5 Instagram Pictures You Will Take While Pregnant

When a pregnant woman takes to Instagram, you can pretty much assume what will be dominating that feed. Generally speaking, its 24/7 bump watch of the non-paparazzi variety. Many a lady are emphatically into documenting the changes in their body and sharing them through a variety of filters and videos. But all those images can be boiled down to the five cornerstones of pregnancy Instagramming.

1. The “I’m starting to show” picture

pregnant selfie

This is practically an obligatory one. The image is usually in profile and with a fairly clingy top to emphasize that bump. This photo essentially repeats itself for the rest of the pregnancy.

(photo: heatherhelvey.com)

2. The pregnant bikini shot

pregant bikini

(photo:  lubdapregz)

Even for ladies delivering in the dead of winter, this one never seems to be amiss. I’m all for it as long as the photo doesn’t result it tons of “YOU’RE SO BRAVE” comments. Love the body positivity happening here, nevertheless.

3. The friends/family cradling or pointing out your belly shot


Open mouths by said friends/family and wide eyes usually also follow.

(photo: instagram)

4. The over the belly shot

pregnant belly

To capture, depth, range, gravity, and perception.

(photo: instagram)

5. The fully belly shot

Kim ZolciakBiermann pregnantIn all its glory.

(photo: instagram)

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  • Leisel

    You forgot “looking tenderly at the belly while in a field/beach at sunset” shot.

    • Rachel Sea

      That would be on the list of professional photography pictures (along with partner kissing belly, photshopping ultrasound image over belly, and heart-hands over navel), not smartphone pictures.

  • DMH

    I didn’t take any pics of myself while pregnant. Although, I wish I would have done the chalkboard thing where you write the week number/comparable fruit size/whatever for a personal album, seeing as we’re completely happy with one child and I have no intentions of ever getting pregnant again.

  • MoD

    Either the last pic is photoshopped or she has a weird growth on her thigh.

    I did the side shot of my belly every six weeks or so while I was pregnant, but I was not an attractive pregnant girl at all. I have no idea how some people stay so thin and not full of a gazillion gallons of water while pregnant. I could not accomplish such an attractive pregnancy.

  • Leafyleafster

    I suck at being pregnant, I have done like none of these. I do have a sweet picture of my shadow looking like a sexy ant lady though. =P

    • msenesac

      Me too.

  • Mel

    There are about 5 pictures of me pregnant…I gained and obscene amount of weight with both pregnancies, so I would curse out everyone that even got close to me with camera in hand! Never would I have posted pics of myself! Didn’t know Frankie was pregnant, though! Hurray!

    • EmmaFromÉire

      I was hoping someone else would also know who it was! ^_^

  • Rachel

    I felt too sweaty and miserable to take photos of myself when I was pregnant. I did lounge around my apartment with a sport’s bra on all day when I could, though. It was the most comfortable outfit I could find.

  • Boots

    Not being a belly shot person (I tried, I really did, for my journal), but I’m loving the lingere in 5. Looks gorgeous!

  • Lauren Fox

    I have yet to be pregnant, so maybe my feelings will change when I am, but though I may take such shots, I’ll keep them in my own personal album.

  • http://ichasekids.com/ Litterboxjen

    The only pictures of me that exist from my first pregnancy were taken at the insistence of others; my husband’s aunt, who cajoled me (and thankfully my husband tried to stave it off, but I couldn’t figure out how not to come across as bitchy, so suffered through it), and one shot of a friend and I who were 2 days apart (and had our babies that same day) at my baby shower. I took no pictures of myself, posted none online, and didn’t post anything about the pregnancy on facebook until she was born.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    Alright, I’ll be the dissenter in the comments. I totally took lots of photos of myself pregnant. I felt fucking awesome. I don’t think I overshared on facebook (and didn’t have an instagram then) – I did post some belly pics, but not weekly or even monthly – but I loved the way my body looked when I was pregnant and we totally did a maternity photo shoot (a baby shower gift from a photographer friend) and I love those photos so much. Maybe it’s because we spent $12,000 on getting pregnant…or maybe it’s just because I am a wee bit narcissistic….I don’t know, but I looked hot when I was pregnant and I’m glad I have lots of photos around to remember.

    • Koa_Beck

      You CELEBRATE that 12 grand!!! (no snark)

    • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

      Oh I do. We joke that her middle name should’ve been ‘downpayment’.

  • Sakeeta Rosen

    Actually I didn’t take pictures of my pregnant tummy. I only showed it in one picture, but it was under my shirt. It was when I dressed as a pirate for Halloween. Also, no one ever touched my belly.

  • Sakeeta Rosen

    I haven’t even taken a picture of myself since my daughter was born, and shes almost 2.

  • AP

    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate selfies. I don’t care who you are or why you’re doing it. They’re just awful.

  • hannaugh

    My first reaction to someone trying to take a picture of me is to tackle them and break the camera, and I don’t think that would change if I was pregnant.

  • Heather Helvey

    Thanks for including me! I’m the 12w picture!!! Great article! I re-posted on my IG feed.

  • Laura Palmer

    I did number 1, that was it. I hated being pregnant, I didn’t need documentation of how miserable I was… love my kids, hate hate hate being pregnant… worth it, but hated. Did I mention I did not like being pregnant?

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