. So how “sexy” are the other photos included in this spread?

  • DMH

    I don’t know why, but for some reason something about this picture reminds me of American Horror Story and gives me a creepy feeling.

    • Eve Vawter

      I am so jacked about AHS coven.

  • 88Mwife

    Am I the only one creeped out by the fact that this may not even be her baby? I’m sure it is, and as someone who was breastfed by her grandmother as an infant I’m certainly not against the idea of people breastfeeding babies who aren’t their own, but I wish that Vogue had tried to capture the intimacy of breast feeding. The bond between mother and child. Not the giving of essential life force to offspring while touching it as little as possible and giving dead face. Ick. Its unsettling.

    • 88Mwife

      I showed this to my husband and he made me close the page because he said it made him think of amish people and it was unsettling him.

    • BadWhisky

      I find it strange that a human child nursing human lactate from a human mother, regardless of who’s child it might be, is bothersome to folks that are perfectly ok with putting a glass of bovine lactate on the table in a glass for their own children at meal time.

  • Ruth

    poor latch

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