New At-Home Pregnancy Test Tells You How Long You’ve Been Knocked Up For

clearblue advanced pregnancy testLadies (and gentlemen), mark your ovulation calendars accordingly. September 1st will usher in a whole new era in at-home pregnancy testing, right up there with those gender predictor ones. Such is when we can look forward to purchasing the first ever at-home pregnancy test that tells you how far along you are.

TIME magazine reports that the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator has two strips as opposed to one:

Both strips measure a hormone women produce when they are pregnant, called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), that appears after fertilization. hCG levels increase significantly in a woman’s urine during the early weeks of pregnancy, and start to decline 11 weeks into the pregnancy. Like standard pregnancy tests, the new one measures hCG levels. But the second hCG detection strip uses the hormone to estimate the length of the pregnancy based on time since ovulation. If a woman is indeed pregnant, the test will read: “Pregnant,” as well as list either: 1-2, 2-3 or 3+ to indicate by how many weeks.

ISN”T THAT SO SCIFI?! Can it also tell us what our pregnancy cravings will be? How crappy our morning sickness will be (on a scale of 1-10)? Maybe we can expect these features in the Clearblue ADVANCED Advanced Pregnancy Test.

According to Clearblue, the test is 99 percent accurate when it comes to ”detecting pregnancy from the day of a woman’s expected period,” and 93 percent accurate in discerning the number weeks you are pregnant. Obviously, as is always the case with at-home pregnancy tests, you should have all this confirmed by a doctor. Don’t just rely on the SCIFI pregnancy device.

This particular Clearblue test has reportedly already been enjoyed by European women since 2008. The FDA approved the test for the American market late last year.

Apparently, Clearblue is just looking to keep with the times in debuting this particular test:

“Through our consumer research, we found consumers were really wanting more information at the beginning of pregnancy. In fact, 78% of women in our research study feel that knowing how far along you are at the beginning of pregnancy is very important,” says Ryan Daly, the Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble, which makes the test. “We’re excited to bring this to the U.S. because there is nothing else like it. Consumers have been looking for more information and answers in the pregnancy test category and there hasn’t been any innovation since the digital pregnancy test was launched.”

Until now!

(photo: Clearblue)

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  • Valeri Jones

    I don’t understand only measuring between 1 and 3 weeks because Clearblue doesn’t recommend testing until 19 dpo. That’s almost 3 weeks itself. Unless the mlU is significantly lower than any test out there, it’s basically useless.

    • Suzie

      Agreed…the day of your missed period (and about the time that you have detectable HCG) you are actually already about 4 weeks pregnant…..

    • Dr. Apothecary

      I can’t say for sure, but I think these are weeks past ovulation and not pregnancy weeks. So 1-2 weeks would be up to 4 weeks’ along, 2-3 would be to 5 weeks, and 3+ weeks would be 5+ weeks. That would make more sense. You can’t usually even measure hCG until around 4 weeks in some women (I got a negative at 10 DPO but not at 13 DPO), so the extra feature would be useless otherwise.

    • Valeri Jones

      You are probably right, but I still don’t like it. Seems to me just another way Clearblue is trying to make money without actually being helpful.

      The day they can provide a test that tells me whether I am having a boy or girl, what craving foods I should go ahead and stock up and exactly what size bra I will need to fit throughout pregnancy, then I ain’t buying it.

    • jessica

      And if it can also throw in the exact date and time when my labor will start, that would be good too.

      OH! And how long the whole labor process will last. An approximate window on that would be fine and perfectly acceptable to me.

    • allisonjayne

      Yeah I was confused by that as well because pregnancy math is so weird (that you are 2 weeks pregnant before you’re actually pregnant)….

  • DMH

    Lol. I was right around 12 weeks pregnant when my husband and I found out. Imagine seeing something like that on a pregnancy test!

  • ChopChick

    Hey, we have that already…used it last week!

    • Valeri Jones


  • Andy

    This may just be crazy talk considering I live in Texas and followed the Wendy Davis filibuster, but I wonder if this test will be taken into consideration if the six week abortion ban goes through here or in any other states? Sorry, I don’t like this-it could discourage women from seeking a legal abortion based on a home test. Not trying to stir a debate up, I promise, but I can see this being used in a manner that perhaps Clearblue hadn’t considered when they designed it.

  • Véronique Houde

    umm… that test has been out for a while in canada because that’s the one i used when i wanted to see if i was pregnant. It told me i was 3 weeks along when i did mine!

  • Stephen

    This isn’t new at all. Been around for ages.

  • Amber Leigh

    We’ve had it in Aus for a while I used it when I found out I was having bubs, I was 2 weeks along apparently, I dont think it was very accurate though becuase my due date was changed three times lol

  • blh

    It’s pretty easy to calculate how far along you are if you know the date of your last period. Unless you have an irregular cycle or something I guess.

    • DMH

      My periods stopped after I went on the pill… Which I had no problem with whatsoever, because the cramps were a nightmare. Haven’t had one on the depo shot either.

    • blh

      Sounds legit. I’m too afraid to go on the pill, I’ve heard too many bad stories (and I smoke) but I could go for no periods.

    • XYZ

      I had none on the pill too, but I’m going off it because the side effects are driving me nuts…primarily the 2-year-long yeast infection.

    • Athena A

      I’ve been on the pill for 9 years now and no side effects whatsoever. Every woman I know is on the pill and nobody has had any problems. Those bad stories are really very rare, I’ve never heard any myself. But no periods on the pill? I’ve never heard that before! Unless you’re not doing the gap week or something. I can only dream of no periods.

  • MommyK

    I took that test when I was pregnant with my son (in Canada) a couple of years back. I actually got 2 false negatives with that test (despite being late), and finally got a positive with a store-brand test. The next time around, I just bought a cheap one.

    If I remember correctly, the instructions said that the weeks indicator was how many weeks since actual conception, so the time since last period before conception wouldn’t count.

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  • Katherine Handcock

    They’ve had this in Canada for a while, and it was very helpful for me with my second pregnancy! I’d had a (very) early miscarriage — like, early enough that if there weren’t early detection tests I would have thought it was a late period with killer cramps — and the last thing my doctor said after my follow-up was, “Oh, by the way, you might miss one period as your hormone levels get back to normal.” Two and half months later, it suddenly occurs to me: it’s been a while…

    The test only lists 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, or 3+ weeks. I got 3+. Because I was able to give my doctor that result, she was able to schedule me for a nearly immediate ultrasound to check fetal age. Turns out I was probably about 9 weeks along at that point! So it got me back into my prenatal care much faster than I would have been able to get an appointment otherwise.

    But realistically, for 99% of people, it’s just a gimmick :-)

  • Tammy Gaudreault

    These have been out for ages lol. Very late on the news there….

  • CrazyFor Kate

    I’ve definitely heard of pregnancy tests that tell the gender, which are supposed to be developed in the near future. Yeah, no way THAT could go wrong.

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  • lcantu

    I took one a week ago and it said pregnant 2-3 and I had some bleeding and some blood clots last Saturday I didn’t have any cramping dr doesn’t for sure tell me I miscarried so I took another test today and it shows pregnant 1-2